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Good day to one and all. Thanks for stopping by and to those of you who are ordering JR's products from WWEShop.com and via the @americansoda website in Manchester, England. Let's commence, shall we?  I must confess that I was doing work while RAW aired live so I watched the show via DVR so I passed through all the commercial breaks. Ah. The past several weeks RAW has gotten off to a solid start and last night was no exception. WWE TV personnel had a great night as the Paul Bearer tribute video, the HHH/Lesnar & Cena/Rock video packages were all excellent.  For those complaining about the usage of Paul Bearer's image less than a week after his sudden passing last Tuesday at the age of 58, I suggest that they relax. I'm guessing that I knew Percy better than most complaining within the internet wrestling community and I can say without hesitation that he would have loved how his TV persona was honored notwithstanding how he contributed to one more storyline leading into WrestleMania.  Punk interrupting the final moments of the opening Paul Bearer tribute was villainy 101.  As a matter of fact, I felt like Punk had more antagonist angst when Raw was going off the air than he did when he first arrived on the scene in the first segment of the show.  The idea is to motivate fans to pay to see the villain get his ass handed to him and if that theory is accurate then WWE succeeded in regards to the Taker-Punk 'Streak' match at WM29. @CMPunk will always have his fans because many fans love to cheer excellence while others simply are being defiant but make no mistake about it this bout at WM29 will be emotion filled. Last I looked that was the thrust of the business of sports entertainment, creating emotion in a variety of ways.  Without @TripleH, @TheRock or @JohnCena on the broadcast live, the Undertaker vs. Punk match got a great deal of focus which I felt was timely.  Didn't foresee Brock Lesnar attacking HHH's friends from DX even though it made perfect sense after the fact. Hey, I'm a little slow at times and it was a long day...so sue me.  Lesnar is a nasty albeit talented leviathan who is, seemingly, staying low key, all the while knowing in his athletic heart that he will do all he can to steal the show from his peers on April 7.  Paul Heyman @HeymanHustle had another effective, succinct promo that told me what I needed to know. Let the speculation begin on what the stipulation will be once HHH officially signs the contract to face the Psycho Viking at WM29.  Love where Mark Henry is headed. Hard to believe that we signed him to his WWE contract just before the 1996 Olympics. Ironically, the massive Texan has had his best TV persona years the past 24-36 months in my view by simply being an extension of himself. Wow...amazing how that works.  Ryback seems to have picked up some momentum over the past few weeks as his elevation to main event status has slowed to a more acceptable pace, apparently, in the eyes of many fans. I like Ryback and feel that he will evolve into an important, upper level player in due time. How  talents like Ryback do on an event like WM29 always intrigues me.   Add @WWEDanielBryan vs. @HEELZiggler to my list of 'Best of Seven' candidates. They had one helluva wrestling match on RAW Monday night. I'd expect both men to travel in different circles post WrestleMania as in faster circles or so I hope.  Proud of The Shield guys after having seen them evolve and develop in NXT even though some will either hit me on our Q&A's or on Twitter @JRsBBQ that both Rollins and Ambrose were ready for prime time upon leaving ROH. I have a different opinion on that matter and I think that the talents themselves would concur. That's no knock on ROH who I am pulling for in a big way to be successful. Damn...WWE Studios is REALLY in the movie business. Lots of product hitting the market. I'm waiting for my next 'reading.'      "The Highlight Reel"....hmmm. I swear @RealJackSwagger looks to weigh 275-280.  ....as does Zeb's stache gone wild.  WWE utilizing John Cena's divorce in the WWE Title video package surprised me. However, it made perfect sense and is an issue that most people can relate to in some fashion. It also helps realistically explain Cena's own self proclaimed downward spiral in 2012. This date in 1984 in New Orleans, the home of WM30, Mr. Wrestling 2, who had become an abrasive villain, upset the Junkyard Dog which was a MAJOR  shocker in Cowboy Bill Watts territory. I suggested that I thought that Wrestling 2's TV persona, at that time in his career,  was more suited to be a villain and that we should leave Magnum TA, Wrestling 2's tag partner, as a fan favorite. After much debate, my germ of an idea became Cowboy's idea of which he enhanced and ran with successfully. JYD losing in New Orleans was very rare. Ten years later on  this date, March 12, 1994, Cactus Jack left part of his ear in Germany during a match with Vader during a WCW tour headlined by Sting and Ricky Steamboat vs. Steve Austin and Ron Simmons. This occurred a year after I left Turner's WCW.       JR's products will be sold at the WWE Super Store at WM29 AXXESS during WrestleMania week and I will be appearing there on Friday April 5 at a time TBD. While attending AXXESS it's a great time to pick up our products and incur NO shipping costs.  Our products will not be sold in the stadium due to exclusive contractual issues that food vendors have with the facility which is the same reason that JR's isn't sold at WWE live events.  Found this sort of funny...@americansoda website sells JR's products and they also have been promoting that they have Twinkies in stock.Twinkies!! Get em while they still exist.                  A video of my voice being dubbed over a NBA dunk has gone everywhere. Goes to show how powerful social media is.  Yes...it is true...the great @SeanGrandePBP, the esteemed voice of the Boston Celtics, did actually eat a small, calf fry Saturday night with my wife Jan and me as witnesses while dining at Toby Keith's place in OKC. It's good protein, you know, but so is JR's custom made, not mass produced, Beef Jerky. The Q&A's are updated...check them out. My late father J.D. Ross would have been 80 today as he was born March 12, 1933 in Adair County Oklahoma. Dad died 16 years ago, the night that the LOD returned to WWE at the Manhattan Center. Funny how so much of the wrestling biz is tied to one's real life.  I miss you Dad.    Boomer Sooner! J.R.  @JRsBBQ              
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Two people who need to go back to the old "drawing" board...........The Miz and Brad Maddox and quite possibly Johhny Curtis (better start wrasslin soon). Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel was flat out ruined by The Miz. Wade Barrett was very good, Ole Mike "the nature turd" is not evolving ....has no off the cuff abilities whatsoever, I would bet he hates his character and the result is lackluster performances. WE CAN'T HELP THE MIZ UNLESS WE ALL COME TOGHETHER....RIGHT NOW ! FOR THE MIZ. Punk/Taker will be epic.............on a Hogan/Andre level   !
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