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Another great day in the midst of a busy week. Let's move along as we're burning daylight....

 Raw/Memphis thoughts....

The King is the toughest guy in the arena for wearing a very 'unique' Elvis-like T shirt.

Cena and Hulk worked for me and Hogan's role at WM30 seems to nicely fit the veteran who WILL get a little physical at WM30....BROTHER!

What if I told you that John Cena and Bray Wyatt will arguably steal the show at WM30? Roll your eyes if you want but when you pair two, athletic performers with legit football backgrounds, both offensive linemen, expect their work rate to increase and their match to be a '10' on the physicality chart.   

Daniel Bryan had another terrific night and WWE is booking DB expertly even though some critics will micro analyze the storyline and find fault with it because that's simply what they do. 

As I have said for many weeks, I fully expect Daniel Bryan to have a significant "WrestleMania Moment" in NOLA on April 6.

Just waiting on a handful of fans to complain now that the Bryan story is now too "predictable." Please...stop my pain.

Another strong week for both the Wyatt Family and the Shield. Consistent, positive TV time coupled with extra effort in the ring generally pays long term dividends.

Not totally surprised that WWE is going to have a 30 man battle royal in the name of Andre the Giant as WWE usually adds a multi person match to attempt to get as many talents on WrestleMania as possible. I still remain firm that appearing on WM30 is an earned opportunity and not anyone's right of passage. With that said, I'm not unhappy that several talents will now get in the game. Good for them and hopefully it doesn't cause the four hour marathon to be shorted on the time needed for specific main event level bouts.

I spoke specifically on this matter over a week ago on a Ross Report Podcast.

HHH and Stephanie had a great night as RAW villains. They make it look easy and believable. Most of the best pro wrestling creative is natural, organic and not overthought. Draw me into a show biz scenario by simply being real and good at what one does.

Seth Rollins had yet another stellar night on the mic and in the ring. The Rollins/Reigns vs. the Rhodes boys bout was damn good. Tag team wrestling, when done right, is far from being too old school.

AJ is still WWE's best female in ring performer. She has been for a long while.

Sheamus and Christian are showing their value to WWE by having consistently strong bouts on a weekly basis. Younger talents can learn a great deal from Christian who is one of our best hires. Jay Reso aka Christian was never a problem and always was a valued team player while I was in WWE. If any thing, Christian has been undervalued at times because he was never the squeaky wheel.

The same can be said of William Regal whose skill set is scary good.  

I'm thinking that someday Sheamus is going to be a red hot villian in WWE. 

If any objective person/fan/viewer wasn't more excited about WM30 after this show ended, then they might want to re-evaluate why they watch TV Wrestling and if it might not be time to move on.

I'm anxious to watch WM30 on the WWE Network on my IPad.

Without question the bell to bell content of Monday Night RAW has improved significantly over the past few weeks. Yeah, I know that I[m old school and the butt of the occasional joke on RAW but I know what I like and I like physicality, believability and realism....not bad acting or failed attempts at humor.  

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My Ross Report Podcast guest this week is Trish Stratus and you can download my podcast for free at podcastone.com and ITunes.

Tonight, Tuesday March 11, I'm interviewing Lita for a future Ross Report.

Congrats to ROH on selling out their may 10 NYC show with New Japan.

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You are the greatest play by play guy in the history of the business. Your podcast happens to be my favorite of all those wresting-related. Your promo on Bart Gunn was the greatest I've ever seen (I've watched it on YouTube 100 times). I am a big fan of your work. Having said this, I must say that you do come across as asshole-ish and quite condescending.
How is it Jr's being an A-hole? He is making perfect sense to me because it's completely true. As soon as this story unfolds at WMXXX regardless of how it turns out, the IWC will say "oh how predicable' Oh, i saw that coming.'' Part of the reason why the IWC is so unhappy with the product is because they keep looking for the fault in it and not just enjoy the ride. I know Im a part of the IWC but still, I know how to watch the show and enjoy what I'm seeing for the most part.
If giving one's honest opinion makes one an "a-hole" , I'm an even bigger "a-hole" than JR. I enjoy his candidness. If you don't, don't read his blog. When he says that 99% of the IWC have no clue what they are talking about, he has the qualifications to back that up!