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Good day everyone! Love a sunny Monday in Oklahoma. Love it even more when folks order JR's products online from http://www.wweshop.com and grill away with their friends and families. Easy, safe, online ordering that gets delivered right to your door. Let's Grill! Payback Thoughts: One of the better WWE PPV's of the "non major" variety in a long while. Certainly ranked a strong 7 or 8 on a 10 scale in my book. Thoroughly enjoyed it.   Good for Cutis Axel, the new IC Champion.  I wish some cynical fans would stop second guessing every more this kid makes until he can get a little farther down the road in his career journey. I'm confident he will evolve into a significant asset for WWE. Gotta laugh at some keyboard warriors who espouse "Axel hasn't paid his dues" as if they know what paying dues, as ambiguous as that statement is, actually means.  Loved AJ's use of Antonio Inoki's established, submission hold the Octopus. Makes sense for a smaller antagonist.   The timing of the RVD promo was spot on and created a buzz that is needed from PPV to PPV. Smart marketing by WWE and it re-positioned RVD as a major star. The Ziggler vs. Del Rio match had some psychological qualities of the WM13 bout between Bret Hart and Stone Cold. Great in ring storytelling that provides more questions than answers and plenty of follow up material for episodic TV. Del Rio seems more comfortable in the antagonist tole than he does as a fan favorite. However, I do think that many Hispanic fans will still support their countryman. I'm more interested in the personas of both ADR and Ziggler now than I was prior to Payback.    The Punk vs. Jericho match lived up to the hype and the Chicago crowd helped the match be elevated even more. Excellent, fundamental, old school wrestling bout that was a hit with me. A broadcaster can work their entire career and never get to call a bout such as this in an environment like was in Chicago on Sunday night.   Daniel Bryan being introduced last in the tag title bout made me smile....no jokes please...it's a Bells palsy thing...as, arguably, Bryan is the hottest star in WWE right now. The closing sequence of the bout was stellar. Big win for the Shield.  Where does this leave Bryan and Orton? What is next for the Shield? Cena vs. Ryback had the unenviable task of following EVERYTHING at Payback. That's the responsibility that goes with being in a main event spot and going on last. I thought that they were successful in that challenge and that the usage of the ambulance, while not to everyone's taste, was innovative and unpredictable. What's next for both men?  With the return of RVD to MITB in July and coming off the heels of a strong Payback PPV,   it seems as if WWE is building discernable momentum and potential, potent, PPV selling storylines for Summer Slam in LA.  Big night this Thursday at NXT at Full Sail University as both Ric Flair and Sheamus will be joining us in Winter Park. The young, NXT performers should love this week's experience even more than normal.  The WWE production of the "Legends of Mid South Wrestling" DVD which comes out on September 10 has some amazing matches that will be featured including and here's a partial list: Ted DiBiase vs. Paul Ordnorff Andre, Dusty Rhodes & JYD vs The Wild Samoans and Ernie Ladd (All WWE HOFers) Jim Duggan vs. DiBiase Coal Miner's Glove, Tuxedo, Loser Leaves Town Match Wrestling 2 mentoring Magnum TA storyline JYD Tarred and Feathered storyline JYD vs. Hacksaw Butch Reed    (Ghetto Street Fight)  Rock 'n Roll vs. Midnight Express  (a series of bouts..all tremendous) HBK vs. DiBiase (Shawn's rookie year) Rick Steiner vs. Nick Patrick (Steiner was a rookie and Nick became a great referee) Ric Flair vs. DiBiase NWA Title Bout (amazing) A UWF match featuring the Bladerunners, Sting & Rock aka Ultimate Warrior Terry Gordy vs. Duggan UWF Title (A legit Slobber Knocker) DiBiase & Dr. Death vs. Freebirds in a Lumberjack match ('Birds loved the heat!) Gordy vs Doc UWF Title Bout (A Classic..lead to the formation of an extraordinary team)  Doc Vs. Bubba Rogers aka Big Bossman UWF Title (1 of my favorite matches I ever called) One Man Gang vs. Big Bubba Rogers UWF Title (Textbook, Super Heavyweight bout) There will also be some major DVD Blu Ray exclusives. I will have more on those soon. Tickets for my first ever, One Man Show/Spoken Word Tour of the UK in late August are still available in all four cities but the VIP tickets are sold out in London and Manchester and VIP seats are limited in Cardiff and Glasgow. Here's a link to get more info and to buy tickets, http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/.  @Americansoda will be selling JR's products at all four of our events, as well. We're at over 800,000 Twitter followers @JRsBBQ. Follow us if you'd like. I'd love to have you. Enjoy Monday Night RAW. Boomer Sooner! J.R.            
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Don't see the point of having HBK in a Mid-South Dvd OTHER THAN SALES. It would have been just as easy to put the match on one of his many personal ones and it may be they already have. He wasn't a true member in this territory.  Can't wait for this dvd !!!!!!!!!!
Totally disagree with your assessment of why HBK is on the Mid South DVD. It illustrates how many top hands started there and/or laid their foundation there. "True member?' Come on, man.
 Mr. Ross, I know what you meant about Del Rio's Hispanic fans, but "countryman" isn't quite the right word, as "Hispanic" includes more countries than just Mexico, and it also includes American-born people of Hispanic heritage.
Point well taken.
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