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 On @americanair traveling from Sacramento to OKC via DFW. GoGo Inflight is nice. Raw thoughts coming off the grill.

Closing moments of Raw felt like some of the great moments during the Attitude Era. Table destroyed, monitors out, bodies hitting the floor, stiff shots, and a crazed crowd. Great nite at the office.

Mr McMahon was amazing especially at his age and lack of recent ring time. I'm not kissing butt but just stating a fact. @cmpunk is special. Controversial? Yes...but damn special.

Sheamus and Wade a arrest literally beat the hell out of each other much like I'll see in Dallas Saturday when OU battles Texas. 

Second week in a row that Wold Champ Sheamus rose to the occasion, last week it was against Damien Sandow. 

Barrett has returned from injury a different man as it relates to aggression & physicality. That mindset will get one places.

WWE tag team biz is becoming viably relevant. Opportunity awaits several duos. Will they realize such and seize the fleeting moment? 

Notice some, not many, talents, content, seemingly, w/ their 'spots.' That mindset poisons the water. Solve problem or eliminate it. End of story. Gaining more respect for @JohnCena daily. His elbow is a legit mess. John is a genuine, tough SOB. Enjoyed working w/ @michaelcole & @jclayfield (JBL) on Raw. Nice fireworks w/ the big Texan & Cole is simply a helluva navigator. Not sure what the future holds collectively for the 3 of us but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. My best 'guess' is that @jerrylawler will return sometime in November but that's personal assumption. King is doing great and anxious to get back in the game. Ward Cleaver he's not. Heading to Orlando Wednesday for Thursday NXT taping at Full Sail. Order JR's delicious BBQ sauces, Chipotle Ketchup, Jalapeño Honey Mustard aka Main Event Mustard, Seasoning/Rub & 5 flavor of awesome Beef Jerky at http://www.wweshop.com and in UK & Europe from @americansoda. Be good to one another. Go Oklahoma...beat Texas! #BoomerSooner J.R. @JRsBBQ

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Punk is special for sure. Has there ever been a better talker on the mic? As good? Yes in Austin but not sure if any better. Can't wait for Punk to give Dwayne a taste of his own medicine come January. And no mention of Punk hitting that fan last night but from the footage i saw it seemed to be a misunderstanding since a young fan beside Punk gave him a nasty shove a few seconds earlier and then another fan behind Punk looked to accidently hit him in the back of the head while putting on his sunglasses which led to Punk turning around and nailing him twice. I have to wonder why WWE allows it's superstars to go into the crowd like that when there's clearly such a risk of them being attacked by fans?

A coward has come forward on twitter and claimed to have PUNCHED PUNK IN THE KIDNEYS which caused the altercation. He wasn't caught because he said he was ducked down out of view from the crowd and cameras. THE WORLD AT LARGE HAS CEASED TO EVOLVE.  Hopefully he will be rounded up and C.M.Punk can file some charges against this DB. As a fan I am embarassed.

 Punk is so much better as a heel than a face. He's very easy to dislike. Great stuff with him and McMahon last night and it did feel very attitudinal. Let's hope this results in a Vince screwjob at HIAC, followed by a few months of Vince/Punk, concluding with Austin/Punk at Wrestlemania. 

 Got to say, I like Punk as a heel and a face.  As a heel he's a sneaky, arrogant cheat who just about manages to back it up, and as a face he has that edgy, SCSA feel about him.  Who else could stun Stacey Keibler and still be loved like Austin was?  Punk could GTS any diva and get away with it as a face, and rile the crowd up as a heel.  Best hand in the company at the moment IMHO.

And Cena, wow.  When he hangs it up only then will people realise how influential, dedicated and important he has been to wrestling this past decade+.  Hope he gets some proper respect, because he's earned it 100 times over, certainly to this fan.

BTW, having recently found out I only have 1 kidney (and having to forego alcohol, sausages, salt etc for life) I can sympathise with Punk and his reaction at the end of the show.  If the fella who got nailed wasn't guilty, then apologies are obviously due, but if he did, well...what comes around goes around.

Still not sold on the 3 hour RAW, think it's just too long to sustain audience interest and as such people will drift away to other shows and navigate back or record and watch later.  But an edgier, harder hitting style works.  Why there's not a more 'mature' WWE show on the air for older, long-time and later night viewers that could be edited down for younger audiences viewing is beyond me, it really is.  Ratings would go bananas.  

Maybe it's time for WWE to cater to a younger audience and for WWF to return and cater for that mature, long-time audience that hankers for the Attitude era vibe we miss so much.  It has to be said, even you refer to the end of the show having that 'feel' about it.  You were there through it and it's noticeable when a moment like that happens it gets commented upon (not just by you, but by us fans out here too, and I know you are as much a fan as a commentator).

Grerat blog, essential reading.  Be well.

 The fan in the black shirt whom Punk hit was totally innocent from what I saw on the video, so I feel bad for him; on the other hand, I don't fault Punk either, as WWE security should've been protecting him.

Of late they definitely seem to be foreshadowing Punk vs. Austin at next year's WM.  I wonder if Austin would be physically ready after his recent knee surgery that caused him to miss the Raw 1000 show.


Although not out of line with past WWE situations, I was disappointed that Jerry Lawler's health crisis was mentioned as part of an "angle".  That's all I am going to say, lest my comment get deleted.