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Let's kick off the work week with a quickie....a succinct blog loaded with random thoughts. Grilling time! As a big fan of the #NFL, even though they essentially took a dump on the XFL whenever they could back in the day, I'm excited for draft week which 'kicks off' (see what I did there) in prime time Thursday night. I expect an offensive tackle to be the first player selected with no can't miss QB's in this draft as in QB's that are projected as first year starters ala Luck and RG3. I enjoy watching other broadcasters work without a script or simply reading lines from a teleprompter. It's a shame that @UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones isn't selling this Saturday's much anticipated #UFC PPV as aggressively as is challenger @sonnench Chael Sonnen. Sonnen is a natural born salesman and promoter and if the Oregonian can sell his fights then he can sell others fights as well. Bottom line if Chael is unable to unset Jones Saturday night I wouldn't be surprised to see Sonnen retire and go into broadcasting full time for the rapidly growing UFC. Jones apparent lack of commitment to promoting the PPV is troubling which takes nothing away from what the talented athlete does inside the Octagon. Bones seems like a smart guy so why isn't he beating the bushes selling PPV's on a show that he's HEADLINING?! Arrogance? Attitude? Bad info from his 'people?'  Building depth in UFC's broadcasting roster is imperative much like building depth on the talent roster while developing new fighters. Sonnen, Dominick Cruz, and Brian Stann are all potentially strong color analysts for cage side roles even though their studio work is entertaining and informative. Developing new, play by play talents is more challenging than is developing the analyst role. I enjoyed UFCONFOX7 Saturday night but at the end of the day it felt as if the network was rushing the show along too much as in putting a gun to the head of UFC production people to do all they could to get off the air so the late, local news, where applicable, could start on time. I can see those restrictions for a WWE event where times are more controlled but for a sporting event that theory makes zero sense. Either start the event a hour earlier or take the restrictions off how one produces the prime time broadcast. Fans want to hear from many fighters, at times,  before and after their fight  when it works. Viewers who are new need to be educated as to why specific fights are happening. If Fox truly wants to build the UFC brand and monetize their investment, then Fox should not restrict the utilization of important, programming elements/nuances in their UFC broadcasts due to ludicrous, time restrictions.    Has the Rock, @TheRock, wrestled his last match due to injury? Seems as if Rock has left that matter open for speculation depending on the results of the surgery and his non stop schedule, etc. However, knowing Dwayne as I do, I would think that he would want to go out differently and be remembered for one, last major bout. If I had to make a wager, I'd say we haven't seen the last of @TheRock. The one wild card may be his movie partners who may not want to risk their franchise player stepping back in the ring. That's all TBD. I would speculate that if Dwayne can't do WM30 for any reason that he may be closer to done than many want to see. Interesting note....recently I read about @steveaustinBSR being in great shape physically and looking excellent ala being in 'show shape' but not wrestling shape for a return to a WWE ring. News flash or as the one person in the world that I would really NOT want to take a long, care trip with, Nancy Grace, might say....BOMBSHELL....Steve is ALWAYS in great shape. Old habits die hard and the Texas Rattlesnake (Thanks, JR) is a gym guy in that he hits the gym regularly and with P&V. With all that said, the only way that I see Steve returning to the ring for one, final bout is obviously on the biggest stage (WM30), with the exact, right opponent (Who is that?) , and with a strategic game plan that Steve can emotionally invest . That's a bunch of if's so the door isn't closed but it's not exactly standing wide open either. Austin fans will continue to hold out hope until it's either a done deal or not but a Stone Cold return at WM30 would help insure that the biggest event of 2014 would be a can't miss event. AS I have said in the past, I'd gage an Austin return to WWE for a farewell promotion as 50/50 or less.   Someone suggested to me on Twitter @JRsBBQ that Austin should wrestle the Undertaker at WM30 which I personally find to be pet coon goofy for a litany of reasons. That would not be a smart booking.    WWE is bringing some new Diva prospects to NXT to begin training soon plus with the new, WWE Diva reality show that will be airing this Fall, I assume, on the E Network, I'd say that WWE is essentially setting the reset button on the Divas division sooner than later. E cameras were all over the place at WM29 as some new talents are also featured in this new show. Being the reality show junkie that I am, I'm looking forward to seeing this production and from what I could tell all the ladies were just being themselves, for better or for worse, and not doing 'canned' reality.   Some outstanding Diva prospects are already in NXT and each of them seemingly get better every time that I see them. They are a hard working group who appear to have their head's on straight and committed to getting better daily so that they can eventually be called up to the main stage and make their mark in WWE. The money is in being on a RAW or Smackdown roster and not in NXT which is as it should be.   Best wishes to Superstar Billy Graham who is still hospitalized in Wyoming and is in serious condition. Billy has been hospitalized in serious condition now for over a week. Billy influenced countless numbers of wrestlers with his bigger than life personality and physique back in the day. Nice to have the big 'pythons' but more people remember his outrageous personality and verbal skills just as much as they do his muscles. My twitter timeline blew up Sunday after @BillSimmons referenced your's truly on the ABC/NBA pre game show.   American Soda who is our distributor in the UK, Ireland and Europe for JR's products is offering FREE SHIPPING within the UK only thru this Friday on their JR's Sauces package only. 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Did anyone expect The Miz to invade Jericho's body last night ? What  a terrible job Y2J !  The chatter between Zigs/Y2J during the match was like watching Cena or The Miz ......  Where have the ring generals gone ?