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Beautiful day in Norman, Oklahoma with temps in the 60's. WWEShop.com is still offering 10% off with a $60 purchase on all JR's products. Our business at Norman's Homeland stores has had a significant upturn this year too. Our family brand is growing and we thank all of you that have become customers. And, now....(drum roll)....Random Thoughts  

Answered the questions that made the 'cut' on our Q&A section of this site. Please check them out. The more succinct the question the better. Seems that many are looking at the archived section of the Q&A's so that they don't duplicate others. I'm happy to try and answer or address all your questions and will be the first to tell you that if I don't know the answer that's the way that it is.  Plus, some trolling for 'dirt' likely won't find it here as I don't want to offend other sites with gimmick infringement.

Over hyped, online headline grabber of the week "When was JR informed that he was needed for Monday Night Raw." That's compelling stuff. It wouldn't have matter to me if I had been informed Monday morning. I still feel that I could come off the bench, so to speak, and do what  ever WWE needed as it relates to verbal matters.  

Great seeing @TheTommyDreamer Monday in Philly. Tommy aka 'Big Beefy' was a hard working, honest, loyal guy when he helped us in Talent Relations. Tommy was a great overachiever who rivals Diamond Dallas Page for that distinction in my eyes. Both had/have passion, work ethic and were/are immensely dedicated to their craft. BTW those traits work in any vocation or field for the record. 

If @AdrianPeterson doesn't win the @NFL MVP Award this year then the league should banish the award to 'Parts Unknown.'  

I'm so excited to be joining Mean Gene Okerlund @Jerry Lawler in Milwaukee on Friday February 22 for a special Q&A oriented "Tales of the Road" show. This will be a first time ever event and I guarantee a uniquely, entertaining evening. 

@americansoda is awaiting another shipment of JR's products that should arrive in England soon. They have also placed JR's products in some of their American Candy stores in the UK. We are going to have a big year with our business partners in the UK with some major announcements upcoming. 

Many are asking about the return of the Undertaker as mentioned by HHH Monday Night on Raw. "Not seeing the last of the Deadman" can mean a variety of things, one can assume. In my perfect world it would be Taker vs _________ at WrestleMania 29 where "The Steak" would extend to 21-0. For some Twitter followers who are seemingly hell bent on Taker losing at WrestleMania, I'd be reluctant for them to handle my taxes. It makes zero sense for "The Steak" to ever die, in my humble opinion.  

The addition to Big E Langston is significant, especially, for @HeelZiggler notwithstanding @WWEAJLee. I've seen a lot of Big E in NXT and he's a physical beast with uncanny natural strength and surprising agility for a 280 pounder. "E" is no Clydesdale and his football background has enhanced Langston's athleticism. Aside from @TheMarkHenry, Langston is likely the strongest man on any WWE roster. As I have said here on multiple times, I'd suggest that you keep an eye on Big E Langston whose upside is significant. But, as always, "Potential will only buy the groceries for so long."

Seeing these young talents evolve in NXT is so rewarding to me. It's much more enjoyable for me to invest my time, at this point in my career, with the youngsters in NXT than it is to battle TSA, etc and travel weekly doing #WWE TV.    

Sign of the times in today's grappling world...a talent's mustache  makes headlines and accomplishes the coveted, Twitter trending. @CodyRhodesWWE has all it takes to be a huge star, mustache or not. Thank Goodness Cody got his good looks from his Mama.   Cody will be a fan favorite down the road and one of distinction.....if you will. 

@WWESheamus continues to get more and more popular the old fashion way...hard work...doing things the right way...no shortcuts...and by being $2 steak tough. For any talent administrator, having more men, and women for that matter, with the character and integrity like Sheamus has is invaluable. Can't get enough of them if one is lucky enough to find those qualities in a sports entertainer. On the flip side of the coin, one can't get rid of the under achievers, comfort zone dwellers and those who blame everyone but themselves for their lack of a "push' fast enough. 

If @TimTebow doesn't get it that he's not a #NFL QB then the league's most famous virgin really needs to re-evaluate his career path. I think that Tebow CAN help a NFL team because he's a big, physically gifted athlete who should be playing H-Back or tight end. Perhaps even occasionally QB in the Wildcat (No, not the @TrueKofi Wildcat). If Tebow refuses to be willing to change positions, then is he a true, team player or an delusional egomaniac?

Do I ever expect to see @realMickFoley or Ric Flair wrestle again? To answer a frequent question on that matter, the answer is simply "No." They don't need to grapple again in a bout but being involved occasionally in the isolated incident might be OK... depending on what the demands of said incident were. Just my two cents. 

Some one asked me if Gorgeous George was the best wrestling villain ever? All these 'best ever' type questions are too subjective for me to answer accurately but George Wagner certainly was the trend setter and benchmark for all the rasslin bad guys that followed him. Gorgeous George likely influenced the in ring aspect of the pro wrestling business more than any other individual. Again, just one guy's opinion. 

Seems as if my Oklahoma Sooners are taking a back seat as in the trailer following the limo that #TAMU aka the Texas A&M Aggies and Johnny Football are riding in as it relates to the hype for the Cotton Bowl. #Sooners are the betting underdog largely, one can assume, to the presence of the first freshman to ever win the Heisman Trophy @JManziel2. I'm going to be on the #OU sideline for the game in Dallas on January 4 which airs on #FoxSports for which I hope serves as a day after B-Day present for yours truly.

I'm reminded that ten years ago today that @JerryLawler and I 'defeated' @RealKingRegal and @Storm_Wrestling in OKC in a 'rasslin match. My performance was similar to a cow on ice but with the #OU Pep Band on hand playing #boomersooner, how could I lose? Plus the run in by those "Damn Dudley's" and a pair of brass knucks never hurts. Regal and Storm were consummate pro's to endure my lack of in ring skill that was always akin to a car accident or a blooper reel. 

Big NFL weekend and if the @Steelers don't beat Cincy we could well have a sandwich themed Christmas meal at the Ross'. My wife Jan is a huge, Steelers fan and we even sent out @Steelers themed Holiday cards this year. Happy wife...happy life fellas. 

Lots of @TheRock talk online as "The Great One" prepares to return for some limited engagements in @WWE in 2013. Love the manure that some keyboard warriors, who have spent so much time in a WWE locker room, spread that Rock's return will polarize the locker room.  That's embarrassingly ignorant in my personal opinion. The more eyeballs turned in to any WWE show the better. These Rock, TV bookings are when everyone who appears on a TV show should truly maximize their minutes. Plus, @TheRock will bring more money to the table at PPV's of which all the talents share to some degree.

Sorry to be the old, proverbial wet blanket to some Twitter followers @JRsBBQ but it might be just a 'little early' to anoint @theshieldwwe as being the 2nd coming of the Horsemen, DX, etc just yet. However, I do think that @TheDeanAmbrose @WWERollins @WWERomanReigns are the freshest, most impactful newcomers to appear in WWE in recent memory. They are far from refined or where they need to be BUT they have the potential, each of them of varying degrees, to be outstanding. They are hungry and they are going to take the 'spots' of some more established, more experienced talents or it would seem. This Evolution, another viable faction by the way, takes time. It is a process that requires daily improvement and dedication. Sounds simple but it's true. It's as simple as most things in life...."Do Right."

Thanks for stopping by and continued best,  Happy Holiday Wishes.





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I agree that the streak should never end although that makes Taker's matches at Mania a little predictable but at least you usually get a 5 star match. I gotta say i thought DX might've ended the streak last year setting up a Triple H full time return as the top heel in WWE again. Glad that didn't happen though. I see Taker vs Punk, Lesnar, Cena or Sheamus at Mania this year.

I have no problem with The Rock returning to WWE. I have no problem with The Rock showing up once a week to cut a great promo. I even have no problem with The Rock going for the WWE title. I DO however have a problem with The Rock actually winning the WWE title when there are so many guys there full time 365 days a year like Dolph Ziggler who've yet to win their first WWE title despite earning it.

Speaking of Ziggler i've always thought that even though he was solid in the ring he was missing that certain something to take him to the very top. I think he has it now with the hot chick AJ by his side and the big enforcer/bodyguard type Big E Langston backing him up. Now he's ready to be "the man" in WWE but it looks like they'll put the secondary WHC on him instead of the WWE Title which shows WWE are still not quite confident in his abilities.

 So Dusty Rhodes is ugly and Tim Tebow sucks at QB.  Mr. Ross, why don't you stop obfuscating and tell us how you really feel?

Well well, seems like ole JR is jealous of the phenom Tim Tebow. He is one of the most polarizing players of all time. When given a full chance with the lights on bright he shines like no other. Sure he has his moments and isnt a Peyton or Tom Brady, but the man is a warrior with will and determination like no other. He was a born leader and a QB is what he has always been. This is a man who won his High School state title, then went on to win 2 NCAA Titles and a Heisman. I think ole JR is still upset that Tim destroyed his Sooners in 09. 

Buddy Hart calling the World Heavyweight Title secondary is like you clamining to the the brother of best there is was and ever will be. FALSE.  That title has more lineage than the WWE title and dates back to the early 1900s. There is no secondary to that title and to me its the top title in the company. Big Show sure has talent and he is the champ. Infact most of the WHC's over the last 10 years have had more talent then the WWE champ. Because that lack of talent John Cena held it most of the decade.


When a Superstar says they want to be World Champion, you often say, "if that's not their goal, then they should be doing something else."  So what is wrong w/Tebow being upset about not starting QB?  Nice dig on his celibacy as well.  Last I checked, Tebow has won more playoff games than Sam Bradford.

A.D. is going to have a rough time winning N.F.L. M.V.P. if the Vikings don't  make the playoffs.  If I'm not mistaken, I don't think that there has ever been a Most Valuable Player award given to a player who's team did not make the playoffs.  Which I really don't agree with, but the people who are charged with deciding who wins these awards are very stuck in their ways so to speak.  They rarely go outside the box or away from how things have always been done.  That's why I was shocked when "Johnny Football" was awarded the Heismann this year since no other Freshman had ever won the award.   

I also thought it was great that WWE brought Dreamer in for show Monday night.  Being from Pittsburgh, as I am, I was lucky to attend a number of original ECW shows "back in the day" because they came through town quite a lot.  So I've always had a soft spot for that group of talent and Dreamer was definitely a stand out performer in that group.  He's one of those guys that made it because he worked his butt off, and you have to respect that.

Triple H mentioning Undertaker on Raw has gotten everyone's wheels turning as to who his opponent should be this year.  There are so many people that I'd like to see him face before he decides to retire, but the one at the top of that list is out of the question this year due to being under contract elsewhere , and that's Sting.  I think that would be an amazing draw and also a great match.  Plus I'd love to see Sting walk down a WWE aisle before his time is up.  That would be outstanding IMO.


Let's see here....................The American Dream certainly isn't "hot". I would love to see what the mother of Cody looks like. Tim Tebow cannot retain the info in the game plans ! He has a learning or retention disability. He believes in himself and that carried him to where he is now. He is a better option on game day than 40 % playing. I bet the Jets wish they would've played him ! I bet the Jags wish they would've picked him up. The World Heavyweight Title is  WCW and not the NWA . I think the NWA Title was part of TNA for a hot second. Ask R-Truth, I think he held the NWA Title while there. Doesn't matter anyway ! The secondary title in WWE is the WHC because it's not called the WWE Championship. Anyone like the Miz in his new role as TMZ Supersleazy hero babyface ?