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 Writing at 35,000 feet on @americanair...Baileys & coffee...listing to Zepplin in iPod. So...let's rock!

Tag team tourney to crown 1st NXT Tag Team CHampions began. Lots of solid tag team work. Started w/ 8 teams & got down to two.

Bray Wyatt Family had a stellar night. Good presentation. 

Sasha Banks beginning to impress.

Jake Cater back from injury.

Good taping for Cory Graves.

Adrian Neville formerly know as PAC had a superb nite. An amazing, flying Dynamite Kid. 

Mason Ryan returned to the ring & looked massive & imposing.

England's Paige is improving & is a keeper in my view. The anti Diva. 

Alex Riley looked good as did Bo Dallas & Michael McGillicutty.

Really enjoyed Kassius Ohno & Leo Kruger together. 

Xavier Woods has 'something.'

Willam Regal & Tony "Don't call me Richard" Dawson handled all the commentary. Michael Cole & yours truly helped the announcers that were there. Enjoyed it. Shawn Michaels held court fir hors w/ the young talents. Awesome. Great seeing Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman. Dusty Rhodes and I talked Johnny Football. An overall great experience at Full Sail & one I'd encourage fans to try at least once. @ americansoda now back in stock of JR's products and they ship throughout UK & Europe. Remember to check out WWEShop.com at http://www.wweshop.com for great deals on our entire line of products. Interested in selling JR's at your retail store or better yet have a contact at a major retailer please email Ed Clements at eclements@clementsfoods.com. #NFL picks...Pats....49ers...Seattle....Denver. Huge WWE Smackdown tonight. Business has picked up on Friday nights. Tune in. Boomer Sooner! J.R. @JRsBBQ

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From what i've seen of NXT it's a real shame the Euros get to see it and we Americans don't.  NXT would be a great counter to the Thursday night show. Which is getting worse by the week. A couple nice talents over there just wasting away. Will be watching Smackdown tonight to see me a title change. Have a day to like.

Gee J.R., I didn't know you listened to Led Zeppelin! It was cool to see them honored at the Kennedy awards wasn't it? Or maybe you missed that, in any case well worth watching on You Tube if you get a chance!

    Rock on!!!