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The last Monday Night Raw of 2013 was unique in many ways including not having a full compliment of talent due to also promoting a live event Monday night in Toronto.

Good to see a full house in Richmond, one of the old, Mid Atlantic Wrestling territory towns and one of the first cities I worked after joining Jim Crockett Promotions back in the day.

I vividly recall broadcasting NWA Pro Wrestling with Bob Caudle and going on first which was then followed by the 'A' show, Worldwide Wrestling, with Tony Schiavone and David Crockett which was then followed by an advertised 'dark match.'

Solid opening bout on RAW with Punk vs. Rollins. I was expecting more as I enjoy both talents' skills even though they are both at much different places in their respective careers. Punk is as good as there is and Rollins wants to be there some day.

Seems like there is an awful lot of in show, non wrestling, content during these three hour Raws and it seems as if it comes in waves. Perhaps that's just me but that is how it felt Monday night.

Enjoyed Stephanie's explanation of the Title bout at the Rumble between Orton and Cena. It felt old school and fundamental which I feel the business could better serve itself by getting back to in some aspects. She made an old match feel fresh.

The promos for next week's Old School Raw looked good and I'm sure that the "alums' will have a great time catching up next week. Much like telling "fishing stories," the first "liar" won't stand a chance. Catering will be a fun place to hang out.....ah, the crab cakes and the always friendly, Maryland Athletic Commission.

How cool would it be to see Hulk Hogan next Monday night in Baltimore? That's the epitome of 'Old School" booking for this themed RAW. (Someone has already said out loud, ("NO! Save Hulk for PPV!") One would expect WWE will have a few surprises up their sleeve for Monday night as it relates to the old school talents.

However, having Ric Flair on the show makes it feel very special. I haven't seen Naitch since Summer Slam but that's another story.... 

Hopefully, @HowardFinkel will be booked, too. 

There was no build up on Raw for the IC Title match which was disappointing, the build up and not the match. It was presented as just another match on a 180 minute TV show.

If Big E is in WWE's plans, and I feel that he is, then this match should have had more lead time and sizzle. Plus, it didn't make the IC title feel special.  

Summer Rae is looking more and more like a major player every week. She is a good athlete and judging from her work in the ring that I saw in NXT, Summer Rae can be special.

Not sure where this Bad News Barrett thing is headed.

Good to see Heyman and Lesnar back on RAW although I doubt that we see them together that much between now and WM30. I hope that I'm wrong on that one. Lesnar has and will sell PPV's if he is exposed strategically on Monday Night Raw. What is or isn't strategic is up for debate.

Lesnar just jumped to the top of my short list of favorites to win the Royal Rumble.....or Batista.  

Will the WrestleMania 30 Main Event be Orton vs. Lesnar? Or Orton vs. Batista? Or none of the above? Hmm.

Daniel Bryan is a genuine work horse but I still don't know exactly what I saw as he left the arena Monday night with the Wyatt Family.

Will Bryan now become a pro wrestling 'villain' within the Wyatt faction or will Bryan continue to elicit cheers because the fans love chanting "Yes!"?

Are the Wyatt's an antagonist entity or are they simply, bizarrely cool?

What heinous acts have the Wyatt's perpetrated lately to make them disliked? 

Or does it matter? Just asking...

One would assume that Friday Night Smackdown will have a further explanation of the relationship between the Wyatt's and Daniel Bryan.

The Wyatt/Bryan relationship is so unique that it might just work. Stay tuned.  

....or call Mean Gene's hotline...1-900-909-9900..but get your parent's permission, kids.

Sounds like some interesting things going on regarding the talent roster in ROH. It won't significantly matter unless Sinclair Broadcasting spends a few bucks on upgrading the look of their TV show. Lights, please. Perception is reality in many ways and a major, TV entity such as Sinclair should know that.

Enjoying Bully Ray's work in TNA. He's as good as anyone going in his role. Hopefully, TNA has a long term plan and the former Bubba Ray Dudley is figured in them. (Why did some of you start rolling your eyes when I used the phrase "long term planning" in a rasslin context?)

When do the Jeff Hardy in the Royal Rumble rumors start or have they already?

Interesting idea floated by me via Twitter...a suggestion was made that I should do English commentary on the best of the late, Dr. Death Steve Williams greatest Japanese bouts. Hell, while we're at it we might as well throw Terry Gordy into the mix as well. That would actually be a fun project to consider some day.

It was four years ago that my dear friend Steve Williams finally became pain free of cancer and left to be with his Maker. Never met a tougher athlete than Ol Doc.  

Condolences to the friends and family of Doug Getz the long time Technical Director for WWE and for HBO Boxing. Doug was a very talented man who was a good friend to many of us. I don't remember too many WWE TV shoots where Doug wasn't in the production truck. Doug passed away on Saturday and was a man who lived life to its fullest. RIP Doug.  

Tickets for my one man show, RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross are on sale now at the Gramercy Theatre box office and at all ticketmaster.com outlets. I'm doing two shows on Saturday March 1 in New York City and plan on having a great time with the fans and kicking a little ass. I will tell some stories, do a full blown, no holds barred Q&A, and for VIP ticket holders, a meet & greet.

More shows are being planned and will be finalized as soon as "my people" get back to work from the longest holiday break in the history of show biz.

Yes, I think that @UFC Anderson Silva should have a farewell fight and that it should be held in a stadium and be advertised as his last battle in the Octagon.

What about doing it in San Paulo?

As the King always says, "One can't grieve forever."

Let the warrior that Silva is go out as he deserves...on his feet and not on a stretcher.

Obviously, if Silva decides that he's done, then I get it. Spider's the best ever whether he fights again or not.

Heading soon to NOLA for the Sugar Bowl. My Sooners are big time underdogs but just as in any one game playoff scenario anything can happen even against college football's best team, the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Hope that you will follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ.

Boomer Sooner!

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-- Very sad to report that Mae Young will not be at the Old School Raw show next Monday because she is currently in very poor health. Our absolute best wishes to her and her family Via F4Wonline please pray for Mae Young let keep her in our thoughts this New year and wish her and her family all the best We all love Mae and keep fight you still have to Stephaine on your 100th birthday. that what she said your tough Mae I know you can do it...
throw out the records those don't mean crap this game will be won on the line Def line and O-line must step up it will be a battle which team wants it more these seniors need to prove there worth at the sugar bowl so there is a lot on the line for both teams. number beside the teams names don't mean anything because look at the Iron bowl that told the story there now it time for war the Battle of OU/Bama in the Boyu Time for Bama to step up and prove that they are #1 team in the nation!! watch?v=sqXnlkpPGrw Alabama Crimson Tide Football Hype 2013 "Legacy" HD watch?v=KBE7Z57H1-4 "WE ROLL" NEW ALABAMA FOOTBALL ANTHEM Roll Tide time to Shine like a ten billion dollars!!
what did I say it is a damn fine war!! Dr Death is smiling in that Big Sooner in the SKY we love Doc!!
While I stand behind what I previously wrote here regarding you boy, Stoops & the SEC-I will admit OK is the better team and proved it last night with a complete whipping of one of the best teams in the SEC. While my words were harsh-I do admit that I was wrong in shortchanging the Sooners as I was sure they would lose.....big and they didn't. Congrats on a big win.
So they call themselves the undisputed sugar bowl champions of the world or what? What did that game actually accomplish? That when it comes to sugar bowl games that they are the best in the world? This is why until collge football finally establishes a playoff system the entire world won't take college football seriously. Its a big of a joke as cricket, daniel bryan and englands version of soccer. Oh yeah happy 70th birthday. Stay forever young.

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