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Beautiful Sunday here in Oklahoma and a very happy Father's Day to all. I think of my late father every day as he was a rock in my life. An old school, man's man who died unexpectedly at age 64. Dad passed away the same night that the LOD debuted at the Manhattan Center on Monday Night RAW. I hope that I've made him proud and can represent him well with what time the Good Lord grants me here on Earth. Now..Let's Grill!! Chicago, the home of @WWE Payback tonight on PPV, is one of my all time favorite cities for many reasons including a very selfish one. Firstly, the crowds at the All State Arena are generally awesome and enhance every show that they attend in support of WWE. Secondly, it was the city/arena where it was announced that yours truly would be inducted into the 2007 WWE HOF class. The reception and show of appreciation that I received that night will remain with me forever. Of course, who can forget the likely, eternal "Worst Match of the Year" that I had in Chicago in the Idaho stiff, 'Country Whipping Match' with now @ESPN star Jonathan Coachman? We may have set the biz back a generation that night BUT we popped a great TV rating. :) Payback Predictions:  Until this past Monday's impassioned promo, I was leaning toward a Ryback victory tonight but today I'm thinking that John Cena retains the WWE Title in the Three Stages of Hell match. This particular match provides me with some amazing memories and gave the King and I the opportunity to truly, emotionally invest in the first handful of these bouts and do some of our better work. If Ryback wins, I won't be totally shocked, however, @Ryback22 winning does reshuffle the deck, so to speak. For the record, in 2001, I broadcast an XFL game in Chicago with "Governor" Ventura and then flew that night after the game to Vegas for the HHH-Austin Three Stages of Hell classic. That was one helluva weekend that included the live, RAW on Monday night that I think was in Phoenix.     Dolph Ziggler will leave Chicago tonight as the World Champ. This is a bout that is going into the PPV without a great deal of momentum or fanfare due to Ziggler's recent injury and subsequent absence so it might overachieve adn out perform many projections.  I don't see Kane being the United States Champion so Dean Ambrose wins at Payback. A nice,  long tenure with the US Title by Ambrose might help rehabilitate the championship.  I expect some sort of implosion or at the very least some miscommunication between tag title challengers Randy Orton and the red hot, Daniel Bryan as they challenge Rollins and Reigns for the WWE Tag Team Titles. The Shield retains tonight and I wonder how close the other three performers in the match will come to matching Bryan's in ring intensity and the unbridled roll that he's on?  Yes, CM Punk will get the hero's welcome tonight in his home town, Duh, and, yes, Punk vs. Jericho should be hugely challenging to immediately follow. I have the Chicago native winning a hard fought, smartly executed match that will have many near falls and twists and turns. As Pat Patterson would say, "This crowd will go banana" for Punk tonight. For entrance music enthusiasts, I'm not one by the way, I hear rumors that Punk may have new ring music tonight. I actually hope that I'm wrong on that one....about the music that is. Thinking that AJ Lee wins the Divas Title over Kaitlyn but it's a coin toss. These two got my attention last week on RAW and I hope that they can continue to do so tonight on PPV as it would greatly help the Divas division become more viable and meaningful. If this match is presented by all involved seriously, then it has a better chance of being perceived seriously.  The IC Title bout is going to be interesting. Interesting in how much the live audience invests in the match and interesting to see how the 3 men's chemistry evolves during the Triple Threat Match. No championship advantage for Brit Wade Barrett as the first man to score a pin or submission leaves with the IC Title. Also curious to see where Curtis Axel stands when the smoke clears after this three way bout. I'm going with Axel to follow 'Perfectly' in his late father's footsteps and win the IC Title on Father's Day but I'm not willing to bet any JR's BBQ Sauce on that prognostication.  If Sheamus loses to Damien Sandow in the pre show then I will begin eating BBQ tofu and for those of you who know me that's not really too high on my list of things to do. No offense to vegans....yes, all JR's bottled products are vegan friendly and Gluten Free. How's that for a segueway and shameless albeit somewhat organic plug? For our great UK fans, tickets to my first ever, one man show are still available but are selling quickly for the four, intimate venues that we are playing in Cardiff, London, Manchester and Glasgow. VIP tickets for London and Manchester are sold out. For info or to order tickets for these late, August events please check out http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/ Sauce it up on JR's products at http://www.wweshop.com or http://www.americansoda.co.uk as both provide easy, safe online shopping and delivery right to your front door. Enjoy WWE Payback tonight and follow me during the PPV on Twitter @JRsBBQ as I will be live tweeting during the event.  Enjoy Father's Day and enjoy Payback. Boomer Sooner! J.R.   @JRsBBQ
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 JR 7/8 correct. All but the WHC result. By the way the story in that match was of the page with reminiscences of Steve Austin/Bret Hart WM13. Just unfortunate that the fans had no clue what was going on in the match from a story perspective and therefore didn't know how to react to do the story in the match any justice. Del Rio had to come back out to make the fans boo him. Very sad night for the usually red hot Chicago fans. I'm looking forward to Ziggler's chase back to the WHC. I'm at my most patient when the psychology is right. The best Divas match at a ppv since Mickie James vs Trish Status at WM22 in the Great White North. CM Punk vs Chris Jericho the best pure match of the night out was a technically sound masterpiece. The 3 stages of hell match? I believe it was Ryback's career that went to the hospital after being declared to be in critical condition and probably on life support as you read this. Congrats to Curtis Axyl whose steady rise is taking him further to that glad ceiling and hes fixing to smash right through it over the next 365 days.

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