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Good news on the health front...no pneumonia just Strain A Flu of which I expect to kick out of in a few days. Because I'm bored and am not leaving the house, I choose to write. About what? Let's see..... 

I've eaten so much chicken soup the past few days that I feel like a rooster..an old rooster..a Rooster Cogburn.

Twitter is becoming a strange entity. The VAST majority of followers @JRsBBQ are splendid but a few boils on the tailbones of life are sad. I wish they had more friends and that I wasn't so quick on the trigger to block some of them. But when they suggest that I die or they drop immature F Bombs enough is enough.

Yes, I enjoyed my commentary work with @HeymanHustle aka Paul Heyman aka Paul E Dangerously aka Happy Heyman, etc , etc. He knew what buttons to push on me to legit piss me off and that generally raised my game on live TV. I too knew what buttons of his to push to motivate him. We had a combustible on air relationship that is lacking today or perhaps today's marketplace just doesn't require or call for our shenanigans. Some of my best work ever was done with Paul Heyman and I've worked with, arguably, the best partners ever.

I did @RealKingRegal first ever USA TV interview twenty years ago today on TBS and it can be found on You Tube. Two, handsome, young blokes.  Then he was known as Lord Steven Regal....and is one of the most legit, tough guys I've known in the business and is a valuable asset in the WWE Developmental Program. If I owned a territory, Mr. Regal would be in it. 

I don't expect to return to broadcasting on NXT any time soon as that broadcast is designed to help the younger talents develop their body of work so I will be helping produce the newcomers. I enjoy teaching and coaching so I look forward with great anticipation those opportunities. 

For a broadcaster the Royal Rumble has a little bit of every thing including opportunities for humor, drama, debate and strategy. No one prepares as diligently as @MichaelCole and @JCLayfield is right there with Cole as it relates to day of prep. Along with @Jerry Lawler these three mesh well and do their best to refrain from over talking a TV show and especially talking over each other which helps no one. As Shakespeare said, "The play is the thing" so the announcers can only be as good a lyricist as the music of which the wrestlers create. I have a feeling that Sunday we will hear some, for the lack of a better descriptor, unique sounds coming from the Royal Rumble PPV. I've ordered  mine already and look forward to watching the proceedings from Norman, Oklahoma. I know that Cole and Company will kill it.

I'd be surprised if we did not see a few surprise entrants in the Rumble match come Sunday. I like it when the Rumble match has elements of nostalgia. I will also be anxious to  see who has the 'hot hand' in the Rumble match as it relates to the total number of eliminations in the bout. Remember when Diesel aka @KevinNash lit it up one year much like Kane did in another Rumble match? 

This I do know, if any athlete phones in their Rumble match appearance they should be sent home....immediately. The opportunity to maximize one's minutes at a major, WWE PPV event is one's privilege and not one's right. That's akin to half assing it on the special teams in the Super Bowl. Those types of players don't need a jersey only a ticket home. 

@WWEClassics is an awesome group of talented folks. They've been entertaining me since I caught this damn flue and have made my days pass quickly watching some truly great content. WWE On Demand is money. 

Hottest team in WWE? Easy...Rhodes Scholars who will likely become the next WWE Tag Team Champions.

You asked...My favorite John Wayne movie is "The Quiet Man" but I don't have any Duke films that I refrain from watching. John Wayne reminds me of my late father, a no non sense, cut to the chase, man's man who had one mantra, 'Do Right."

Yes. I had plenty of great WCW moments before coming to WWE in early 1993, just about 20 years ago in a few days. My favorite WCW memory wasn't leaving Atlanta, as I have joked in the past, but broadcasting the first Clash of Champions, working on TBS on Saturday night where Gordon Solie used to patrol and obviously working with men like Gordon, Bob Caudle, Tony Schiavone, Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, and Terry Funk among others at major events, PPV's, etc was a thrill. It's too bad that WCW was so dysfunctional and that upper management had such little respect or regard for the genre or the department when they purchased it in the late 80's or things could have gotten much more interesting much earlier. I still vow Ted Turner had no idea how many idiots had their hand in the WCW pie especially in the early days of the company. However, at the end of the day, the wrestling guy, Vince McMahon, still wins.

Get this one allot...when will WWE hold WrestleMania in Cowboys Stadium? I do not know but I do know that it's a viable consideration. It's a magnificent facility that could likely do 100,000 fans for a WM especially if the card was tailor made for the Texas sized facility. I know that Jerry's World has commitments to NCAA hoops and that is an issue at the moment but I could see the WWE's premier event there sooner than later. That's mostly my wishful thinking considering it's a nice easy drive from where I live and accessible from virtually any where in the world.

Anyone else excited about the big event coming to Milwaukee Friday February 22 featuring Mean Gene Okerlund,  Jerry Lawler and yours truly? First time ever and it's a 90 minute Q&A..meet and greet, etc. Going to be a blast. 

Do you ever want to Shemp Slap  the Twitter Police? Me, too.   Keyboard Warriors aka Twitter Po-Po.

I still feel that @CMPunk will beat the living hell out of @TheRock Sunday night during their main event outing for the WWE Title. I'm not saying the Rock can't or won't take it but he best be prepared for kicks and strikes from Stiffville...that's near Parts Unknown for you newbies.

Enjoying my @okcthunder as they seem to get better and better. Barring any unforeseen injuries and if they continue to occasionally play nasty defense, this could be OKC's year. It's going to be a fun ride.  

I'm adding JR's Chipotle Ketchup to my chicken soup and I'm not delirious just craving the taste. 

If you live in the UK or Europe and haven't visited @americansoda in Manchester for JR's products, shame on you.

WWEShop.com is rocking JR's at this link http://www.wweshop.com and if you live in the USA you can order the world's greatest Beef Jerky, JR's in FIVE, FIVE (that's for King Kong Bundy) flavors. 

Now you know what it's like to read something I have written with no outline whatsoever with me on medication for the flu. Seriously, don't mess with the damn ailment. See a doctor. Don't diagnose yourself. We've had several deaths because of the flu here in Oklahoma. 

I also updated a bunch of Q&A's today and some of them were actually quasi sane, Those that weren't got the approiate answer. You be the judge. 

Follow me on Twitter and join the insanity...@JRsBBQ

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Wrestling Fan since 1985.

Hey JR, On reading your paragraph on working with Paul Heyman I instantly flashed back to either the Invasion PPV or the Survivor Series 2001, where during one of these matches Heyman was just going on about an ECW member of the Alliance getting the upperhand, and you said something to the effect of. "Well why don't we just start up an ECW Chant." How you said it with such exasperation was about the most funniest thing on that whole PPV. 

 Mr. Ross,

Wrestling fan since 1988 here, so the commenter below has me beat.  

Twitter is full of a lot of BS and idiocy from what I can tell (just look at the number of public figures who have been punished or fired for writing stupid stuff online... and then behold this wacky Manti Te'o saga) so I actively try to avoid it.

As for Vince McMahon being the wrestling guy, didn't he try to ban the word 'wrestling' from his TV shows?  (He also oddly banned the word 'belt', so now the big gold thing around CM Punk's waist is not a championship belt signifying the abstract concept of a championship... no, the big gold thing is the 'championship'.  Another time he insisted on calling the 24th anniversary / 25th edition of Wrestlemania in 2009 the "25th anniversary".)

OKC Thunder are scary, but Westbrook seems inconsistent; every fifth game he goes 3 for 20 or something like that.  We have to give him credit, though, for never missing games due to injury.

Completely agreed that any talents phoning it in should be shown the door. In general, there should be far more roster turnover in the WWE at the mid/lower levels. It would help keep the show fresh while cutting into the complacency of certain sports entertainers.

Let them take a year or two off and see if they come back hungrier and more motivated. And it would also put the rest of the roster on notice. Seems like there hasn't been much of that in the last few years.

And like every year, really looking forward to the Rumble. It has the best of everything WWE can offer: some ultra-athletic spots, a few return cameos, a little comedy, and a lot more genuine surprise about the conclusion.

 I have really enjoyed the return of "The Rock". I don't watch the show much anymore, it doesn't give me the rush it gave me during the 'Attitude Era'. Hearing about Kane and Danielle Bryan hug it out is sad to me. Maybe I just don't get it, but I miss all the intensity and the way the wrestler could tell a story with a match and not just their mouthes. Will the WWE ever get back to that? I wanna thank you for your time, and I hope to hear back from you.