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Busy day with plenty to do so let's get rolling with some Old School Raw thoughts and more... Old School Raw is one of my favorite Raw's of the year. I enjoy seeing the veterans return to the 'scene of the crime' and enjoy the adulation of the live audience. I can't explain how good that makes a body feel. It's the same intangible that gets in one's DNA that brings back a star like @TheRock to perform live in a wrestling ring. It can't be replicated or reproduced. Loved the start to the show with the return of The Undertaker. That had to get social media a buzz and I'm relatively sure that the early evening, TV ratings will reflect such when they are released.  Making the Fatal 4 Way early and promoting it thru the end of the show really helps one handle the long, three hour broadcasts as it builds a degree of anticipation that most fans enjoy.  @CMPunk vs. The Undertaker at WM29 will be special and a hard act to follow. By April 7 I'd think that a compelling case will be made that Punk could well be the guy to finally beat Taker at WrestleMania especially considering that this might be, I don't know for a fact, Taker's last WrestleMania event. I hope that I'm wrong on that but one never knows at this stage of the Dead Man's game. Punk could become forever a 'Made man' by defeating the legend at WWE's signature event.  Would Taker being 20-1 or 21-0 make him be perceived as less than,  arguably, the greatest Superstar over the long haul in WWE ever? Obviously not.  I've long said that Taker will never lose at WM but not knowing the full extent of his physical condition and not seeing him in the ring since last year presents a great deal of unanswered questions. Am I changing my tune? No. but am I somewhat uneasy about the Phenom going into April &? Absolutely.  Rock and Cena were dead serious when confronting each other and therefore I was dead serious while watching and listening to their presentation. These two men will likely close the show, can't see anyone else getting the nod, at WM29 and it will be for the WWE Title. Those are HUGE responsibilities and should be taken with as much seriousness as one can muster. Plus, these two have to follow EVERYTHING else on the show.  HHH saying to Lesnar "What are you going to do, sit home and bleed?" resonated with me. Helluva statement to make. Enjoyed the in your face, here I am, succinct nature of the promo by The Cerebral Assassin.  Loved the small, attention to detail that WWE demonstrated Monday night with all the old school touches that many fans may have missed. I can vividly remember sitting at that table with a black cloth draped over it and those old, rickety monitors sitting on the table for many, many Monday nights. Loved the referees in the blue shirts and bow ties. I thought of the late, Joey Marella.  Too bad some on Twitter @JRsBBQ thought it was a big deal that Mae Young's 90th B-Day was held early as her birthday is March 12 which is the same as my late father, J.D.. Ross. You have to be kidding me. This just in...Mae's 90 or damn near it and tomorrow isn't guarantee for any of us. Jeez. Loved the attire of @MichaelCole and @JerryLawler who looked like a bottle of JR's Main Event Mustard and Chipotle Ketchup, respectively. It would have been fun if King had chosen to revert back to his old,  TV persona of being an antagonist for one night and for which he was so good.  BTW...it was the first time that I can recall in my near 40 career that a cake was brought on a wrestling , TV show and no one wore it. Not a stellar night Monday on RAW if one is the IC or US Champion. But as we all know that can change in a matter of weeks in today's world of TV. Cesaro and Barrett fans can now come in off the ledge.   Some folks on my Q&A section, which has been updated by the way, think that the card for WM29 is being rolled out too slow and I respectfully disagree. WrestleMania is a brand that sold almost $10M worth of tickets before ANY matches were announced and the least of my worries is how good the card will be. Are some fans really waiting until they wee what the under card will be before committing to buy the PPV? That one is hard for me to fathom. I enjoyed watching the Old School Raw from our home in Norman, Oklahoma but missed seeing some old friends who were in Buffalo. Speaking of Buffalo, did anyone else think that the live audience was somewhat uninspired or was that just me? The crowd certainly had their moments but it seemed that they were overall a little laid back. I heard that the arena made it challenging for the sold out crowd to easily enter the building which doesn't help one's demeanor.   It's going to be a great year for my pal @steveaustinBSR who is expanding his relationship with CMT with another show in addition to the third season of Redneck Island. It couldn't happen to a better man who is working just as hard to establish himself in 'Hollywood' as he did in the wrestling ring. When will the annual speculation begin of if Steve returns to the ring at WM30 in New Orleans? What? What? It already has?   To the folks in the UK and in Europe, @americansoda in Manchester, AmericanSoda.uk.co, can get your JR's goods to you as quick as 24 hours.  JR's is also on the shelves of their American Candy stores.  WWEShop.com will have plenty of JR's products at the WWE Super Store that will be part of WrestleMania AXXESS this year. No shipping costs and no waiting on delivery if you shop while attending the big event. 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 The war of words between Cena & Rocky was inspiring, and I am looking forward to their main event match.  However, a few things on Raw confused me.  Why are MITB man Ziggler and US Champion Cesaro (probably the two most talented guys on the roster after Cena & Punk) and the IC champ Barrett, constantly used as "enhancement talent" while Swagger gets a Wrestlemania title match and Miz gets the rub from Ric Flair? Also, how can WWE Films possibly be profitable when the stuff they put out is so ridiculous?   Finally, wouldn't the GM need to secure Undertaker's consent before putting him in a match against a particular opponent? I wouldn't mind seeing Fandango's dancing companion again.
R.I.P. Paul Bearer, 58... He will be missed, Never forgotten. I miss the Funeral Parlor too. This may sound crazy, But how about Taker has a one night on RAW with The Funeral Parlor and a memorial of Paul Bearer on it? I know Paul would like it. Danny Wissert  
I have said before that the Miz has something (DIRT...PICS...AUDIO) on someone very important in the WWE . As FAR AS IN RING TALENT HE IS NO WHERE NEAR Zigs or Cesaro or Swagger and I could go on. You know his moves because he is to stupid and forgets there are cameras in his face .......a John Cena trait by the way......arghhhh !   I am sorry for Flair having to pay his penance this way.   This decision by WWE with the Miz WILL BE RECOGNIZED as soon as they watch The Marine. Safe journey to the next life PAUL BEARER/PERCY PRINGLE.   REST IN PEACE ! 
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