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Great day to rise and shine in Norman, Oklahoma with another busy week ahead and then I'm going to slow it down for most of the summer. I'm going to enjoy the down time that I'm supposed to be doing in my 'retirement' years. Let's grill.....


Overall enjoyed the show. Chicago crowd never disappoints. The talents worked hard and no one phoned any thing in that I saw. Good effort by all and that's where it starts.

Some obnoxious Twitter folks got personal as in using abusive language and name calling when I simply said that I enjoyed Payback. I then called those in that minority "turds" which then got made into a federal case by some looking for attention. I have no issue with people expressing a different opinion than I do but when the name calling starts they get blocked. Easy remedy. It's amazing that in today's age of defiance and lack of respect by many that merely expressing one's opinion that differs with others can incite such aggression from the keyboard warriors.

The hair vs. mask match was what it was intended to do and that was to provide some light hearted entertainment and start off the show with a fun match. The performance was fine and seemingly was executed as it was booked to do. A Twitter follower scolded me for not taking this match "more seriously."

I picked Cesaro to unseat Sheamus for the United States Title and I was wrong. I think both men are currently miscast. The paying customers want Cesaro to be a fan favorite while Sheamus is a natural heel in my eyes. Nonetheless the bout was physical and I liked it as it served as a good kickoff to the main show. Cesaro continuing to use the Giant Swing is going to continue to facilitate him as a 'face. Good sound bytes by @HeymanHustle at ringside. Young managers should pay attention to Paul and learn all that they can. There aren't many "Heyman's" around any more....which is a great segue for your own bit of humor. 

The Rhodes Boys match vs. Ryback and Axel was solid but the 'money' in the match was Cody telling his brother that "you need a better tag team partner." 

I picked Rusev to beat Big E and these two refrigerator sized athletes over achieved and maximized their minutes. Great dive through the ropes by Big E onto the "Russian" in the battle of strongmen. Both men are likely a year away from contributing on the main event level and that is not a knock. I like Lana's upside. (No jokes, please.)

Not sold on the Bo Dallas persona but it's early. He feels like the Tim Tebow of WWE as I mentioned on Twitter live during the show @JRsBBQ. Also not wild about the Kane run on but it was what it was. 

The Daniel Bryan/wife Brie/Stephanie McMahon segment was excellent. Not too long and it had a noticeable beginning, middle and definitive end to the segment. I feel that there is good money in Brie, even though she 'quit' WWE vs. Stephanie down the road, perhaps at Summer Slam. The slap equated to a nice, personal issue to me and personal issues are tough to execute. By the way, Stephanie is a heel for those who have taken exception to my hero vs. villain philosophy.   

WWE would be foolish to take the WWE Title off DB in a boardroom type scenario. It weakens their main prize.

Cena vs. Wyatts in Last Man Standing was excellent booking especially getting the Usos and Harper/Rowan strategically involved notwithstanding a creative finish. Creating compelling finishes in a brutal match such as Last Man Standing in a PG world is challenging but the ending worked Monday night. Arguably the match of the night. Congrats to all involved.  

Paige vs. Alicia Fox was in a challenging, at best, position on the show and they were doomed no matter what sort of match they had. Their match was fine but it was in a spot that no one on the roster would have wanted.

The 6 man elimination tag match was stellar and put in ample time, was intense and had a surprising finish with the Shield pitching the shutout. WWE has done a good job of developing three potentially, outstanding fan favorites in Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns even thought I see Ambrose as the best potential heel of the trio, Rollins as the most underrated talent of the group and likely a great 'face, and Reigns as the next 'it' guy in the company.

On a Ross Report podcast I suggested that HHH anoint a new Evolution with Randy Orton as the point man joined by Dolph Ziggler and perhaps a Sami Zayn type new talent from NXT.

Headed to Vegas this week for the Annual Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion. It's always good to see old friends and meet many fans who travel annually to attend this week's festivities at the Gold Coast Hotel. Visit the CAC website at caulifloweralleyclub.org. You should be a member.

We have no more RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross shows booked as I speak even though we have multiple offers on the table. I may do one more show this summer, in July, but doing shows on the weekend during OU football season isn't happening. We do expect to have an aggressive 2015 schedule of shows.

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Later today (Monday) I will be talking with Lance Storm for an upcoming podcast. Lance is a brilliant mind and a marvelous trainer of talent and I'm looking forward to this conversation. It will be good to catch up with "Citizen Storm."

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