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Here's hoping that everyone has a great week and enjoys the live, Monday Night RAW tonight from Columbus, Ohio at 8/7 central. Let's see how the weary travelers respond live for the world to see. Until then...let's grill  Monday Night Raw emanates from Columbus, Ohio tonight for another 3 hour broadcast that finds the talents just returning in the past few hours after an exhaustive tour of Europe. As The King always says, "one can't grieve forever" and the show must go on and go on it will as the adrenaline of the live audience will always push the pros to deliver in their respective segments. Perhaps Time Tebow will show up and do a "run in" as he's looking for work. Perhaps trying WWE would be a nice fit for Tebow who would undoubtedly be an antagonist in today's defiant world. Of course, I jest regarding Tebow in WWE but stranger things have happened.   Anxious to hear more info on the condition of John Cena's Achilles injury and what it means, if any thing, to his WWE Title defense at Extreme Rules vs. Ryback. Got a feeling that Ryback won't be too sympathetic regarding @JohnCena medical ills.  Cena worked through his injury while in Europe which many would not have done but I'm under the impression that he's pushed it about as far as he can at this point in the process.  Amused by the 'hate emails' that I receive at our Q&A section regarding how WWE cannot be successful being a PG rated show versus being TV14 and how stupid that I am for believing such. I read, cringe and delete while respecting the opinion's of others. However,  being successful in this genre has every thing to do with compelling and 'must see' talents who are embroiled in long arcing, smart, creative storylines. Some one asked if I thought an all womens promotion could be successful on a national basis. It all depends on the business model, I suppose, including the TV deal and the talent pool from which to select but my gut instinct would be a polite, "no." Was asked on Twitter @JRsBBQ if I had issues personally with Bart Gunn after he KO'ed Steve "Dr. Death" Williams in the ill fated Brawl for it All, the answer is a resounding no. Was I disappointed that Doc tore his quad which essentially ended his career? Absolutely. Did I embrace the fact that many in the locker room found it amusing that "JR's boy" got his lights turned out by the powerful punching of Bart Gunn. Nope. However, that's where it ended and any speculation that I held a grudge or didn't respect Bart Gunn is simply not accurate but makes for a nice tale.  Yes, we had hoped that the late, Dr Death would win the contest to help us launch a new antagonist but Bart Gunn was simply the better man on that occasion and especially under the circumstances. The best man won in what was an ill fated idea to begin with and the booking of Butterbean to face the winner of the Brawl for it All was something that was planned all along. 'Bean' wanted to do more business with WWE and that was to be an entree to other appearances that simply did not work out as we all had hoped.  Looks as if the trio of @MichaelCole @JerryLawler @JCLayfield will be the permanent, Monday Night Raw broadcast team or so it seems. I think that's a good idea with the flagship broadcast now being three hours long. Guest color commentators also don't hurt the presentation as it provides talents the opportunity to expose their personalities in a different forum.  I'm anxious to work with the young announcers, by the way, none of the three, aforementioned broadcasters qualify as "young", this week at NXT. We expect great things to go down at Full Sail University. Buying a new grill today. Excited about that as we grill several times per week and got about 8 years worth of use out of our old grill. Going the Weber route this go around. @WeberGrills is rated the top of the line and if they need a spokesman, I'm available.    JR's All Purpose Seasoning/Rub can be your secret weapon when grilling or seasoning dishes in the kitchen. My wife made a 15 Bean Stew using Turkey Sausage, onions, tomatoes, and our Seasoning which made a super, one dish meal Sunday night. She soaked the beans overnight and then cooked them for several hours Sunday with the Turkey and it ended up being a protein heavy, healthy meal. I added some JR's Chipotle Ketchup to my piping hot dish and it enhanced the flavor up another level.  Working on a new and improved "JR's Onion Burger" that includes chopped onion and JR's BBQ Sauce mixed into the bulk 80/20 ground beef. I also have made this recipe with smaller patties and placed a slice of cheese between patties to make one main event level burger that includes cheese, onion and JR's BBQ sauce all inside the burger. Working with Turkey Burgers too.   Order JR's now for grilling season from http://www.wweshop.com or http://www.americansoda.co.uk if you are in the UK, Ireland or Europe.  Join me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. The Q&A's are updated here on the site and I must say that the questions are getting better but they still need to be somewhat succinct. I don't need to know how to make the watch just tell me what time it is. Boomer Sooner! J.R.