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Thanks for stopping by our site on a beautiful day in Norman, Oklahoma where you can buy JR's products off the shelf at great prices. There are four, Norman @HomelandStores and all do a great job with our brand. Let's get random....  Nick Diaz is actually doing the #UFC a favor with his alleged 'bad boy' behavior prior to this Saturday's PPV vs. GSP. Diaz' every move is seemingly being documented and the talented albeit combustible MMA athlete will have many people paying big bucks to see perennial hero St. Pierre silence GSP's controversial nemesis in the heroes hometown. Perfect scenario for a momentous upset even thought Diaz is a huge betting underdog.  If GSP comes out looking to humiliate and decimate Diaz and not fight his usual strategic fight, strange things could happen in Montreal.     Great 'villains' are the one's who can motivate fans to invest financially in the villain's demise or comeuppance. .  It's been that way in sports entertainment for decades and it happens every Sunday in the NFL which is why the NFL rarely plays a game on a neutral site. The visitors play the role of the 'villain.'  Speaking of the UFC, their primary broadcast team, who I happen to really enjoy, @MFG16 and @JoeRogan, work like government mules on show day just on the air alone. Facebook bouts, prelims on cable and then the PPV which equates roughly to a 6 hour broadcast. That's insane. That means that the most important thing that they do, the PPV Main Event, is at the end of a marathon day of double digit hours. Funny how some fans are just discovering my original 'pipe bomb' promo from 1996. It pales in comparison to @CMPunk but it was somewhat unique for the day. I remember wearing poor, Jerry Brisco out as we rode together from Philly to Hershey as he had to listen over and over to what I thought I would say.     My pal @JoeyStyles tweeted the DeAndre Jordan dunk with my voice over on it and it's at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLDS3q.   This has had a much longer life span than I would have ever dreamed and even made the Sports Illustrated website this week.  Several asking about if I think that the Cruiserweight division will be returning to WWE any time soon. Answer is that I have no idea but if forced to speculate I'd give that one a no. many wrestlers feel that being labeled a Cruiserweight hampers there professional growth.  Plus, it's another title to attempt to establish which can be challenging. I hope that the #Rams get ample offensive line help for my man and former #Sooners QB Sam Bradford. Securing some WR's is important too but it all starts up front with any football team...American football team that is.  Nice, pro wrestling mentions on @DuckDynastyAE Wednesday night including WWE HOFer Hacksaw Jim Duggan was a HUGE star in Mid South Wrestling back in the day and was making an impact all over Louisiana. Mid South generally promoted the Monroe Civic Center every Tuesday night back in the day and that's where the Duck Commander folks reside. @steveaustinBSR also got some nice props. I'm waiting on the call to come down to my old stomping grounds and do a 'cameo.'   Got a nice call this morning from @RicFlairNatrBoy who was in great spirits and talking about how proud he was of his son Reid who is in Japan wrestling for All Japan Pro Wrestling and is apparently learning a great deal and doing well. I'd suggest Reid stay in Japan for a year or longer and really refine his game before attempting to make his mark in the USA. Tough last name to have and even tougher to step away from the shadow of one of the most influential and famous fathers in the history of the business. I'm looking forward to catching up with 'Naitch' in a social setting during WrestleMania week.  Just got a copy of former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas book, "THREE COUNT: My Life in Stripes as a WWE Referee. Going to start on it ASAP. It's a soft cover book covering 232 pages and I'm sure that it will be a fun read. Jimmy was an excellent referee, always reliable and hard working. One of the good guys and I hope that his book does wonderfully. It's being published by ECW Press. Check it out. I'll have more on it when I've finished reading it.  I hear that the bout between @RealJackSwagger vs. @IAmJericho this Friday night on Smackdown is a dandy. Anxious to watch it.  Happy @JCLayfield is back from his latest mountain climbing adventure unscathed. John does wonderful work for underprivileged kids in Bermuda.  I recommend that you download the @LayfieldReport App.   I know that I will be at WM29 AXXESS the Friday before the PPV at the WWE Super Store where they will be selling JR's products. I think the time is 1:30 until ??. When I get my official AXXESS schedule I will pass it along. JR's products will only be available at AXXESS and NOT inside the stadium. Order now from WWEShop.com to get yours shipped to your home for WM29 gatherings.  Anyone having WM29 parties in the UK or Europe with JR's from @americansoda? If so, send us photos on Twitter @JRsBBQ.  I've updated the Q&A's elsewhere on this site and they await you. Boy, there are ample, judgmental people who enjoy hiding behind a keyboard these days, eh? I didn't know so many perfect people existed.  I appreciate you stopping by and come back and visit any time.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.   @JRsBBQ          
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Not much choice, as this keyboard is my only way to "talk it out". That's why I give my first name.  Anyway, I wonder if Ric mentioned how crappy the Miz is ?