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Thanks for stopping by and paying us a visit. We especially appreciate all those who are supporting the growth of JR's food products from WWEShop.com and @americansoda in Manchester, England.   Perplexing Raw Monday night in Pittsburgh. Obviously, the live crowd was not into some aspects of the broadcast which resonated at home. Not the hot start to the broadcast that we've experienced on RAW the past few weeks. I will say that John Cena has physically never looked better in my view. I'd suggest that Cena's cardio vascular conditioning could well be a major factor when he challenges The Rock for the WWE Title at WM29. The Rock's worldwide, travel schedule is freakish and nothing can prepare one's stamina inside the ring better than being inside the ring on a regular basis. Nice to see the Mark Henry vs. Ryback WM29 finally made official. Sort of reminds me of other strongman matches from the past IE Ken Patera vs. Tony Atlas.  Wasn't crazy about Damien Sandow getting counted out against R Truth. It's the proverbial "kissing one's sister" conclusion IE a tie in football like back in the day.   The CM Punk biz with the urn made me uncomfortable.  Happy to see the WWE Tag Titles slated to be defended at WM29. Thats a step in the right direction for tag team wrestling fans.  Solid outing between Alberto Del Rio vs. Cody Rhodes. The aftermath involving Swagger and Ricardo Rodriguez was an eye opener. Anxious to see and hear how ADR responds.  The IC Title isn't a red hot, topical item at the moment but the Triple Threat bout had its moments. I think that Wade Barrett has a unique 'presence' and has yet to approach his potential.  Paul Heyman took almost an inhumane, physical beating from HHH before The Game signed his name to a contract that says The Game is done as an active wrestler if he doesn't beat Brock Lesnar on April 7. I know that HHH would rather wrestle than sit in business meetings even though his long term future as WWE COO is well established. Men like HHH want to end their run on their terms and not the terms of people like Heyman and Lesnar. However, HHH could be facing the same fate as his friends Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels who both ended their in ring careers in WWE at WrestleMania events. Congrats to Booker T for being selected to be inducted into the all star, 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Class the night before WrestleMania at the sold out Madison Square Garden. After, self admittedly, making some serious mistakes as a young man, Booker Huffman has made some amazing life changes and is a success story that needs to be heard over and over again. Arguably, over the long haul, Booker T was WWE's best 'get' from WCW when the Turner folks closed their doors. Whether it be wrestling, fan favorite or villain, utilizing scientific wrestling or brawling, cutting entertaining and compelling promos, doing commentary or representing WWE in a variety of ways, Booker has been at a main event level in every thing that he has been asked to do.  Knowing Booker's back story, I am so proud of him and use Book as an example to rookies on a regular basis. Booker and his lovely wife Sharmell are the parents of adorable twins, a son and a daughter, and are living the American dream. Well earned and it couldn't happen to nicer people.   I read former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas book, THREE COUNT, My Life in Stripes as a WWE Referee, over the weekend in two afternoons. I suggest that you read this account of a life long fan's dream job that took him around the world with WWE many times where he personally experienced some of the most significant moments in WWE history. Jimmy's one of the really good guys and his stories from a referee's perspective are excellent. The Canadian brought back many amazing memories for me...some I had suppressed for years. The book is available on Amazon among other places as I understand it. Good read about the biz from a unique set of eyes.  The Q&A's are updated elsewhere on this site.  Good time to stock up on JR's Family of products from WWEShop.com and our friends in Manchester, England @americansoda. Great gift ideas, timely for grilling season, excellent for tailgating especially for those WrestleMania parties you may have. Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Boomer Sooner! J.R.     
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Worst RAW in months !   No Zeb promo ?  I guess when your in a place where people are struggling to find work and there aren't very many illegals..........WWE was affraid the crowd would be 100 % behind JACK. WE THE PEOPLE AGREE WITH ZEB. Wrestling storyline gone bad in a good way.  See the leader (Paul) of the tea party saying they should STAY IF THEY PAY.
It was hard for me to stay enthused by 3 hours of RAW when the NBA had a rare Monday-night national TV game with a marquee, hard-fought matchup between the Heat and Celtics with Miami's 22-game win streak (slightly better than Undertaker's WM streak) on the line.  At Nitro's peak in the '90s, they had a thriving cruiserweight division, tag division, and multiple stables like Raven's Flock, Filthy Animals, Dungeon of Doom, Horsemen, etc. (not to mention a compelling "invasion" storyline that was fresh in US wrestling at the time) that made it easy to fill three hours.  But three hours of RAW is just... too much of the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big WWE fan and I enjoyed the show when it was two hours.   Booker T is fantastic and the award is richly deserved. I noticed last night they used a snippet of the infamous promo where he accidentally used a forbidden slur against Hulk Hogan (although the naughty part didn't air in the vignette last night). I hope WWE has a plan for what to do with the Shield guys to keep their "edge".   I think Swagger will eventually regret his decision to do this xenophobic persona in exchange for getting the WM title spot, somewhat like the "Muhammad Hassan" character basically ended Mark Copani's wrestling career.
Hassan was anti-American and very good at it. A shame he was the scape-goat for that ANGLE.  Swagger, like it or not is pro- American. He will be just fine as far as the ANGLE is concerned. His personal demons would be his downfall.
 Let me be the first one of course to congratulate the man who once wrestled as Chris Masters. The bravery and heroic actions he showed- truly amazing. We all say well done sir!!!