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  RAW Thoughts:

Loved all the MLK content. WWE TV production folks do a wonderful job on all the video packages they create notwithstanding the annual, Martin Luther King remembrance.

Impressed that Big Show was able to GUTWRENCH Lesnar over the top rope. Felt like a bigger moment at home than on TV. Impressive.

6 Man tag was arguably the best match of the night. Reigns continues to evolve.

The Rumble video package was money. Sold Sunday's annual 30 man match better than any thing on the show. Loved the thought provoking data.

Enjoyed ADR vs. Rey in the final bout of what worked out to be a best of three series. The 'rubber match' was the best match of the three largely because the match wasn't cold and had a nice story as to why the two were wrestling.

It's obvious that the Cena vs. Orton WWE World Title bout is the primary focus of the Royal Rumble PPV this Sunday. Would loved to have seen Orton make a clean, non contact, getaway on RAW. I'd assume WWE will end with the Rumble match but make no mistake about it the focus of the show is on the WWE World Title....not that's a bad thing.  

It seemed as if Daniel Bryan could have had a higher profile role on RAW based on how RAW left the air last week. 

Good to See Batista back as Dave physically looked great and got a welcoming reaction back to the show. Batista is my favorite to win the Rumble Match this Sunday in Pittsburgh on PPV. One could assume that a major talent like Batista will have a huge role in NOLA at WM30.

Even though I had seen it before the show aired on wwe.com, I loved watching the Mae Young tribute video. BTW...taking power bombs through a table from off the stage at age 76 is somewhat extraordinary.

I was hoping that another WWE HOFer would be announced as that is always a special matter of interest to me. (No, I don't know who's going in.) 

Before any one asks, I have no idea who was the driver of Orton's 'getaway car' Monday night.

Sad to hear of the passing of George Scott who I worked for briefly when he was the booker in WCW.

George's body of work often goes unnoticed by many of today's fans. He was the brain trust that helped the Mid Atlantic Territory explode in the 70's notwithstanding his major role in WWE including being the booker at WM1 and in the first Saturday Night's Main Event.

George was a Canadian who formed a magnificent tag team with his brother Sandy, who later in life became a promoter for Jim Crockett Promotions among other organizations.

George was always fair to me and treated me well in those WCW years. The in ring product in WCW with George Scott calling the shots was stellar. I vividly remember George pulling me aside before the Flair-Steamboat NWA World Title bout in Chicago in 1989 and telling me the 'news.' He was very old school and I liked that.   

The avid golfer was living in Indian Rocks Beach near Tampa in his retirement years.  George was 84 when he passed away Monday evening. RIP

Waiting on the ticket info for my NOLA shows on Thursday April 3 at the House of Blues. 'RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross' will be a great time for all fans as it will include stories from my career starting with growing up as a kid on an Oklahoma farm to eventually broadcasting in Madison Square Garden and being an executive in WWE. Every 'RINGSIDE' show has Q&A's with no questions off limits and Meet and Greets for VIP ticket holders. The ticket info is due to me today. I will share it ASAP including on Twitter @JRsBBQ.

Tickets are available now in New York City at the Gramercy Theater box office and at all Ticketmaster.com outlets and online for 'RINGSIDE.' I'm doing my first ever North American shows on Saturday March 1 with two shows at the Gramercy.

Q&A's here are updated. Please keep them succinct if possible. Worst way to start a long submission is to write, "I've got three questions for you..."

Yes, I read every question submitted which may contribute to my mental attitude some days. :)

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