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Hello all and a special greeting to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I've been in contact with many friends who reside in the northeast who have endured Sandy's wrath. Our best wishes to all as the aftermath and residual affect of Mother Nature's fury will be felt for years. Here are some less important, Random Thoughts....  

We surpassed 600,000 followers @JRsBBQ on Twitter this week and seem to be adding several hundred, new followers daily. Thanks for all the support. I enjoy the interaction and reading what's on the mind of many fans.

Busy Sunday taking two flights to Atlanta EARLY Sunday morning from OKC after staying in Norman to attend the OU-Notre Dame football game on Saturday night before the Hell in a Cell PPV. Never got Sunday to the Jackson Browne phase of 'Running on Empty' as adrenaline and coffee have a way of keeping one alert. However, I had no issue sleeping once we arrived in Charlotte late,Sunday night.

It seems that Irish was the theme of the weekend as the ND Fighting Irish handled my Sooners and Sheamus vs. Big Show was arguably the best bout on the PPV. I even enjoyed corn beef and cabbage for lunch Sunday of which I consider somewhat of an Irish delicacy. If it's not, humor me.

@wwejoshmathews is a major ND Fighting Irish fan and he received some JR's Beef Jerky thanks to his team decisively beating my Sooners in Norman.  

Unique crowd in Atlanta on Sunday and not the typical Hotlanta grouping. Either we did not provide what they wanted to see or they, as a group, didn't connect to the show. Nonetheless, for me it is always good to work in a city where I enjoyed living for so long and in a market that has created so many memories for yours truly. 

For the record, many blue suit wearing, phony smiling, corporate types who never respected the genre when we were together at WCW aren't on the list of good memories. Former Turner 'executive,' and I use that term loosely, Bill Shaw once told me that "Donald Duck" could broadcast a wrestling match. 

WCW going belly up wasn't a one man fiasco but a team effort within the ivory towers of the CNN Center from ignorant people who did not respect the product.

Three man announce teams such as we utilized at HIAC can be 'busy' but I thought we pulled it off well thanks to the efforts of @MichaelCole, who does all the traffic control, and the unique personality of @JCLayfield. It was a challenging night at ringside, as it always is, but I hope that those that listened to the commentary enjoyed what we attempted to provide which was merely some entertaining moments to compliment what you were seeing on the TV screen. 

Certainly the 'rogue referee' Brad Maddox story has folks talking and it will be interesting to hear what Maddox has to say at some point in the future which might be this Monday in Birmingham, England on RAW where I will travel to assist Michael Cole before the King returns to the announce table the following week in Columbus, Ohio. The British fans, really all the fans in that part of the world, are generally some of the most enthusiastic and loud fans that we experience which naturally helps make any broadcast better. 

I'm liking the evolution of the tag team scene in WWE and expect to see several teams continue to develop and get more involved in the TV product as time goes on especially over the next few weeks. 

Team Rhodes Scholars, in particular, has the chance to become a really viable duo from where I sit.

#WWE13 has roared out the gate as it became available this past Tuesday and we're getting great feedback on the Attitude Era aspect of the game which allows fans to become matchmakers and  create some mighty intriguing bouts. I know that @JerryLawler and I enjoyed re-creating our commentary from that period of time. Industry experts have given WWE13 some amazingly positive reviews as it is expected to be the best selling WWE video game ever. @THQ is already immersed in work for their next WWE video game which will be released next fall. 

Pleased that WWE is having a traditional, Survivor Series Elimination tag team bout, Team Foley vs. Team Punk, as a feature attraction/main event at the Survivor Series this year in Indianapolis. I've always enjoyed seeing multiple conclusions and how teams respond to being a "man down" or more as these bouts progress. Elimination tag bouts are not used that much during the year so seeing a well promoted, main event level one at Survivor Series is encouraging to this fan.

Here on Halloween I've received several Twitter photos of @officialtaz and me in costume back in the day. Taz wore a camouflage , military outfit that actually fit him while I drew the short straw and got to wear the navy outfit that was about two sizes too small. Think the movie classic 'Tommy Boy'...fat man in a little suite.

Anyone see the one of @HeymanHustle and me from back in the day? I was a gangster (or OG) while Paul was a vampire dressed up as Michael Keaton..I think.

WWEShop.com is becoming very aggressive with some great promotional deals on JR's products of BBQ Sauces, Chipotle Ketchup, Main Event Mustard (Jalapeno Honey Mustard), Seasoning/Dry Rub, and 5 flavors of 97% Fat Free, custom made Beef Jerky. Saw today where some customers can even get FREE SHIPPING on selected packages. Check out http://www.wweshop.com and visit our easy to navigate page. 

@americansoda which is located in Manchester, England also stocks JR's products and ships conveniently and efficiently throughout the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe. 

Missing my Oklahoma Sooners at Iowa State this Saturday due to travel to England but feel #OU will have their hands full in Ames vs a well coached Cyclone squad on hostile ground. #Sooners equal the Horsemen when they're on the road as the home crowds love to jeer Coach Bob Stoops team. I think that the spread is a little heavy and that OU will be hard pressed to pull this one out late in the 4th quarter. 

P.O's me when some Keyboard Warriors on Twitter say that I phone my work in during the third hour of Monday Night Raw. That's simply not true.

Great seeing Adam Copeland aka Edge for a few minutes Monday afternoon  in Charlotte. Adam had just returned from a UK trip and dropped by to say hello to his many friends within WWE. He looked great, even well rested coming off a long flight, and was, as always, in great spirits. Great example of what passion and hard work will do for a lifelong fan of the genre who grew up in Ontario and currently resides in the Asheville, NC area. Adam will always be one of my absolute favorite signees and the WWE HOFer is a credit to the business. Plus, he's hooked on JR's Chipotle Ketchup!

Rene Goulet was also a RAW visitor Monday as the native of Quebec City and long time pro wrestling star lives in Charlotte. Rene looks amazing at 80 years of age and still plays golf about three days a week and also maintains his regular, workout schedule at the gym. 

No Naitch at Raw in Charlotte seemed to surprise some fans. Where was it ever officially inferred or teased that was going to occur? I know that there was ample internet speculation and I assume it was merely because RAW was emanating from Charlotte.

I've been asked to do some promotional work for the @OKCThunder. Will keep you informed. 

Highly impressed and proud that WWE Universe helped raise $1M for the Susan G. Komen Foundation working on a cure for breast cancer. The Brinker family, who created and launched Chili's restaurants, has worked tirelessly to create awareness and to find a cure for this hideous disease.  I enjoyed visiting with them after Raw at the hotel. 

My Chael Sonnen reference seemed to get some play outside WWE. Chael is a fan of sports entertainment and is clever enough to utilize well placed verbal barbs to help create interest for his #UFC fights and to sell tickets and PPV's. He also does it naturally and organically. When other MMA fighters learn to do the same they will likely see increased income.

Check out the Q&A's here on our site. You might find something interesting there and you can also submit your own questions. If they make the cut, they will be answered. 

Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. 

Until next time....stock up on JR's...and know that our family sincerely appreciates your support. Think 'JR's" for holiday gift giving.

Boomer Sooner!




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JR, c'mon man!

WWE is so full of contradictions now a days. Sometimes a ref screws up and out comes someone from the back to re-start the match or change the decision, sometimes they don't (like HIAC). I hate screwjob endings like that, makes me feel like I wasted my money.

Then A.J. is fired for 'having an affair with John Cena' and who repleces her, Vicky. Are we supposed to just forget all the times Vicky came out with Dolph and said "And my BOYFRIEND"?

Makes you think the WWE has no respect for their fans. Very belittling



 Well, Atlanta crowd hasn't been great latey. Do you remember last year's Wrestlemania? It was dead.. 

"WCW going belly up wasn't a one man fiasco but a team effort within the ivory towers of the CNN Center from ignorant people who did not respect the product."

I have said this many times, but WCW's biggest problem was that they didn't have anyone "in charge" that knew the business. I am not talking Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Sullivan, etc., as booker, but I am talking someone withing Turner Broadcasting that understood the product.

I have heard that Jim Herd was placed in charge when Ted Turner bought WCW and from all accounts, he was a very nice man. However, he knew nothing about wrestling. He was a TV guy. As someone who knows nothing about TV or how it is produced, I would be the last guy that should be hired to run a TV show. However, the way the WCW was run, I would be the first choice. One of my jobs is that I am charge of the umpires for youth baseball in the spring and summer. I am more than capable of training the umpires myself but I hired several others who work for me to improve the product. While I handled the business portion of the business, they did the training. WCW never got that concept.

In addition, WCW had NO IDEA what to do with talent. NWA Worldwide which eventually evolved into WCW Worldwide started appearing on my local channels in mid to late 1989. When I had better access to NWA/WCW TV, I almost stopped watching the then WWF. The in-ring product was better. However, eventually the up and coming stars like Tom Zenk, Brian Pillman, Brad Armstrong, Shane Douglas, Bobby Eaton, and Steve Austin were stuck in the middle to the bottom of the card and going absolutely nowhere. In addition to them, wrestlers like Chris Beniot, 2 Cold Scorpio, Scotty Flamingo, and even Johnny Gunn (Tom Brandi) were brought in only to almost see their "push" vanish within minutes. Eventually, they were putting over guys like Dick Slater, Greg Valentine, Erik Watts, Vinnie Vegas, Dustin Rhodes, Tex Slazenger, Shanghi Pierce, and Dan Spivey. Problem? The recently mentioned names were either at the end of their careers or extremely green.

As WCW evolved into the WWF Senior Tour in the late 90s, the trend continued. Wrestlers near the twilight of their careers should been used to help create new stars. Instead, the young stars eventually left for the WWF/E and became stars on their own. WCW was left with a bunch of expensive contracts who were told to sit at home while "new stars" were pushed. Those new stars (where the hell is Mike Sanders anyways?) had no "reference" for being a star. Who did they beat? No one other than each other. Instead of using Sting to be "the next leader" of a faction of wrestlers like Ric Flair, they sent him home and he only appeared once or twice over the last year. Soon they became a joke and long-time fans such as myself had shut off the TV and had found better things to do.

I would like to add a comment or two on the stupidity of the A.J. storyline.................# 1. Since when is an affair PG programming ? So stop with telling us it is. And yes, Vicki is the QUEEN of affairs. Makes no sense ! # 2. I think it's great the WWE was able to raise so much money for Cancer research (in my family alone were up to 5 women dying from it ). But has anyone thought about how much money had been raised for Senate seats, Presidential Campaigns( Dems and Reps) etc.. ? It's WAY MORE than a million ! # 3. I did feel my PPV money was stolen from me !  Ref screwjobs during a  $ 60.00 PPV is not a way to get me to EVER PAY FOR ANOTHER ONE. The saddest thing is the other Wrestling program doesn't give us anything better....except for the occasional crimson mask. A three hour wrestling show shouldn't be ruined by one bad storyline.

I agree that WCW going under wasn't a to blame on any one person. Bischoff, Hogan, Nash, Russo, Ferrara, Sullivan, Turner himself, etc. I still think the big downfall began with the Nash-Goldberg WCW world title re-match on the early January 1999 Nitro and the screwjob ending. The inmates were running the asylum at the time.

I thought the referee Maddox screwjob at the ending of Punk vs Ryback was totally unexpected and therefore i liked it. Reminded me of Teddy Long screwing The Road Warriors out of the NWA tag titles in 1989 with a similiar fast 3 count.

And i like the Survivor Series elimination match but wish they were all elimination matches like the origional PPV concept. Punk remains champion for another month in the process. To pick a winner i would have to go with Ryback being the sole survivor of course and it keeps his chase on Punk relevant for another while.

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