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Thanks for stopping by our site and please tell a friend about us. Let's roll....   Enjoyed seeing the many WWE Superstars Tuesday Night in OKC at the Chesapeake Arena for the taping of Friday Night Smackdown. Catering is sort of the student union for the day and a gathering place for folks to reconnect and mingle as everyone waits to get their assignments and to prepare for show time. We spend ample time there catching up with many friends.  My cameo on Smackdown consists of an in ring interview with @RealJackSwagger and the ruggedly handsome Zeb Colter not to be confused with Ann Coulter or Mrs. Waylon Jennings, Jessie Colter. The piece of business that we did will air about at the top of the second hour of the program.  I thought Smackdown had some good in ring bouts this week, what little I got to watch, but my friends who attended and my family all said that they enjoyed the night. Lots of Twitter followers @JRsBBQ who were on site said the same. I hope you watch Smackdown this week and you can judge for yourself.  @MichaelCole, @JerryLawler joined @WWEJoshMathews on commentary for SD so it seems it takes three men to replace the gregarious @JCLayfield who is off mountain climbing for a great cause and will be away for a few weeks.  Lawler and Cole also call the action for Wednesday night's Main Event on the ION Network. Jerry is a true team player working OT this week including supporting WWE sponsors like my favorite,Sonic Drive In, and Just for Men products.    It was good seeing Mick Foley in OKC and we chatted briefly about his big night on April 6 in the sold out Madison Square Garden where he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Mick is obviously very excited and I'm sure that he will have an entertaining acceptance speech. Mrs Foley's baby boy is certainly a deserving recipient. I found it some what funny how many talents were watching the Jody Arias murder trial on their tablets during their down time on Tuesday afternoon. I'll say only this about that tragedy, if he prosecutor doesn't get a conviction, he's done. The TV coverage of the trial reminds me of a nightmare I once had where I was on a LONG, car trip with Nancy Grace where she was driving, wouldn't stop and we never ran low on fuel. BOMBSHELL! Watched a Mark Henry TV match Tuesday night and the big Texan and World's Strongest Man continues to impress. Few men in WWE actually get as focused and into their TV persona as much as Henry does prior to a match. Not the time to chat.   One thing that was buzzing back stage in OKC was the amazing match that closed the Raw broadcast Monday night in Dallas between John Cena and CM Punk. Two points on this tremendous, main event, 1. Cena added some new wrinkles to his game that might silence some of his narrow minded critics for a few days and 2. Punk was working with the flu and hampered by jet lag from a long flight to Dallas from Istanbul on the last day of a grueling, three day international tour. I watched the match live on TV and it is the first match in a long time that I've gone back and watched again on DVR. Next Monday is the annual, Old School RAW that emanates from Buffalo, New York. Now, this is one event that WWE should station a camera crew in catering to hear all the tall tales being spun by the old timers. It's somewhat comparable to a group of guys telling fishing stories, the first liar doesn't stand a chance. Hopefully the young talents will engage the veterans and pick their brains for info on how to tell more compelling stories and perhaps even learn some valuable life lessons on what NOT to do to perpetuate one's career over the long haul.  Local, OKC TV station KSBI will air a 30 minute special on yours truly tonight at 6:30 central time in the OKC area. They plan to make it available for online viewing on their website later in the week. We taped it last week inside the Barry Switzer Center located on the Oklahoma University campus.  Still amazes me that many seemingly sane people can't differentiate from being inducted into the WWE HOF as a wrestler, etc over the honorary, celeb status. I have written about this in the past and am getting tired of responding to many knuckleheads on Twitter @JRsBBQ on the topic. I will say that WWE definitely NEEDS a building to house the HOF combined with a WWE Museum and I feel that will happen in the future. So much goes into a facility such as this as it is a MAJOR undertaking as one can imagine. The location is vital, an adequate building is a must, the right staff and curator can influence success or failure, acquiring items for display are crucial and these are just some of the issues. I would bet my last black hat that it happens sooner than later but only when all the moving parts have been addressed. Until then many will continue to bitch about who's in the WWE HOF and why their favorite isn't....and so it goes.  As I said in my last blog, I'm damn proud to be among those honored whether we have a building or not. Going from referee, ring crew guy, overall 'gopher' starting in 1974 to being inducted into the WWE HOF in 2007 is a journey of which I'm proud. So when the WWE HOF is thrown under someone's bus you can see how it would be upsetting to many of us.  Heading back to the Chesapeake Arena tonight to watch the @okcthunder hit the hardwood. I don't really get into the NBA until the playoffs except for attending live, Thunder games who provide an awesome in game experience.  Yep...I'm excited about the season premier of Duck Dynasty this week. Quack, Jack! Saw a cool video review of our products from a couple of funny, WWE fans over in England who got their order from @americansoda off their website http://www.americansoda.co.uk . American Soda ships throughout the UK and Europe from their headquarters in Manchester. The Q&A's are updated here on the site. Remember to ask any thing you choose as I can delete if inapproiate, or just plain stupid, and to keep your questions succinct. Reading the questions and comments are fun if they aren't of 'War and Peace' length. WWEShop.com has packed some really great, JR's products together at http://www.wweshop.com and they provide safe, efficient online shopping. Stock up now for the traditional grilling season and for your WM29 tailgate parties. There are several fresh blogs here on the site for your reading pleasure plus I've done my best to stay up with the Q&A's here as well. Check them both out. As of today I'm less than 3,000 Twitter followers shy of 700,000 so help me make it happen by following me @JRsBBQ. Thanks. Boomer Sooner! J.R.  
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 With all due respect. Not all of Cena's critics are narrow-minded. I am a man who needs more reasons than most to start disbelieving in something or someone I am in fandom of or have respect for. Cena was the reason I went to Wrestlemania 21. I was a huge fan for a long time before and after. But this Cena is not the same one I grew accustomed to. Don't be naive, however, and doubt that I think that that statement's any truer than your assumption that some to most of Cena's critics are narrow, or even closed-minded folk. Example? If it's always to be about the WWE Universe and what they want, why is it that the WWE seemingly panders to the weaker portion of their audience, to women and children, yet still it only serves as a cover to pander to their own egos? What man wants to see a villainous Superman being perceived as heroic and destroying any potential future heroes or villains alike?
Well said tjkyle.  I see John Cena as one missed oportunity after another.  Great wrestlers are able to bring the best out of him, that's a good thing. The match worked so well Monday because they had TIME to tell the story.  Nothing more..nothing less......Now on to my weekly rant on The Nature Boy Mike "The Miz" Mizanin !  Clearly this man has something on uppermanagement.  In fairness I watched about 20 min. of The Marine.....I want that 20 back.  The first 2 were far and away better.  Marines everywhere hate this movie. I am sure of it. I want 'heel" Miz back.

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