JR's Money in the Bank Post Event Thoughts

Money in the Bank post event thoughts....

The MITB PPV was one of the better WWE PPV events that I can ever recall watching from the proverbial 'comfort of my own home.' I've been physically present for many great, WWE PPV events over the years but watching at home is a different experience for me. 

Sunday night's MITB PPV delivered big time. I'm watching it again tonight.  

The crowd in Chicago and likely the heat in the arena helped ascend the show. The All State Arena is a magical place when the live crowd is emotionally invested and they were Sunday night. If great matches traditionally get 5 stars this crowd deserves 6. 

Unlike some UFC PPV's, I could actually hear the crowd at home and the louder that I turned up my TV the better the live event experience at home was. 

CM Punk and John Cena had a scintillating main event that featured over 30 minutes of classic, old school wrestling. It took me back a generation, or so it seemed, and that match alone was worth the price of the PPV. My black hat is off to both men.

John Cena and CM Punk reminded me of why I have had a love affair with this genre since I was a boy.  

It's a match like Cena vs. Punk for the WWE Title in a red hot city that facilitated me having  some of the best years of my life sitting at ringside. All the elements came together including one of the most intriguing conclusions to a PPV that I can recall in a long, long time.

Punk is the WWE champion but what does his future hold as Punk's contract has now expired with WWE? What will Cena's fate be now that the Chairman has been globally embarrassed? What will the fall out be on Monday Night Raw? There's so many more questions than answers as the build to Summer Slam begins in Green Bay Monday night.

Christian winning the World Title surprised me. Interesting way of doing it too as Orton's anger management issues got the better of him. It makes for some provocative TV going forward on Smackdown. Bottom line is that I understood what occurred but was left wanting to know more of what will now happen especially to Orton due to his post match assault on the new World Champ.   

Mark Henry is arguably at the best 'spot' in his career after decisively defeating the Big Show including a post match injury attack. Henry has 'attitude' and fits the bill of a big, bad bully. Mark looks to be totally committed to his conditioning as he's dropped a bunch of pounds and it shows not only his appearance but his in ring work as well. 

Many don't realize how physically challenging Ladder matches are but they are even more arduous when there are eight guys in the match. These bouts are mentally and physically draining and most wrestlers feel the affects for days afterwords. I truly believe that these types of matches shorten careers as every wrestler's body has an expiration date and those dates come quicker the more ladder matches one experiences. Just ask Edge.

In any event. all 16 men in the two MITB Ladder Matches certainly contributed to the overall success of the PPV.   

Daniel Bryan winning the Smackdown MITB match was a shocker. I would have lost the farm on that one had I been a gambling man. However, I loved the outcome of this match. Bryan is a talented young man who has a spectacular skill set, is a high character person, and brings more steak than sizzle. I needed a reason to reinvest in Bryan and now I have it.

Albert Del Rio's victory in the Raw MITB Ladder Match was less of a surprise but made sense in that Del Rio's been on a 'roll' and seems to be championship bound sooner than later. BTW Del Rio must have one helluva garage for all those high dollar vehicles that he drives but one has to assume that all his cars are 'low mileage.'

If you didn't see MITB live then I wholeheartedly suggest that you catch the encore and/or get the DVD in a few weeks. A really strong show from start to finish. While Wrestlemania is the mack daddy re: sizzle and presentation and the Undertaker vs. HHH match was a classic wrestling match, MITB from start to finish was arguably a better overall, wrestling show.

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On a weekend where many of us remember the passing of Bruiser Brody and Terry Gordy, each at different times many years ago this weekend, it was somewhat fitting that we ended the weekend with such a a physical, compelling wrestling event with a main event that might not be touched for a long time in WWE.

Boomer Sooner!



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Hi JR! Im a big WWE follower and I would have to agree that this is by far one of the best PPV i've seen.

The main event was awesome! but do you think that the match would've ended differently if there hadn't been an outside interference? Now that CM Punk's contract is expired, can Cena still get a return match? 

As for Randy Orton, that spit in the face got him out of control. I think he might have done so much damage to Christian.

Oh, and I'd like to add that Kelly Kelly is getting better every time! 

Great read and a great PPV. Easily the best of the year and I thought Extreme Rules was the best PPV of the catalog this year. That is until Money in the Bank rolled into Chicago.

All of the outcomes were brillitant. I am watching this one twice as well. CM Punk is the best and he proved it, John Cena isn't a slouch either. Their match was a classic, we will be talking about this one for years to come. Chicago made this event so great. Christian and Daniel Bryan, the work horses winning were great mark out moments too.

 Personally, I LOVED this PPV. My faith in the WWE was dwindling over time as I felt the product got worse and worse, but after tonight-

After Bryan Dani.....Daniel Bryan won the Smackdown MITB briefcase

After Christian won the World Heavyweight Championship

After CM Punk won the WWE Championship

My faith in the WWE has ben restored.

Ironic, isn't it? CM Punk is a large part of the reason why I've regained my faith in the WWE and he's the man who kept touting the word "Faith" to his NXT followers.

Amazing night. Later today when there's daylight, I'll be drinking a Pepsi in his honor. I'd love some JR's BBQ Sauce on some meat to go right along with it, but that might take some extra work.

But God. I hope WWE gives us more of this because this was a step in the right direction on all fronts.



Go Daniel Bryan.

Go Christian.

Go CM Punk.


I agree with you JR 100%. Greatest PPV of all time!!!!. The electricity in the arena was felt in my house. Just amazing.. All the matches IMO were fantastic, but the one that stood out was the main event. Cena losing the championship and Punk walking away with it is mind bending. This kind of event makes people thirst even more. Really excited for whats to come on Monday Night, can't wait!

That was a wonderful read JR and I just wanted to add a litle bit of my experience from inside the All-State Arena tonight!

Last night, Sunday July 17th, Money in the Bank was in my hometown of Chicago, IL. I wasn't too sure what to expect as I've felt a little let down as of late when it came to the WWE. However, after my experience last night I'm eagerly awaiting tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw to see the fallout from, in my opinion,  the best PPV in a long time!

CM Punk (hometown hero) VS. John Cena - Need I say more?

The crowd was deafening, electric, and CM Punk definitely stole the show! You could feel the love from us, the fans, for CM Punk as soon as he walked out from the back! Actually, I take that back. As soon as his music hit you could hear and feel the magic that was created inside the arena!!! I don't want to spoil the match for anyone so I'll just urge everyone to purchase the PPV replay or buy the DVD via WWEShop.com in a few weeks when it's released. Punk winning the title last night will be something the WWE Universe will be talking about for years to come! 

Many other great matches took place and I'll definitely blog about them tomorrow. For now, g'night WWE Universe and long live the era of Punk! CM Punk that is!!!!! :-)

-Mike Singer

 Hey JR,

I got the chance to watch the MITB PPV tonight with a buddy of mine and quite frankly, I expected what happened to actually be fulfilled. Punk, Christian, Mark Henry, etc. I am trying to figure out the backlash now especially since Cena lost the title, how would this affect a rematch and his match with the Rock next year. Thoughts?

how much longer aere we going to have the main announcer (m cole) being so biased in his announcing of marquee matches? Jerry, as the “color man,” okay, but that punk vs. cena match last night took me back to the electricity of an ali v. frazier match of the 1970s, except for cole’s partisanship (openly rooting for cena).

In my view, the creative team is missing the boat in having him do this (it dimishes the spectacle of the event, making it bush league). We, as fans, don’t need such cheerleading for such a match; have confidence in the product, creative team!

Or to sum it up, Imagine how much greater it would have been with you, JR, behind the mike?

just my $.02.

Great sauce, btw!

I pretty much agree with everyone else. Best PPV in years, and great old school main event. I mean it reminded me of when I used to go to Mid South every Monday night in NOLA or St Bernard! I also liked the way they added some MMA elements to the moves, and at one point ot looked like Cena was in Punk's guard for a moment! Unless I imagined that. Also the way he reversed Cena's submission was great and original, imo. Anyway, I hope they follow up with something great, maybe Punk defending the title in NJPW or ROH....you never know. As I've always heard, never say never in pro wrestling! Great blog Mr Ross, I grew up on you watching Mid South every saturday afternoon in New Orleans, and have been a fan ever since! I'm not sure if you read this or not, but c remember the name of the gentleman around 1983 that Bill Watts let do announcing a few times? If I recall he was a sports caster in Alexandria or Monroe? Anyhow, he was terrible, and I prayed that you would do the commentating....the only negative of last nights show was that I had that same feeling. Cole was just awful, imo. Booker T as well...At least Boyd Pierce had cool suits to look at!