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My sincere thanks to all the folks at WWE and the WWE fans for my special evening this past Monday in OKC. The post RAW activities, which can be seen on wwe.com, exceeded my wildest expectations.

WWE bringing in Dan Hodge and Cowboy Bill Watts, my mentor who flew in from Florida, was a wonderful surprise.

The videos from @JerryLawler and OU Football coach Bob Stoops were tremendous and greatly appreciated.

I was deeply touched by the remarks made by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and HHH.

I have to tell you that the award that WWE presented me was the nicest thing that I've ever been bestowed including my 2007 WWE Hall of Fame ring. The "Voice of WWE' engraving brought me to tears I'm not ashamed to say.

The segment that @CMPunk and I were involved in, of course along with the irrepressible @HeymanHustle Paul Heyman, was the highest rated quarter hour of the three hour broadcast which is a tribute to the WWE Champion and his evil sidekick. 

My custom made hat took a beating but nothing that some expert steaming and reshaping won't cure. So..my hat got its feelings hurt but it will recover as we all know that one cannot grieve forever. (Thanks, King.)

Random RAW Thoughts:

Three hour, live broadcasts are challenging but having @MichaelCole there to keep the rudder in the water with the enormous amount of social media and other non in ring content to insert into the show is a Godsend for me. I kid you not. The amount of info that we are obligated to present to our viewers is amazing. Michael is the man and I'd not want to broadcast Raw without him. I'm very comfortable following his lead in a role that I'm still working diligently on which to improve.

Thought Damien Sandow had his finest outing since debuting in WWE. Anxious to see where the team of Sandow/Rhodes ends up but the duo known as Team Rhodes Scholars has a legit shot at becoming very good. 

Ryback is just starting to come into his own. I got a tweet from a teacher that said his students were chanting "Feed Me More" prior to their lunch at school recently. Ryback is a unique talent who will hopefully carve out his niche much like other power and strength guys have over the years which takes a little more time and perseverance than many traditional talents. Ryback's exposure Monday night was timely for him and his progression.

Enjoying the tag team tournament. Team Hell No has brought needed attention to the division and now let's hope that other teams "catch on fire" and continue to make it more interesting.

Very impressed with the US Champion Antonio Cesaro who I've seen a great deal of in NXT. I think Cesaro has the chance to become a major star and now that he's w/o Aksana the spotlight is solely on him. 

Did media Monday morning with @MiketheMiz in OKC who's about as good as anyone with who I've ever done media. Very smart, informed and glib. I feel that Miz can help re-establish the IC Title especially when he engages in a focused, contender over an extended period of time. I have plenty of time for a talent who works as hard as Miz both inside and outside the ring. 

Ricardo Rodriguez is an underrated asset for WWE in my eyes. Rodriguez 'gets it' and will hopefully end up being a bigger star in WWE than what some fans perhaps currently perceive him. 

Have to admit that every time I seen Daniel Bryan in the ring with CM Punk they always leave me wanting to see more. I know that they are have differing agendas now days but I can't help but like what I see when the two of them compete. 

Enjoying watching Sheamus evolve. Reminds me of the stories wrestlers and promoters used to tell about Johnny Valentine who was one of the most rugged competitors in the history of the business. JV had a straight ahead, somewhat no frills, smash mouth style that , at times, took him a while to connect with the fan base in some wrestling territories. Same might be said for Sheamus who I'm very high on and when Sheamus arrives in full form he's going to stay at the next level for a long time to come. I equate it to a football team with a punishing running attack where some fans want to see said team throw the ball more until the running game continues to win lots of games at which time all is right with running the pigskin. I hope that Sheamus steers his course and continues to be physical and engaging both with his fists and his personality. I love a guy who likes to fight.  

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara's tag bout with Primo and Epico was sweeter than JR's Original BBQ Sauce. Nice work by all and yet another positive step forward in the tag team ranks on which many have voiced an opinion. Things there, as I mentioned, are looking up. 

Sorry to hear of the passing of 'Hangman' Bobby Jaggers who was an underrated performer in the territory days including being a tag partner w/ the talented Dutch Mantell once upon a time as the Kansas Jayhawks.  Jaggers was an incessant talker both in and out of the ring and was affectionately known as one of the "great embellishers" ever in the biz. Bobby was a helluva story teller who had a vivid imagination and loved to share it. He was a solid antagonist who worked in many territories and was a bleached blonde grappler of ample girth. Excellent flyer for a guy his size, too. My condolences to his family and friends. 

I'm heading to Sacramento for Monday Night RAW with a stop over in Lubbock, Texas to watch my Oklahoma Sooners try to bounce back and knock off the undefeated Red Raiders of Texas Tech for the first time in Lubbock by the Sooners since 2003. After getting back home Tuesday from RAW, I'm off again Wednesday for Orlando and the NXT tapings @FullSail on Thursday October 11. That will get me home on Friday October 12, my wonderful bride and my 19th wedding anniversary, to only leave again for the OU-Texas game in Dallas. I'm a lucky man in that not only did i out punt my coverage marrying my lovely wife but she's also a football fan who tolerates my whacky gridiron oriented schedule during the fall. 

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Boomer Sooner!



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Question JR:

With Sheamus using the Texas Cloverleaf, what do you think of them renaming it the "Shamrock Lock"?  would be a great play on his heritage. 

Congrats on your award Monday night.

Mitchell E. Mauthe

Greetings JR

  I was watching the OKC Monday Night RAW with my 10 year old son and the segment where a few of your words came through during A.J and her Executive Coachs' cutaway segment was on.  

Right after that segment, in your typical delivery, you made a quick apology and said that you were speaking when you should have been listening.  

I turned to my son and said: "Son, that is the mark of a true gentleman who has a lot of class. We should all aim for that".

Thanks for being a class act over the years J.R. Sincerely, George from Vancouver Canada.

I'm a big fan of MidSouth and Terry Gordy and I thought you might enjoy this write-up I put together. Love ya, JR. ***It was not uncommon in the late 80's for territories not yet bought out by the WWF to declare their highest title to be a "world championship" to try and sustain credibility and independence. Well, I never bought that stuff: There were 3 time-honored world champions and that was all. There was, however, a "Universal" champion making a lot of waves in the south who could have neatly fit in a 4th place spot behind the "big 3" (and maybe even give them a run for their money!). On a mild Tulsa night in 1986, Terry Gordy sent his marginalized role as 1/3 of the Fabulous Freebirds on a lonely walk down Badstreet and destroyed the best that the former MidSouth -a territory noted for its toughness and often cherry-picked by McMahon- had to offer in a one-night tournament(!). His next big achievement came from the other side of the globe. As if it weren't enough to be part of one legendary tag team, Gordy began teaming with former adversary Steve "Dr. Death" Williams to form one of the most ruthless, decorated, and remembered gaijin tandems to wrestle in Japan. Gordy and Williams brought their warfare to WCW and defeated legendary tag champs Rick and Scott Steiner in their 1992-prime, with very little hype, and with a clean finish(!). Unfortunately, the rest of Gordy's story is one of the saddest in pro wrestling. Gordy actually "died" for a period of time from an overdose in 1993 on a flight from Japan and was relegated to living as a zombie of his former self for the remaining 8 years of his life. He had to be re-taught simple wrestling fundamentals and was booked for name only, always to drop the match to his competitor. FAVORITE MOMENT- Gordy and Williams reunite after several years to wrestle a 1996 ECW match. As they are announced, Gordy seems disoriented, having forgotten his many battles with and against Williams all over the world. Gordy offers a tepid handshake and a disoriented smile to Williams. Williams flashes a huge grin and grabs Gordy with a big hug. I don't know how many really "got" this moment, but I tell ya, I cried my eyes out.***

Jon Southerland, Clovis, Ca.

 Hey JR! Nice to see a mention of "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers, I've been a fan for 30 years and always thought he was a great performer back in the day that was not utilized enough. He had some Terry Gordy qualities, big men that could move well.  Anyway, just wanted to mention since I noticed you posted that you would be in Cali for Raw on Monday. If you happen to go through San Jose, there is a fantastic steak house within 1 block of the HP Pavilion called Henry's Hi Life, best steak dinner in town and great prices too. I remember a while back you had posted about eating at Orginal Joe's, which is also a great place. But you can't beat the menu at Henry's and prices. Trust me, nobody walks away hungry from this place. It's a small place but great food, just need some JR's BBQ sauce to make it perfect! It's been featured on Diner's, Drive-ins, and Dives too. Anyway, if you are ever in the area check it out. They have a website at www.henryshilife.com   Thanks JR, and keep up the great work, you are always the official voice of WWE!

Take Care,

Jon Southerland

Clovis, Ca.

Congrats on JR Appreciation night and getting your award although i can see CM Punk's point about getting no respect in return after he complimented you...speaking in kayfabe of course. And what would Raw look like now if Punk had left WWE for real last year especially with Raw 3 hours now and Cena injured? And as impressive as Ryback has been in recent months i can't help but wonder what a 15 minute plus Ryback match would go like since we have not seen him go past 5 minutes yet.