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Greetings one and all! Thanks for stopping by our site which is undergoing a facelift...no wise ass comments please. :) Writing a quick blog before I head to the Oklahoma hinterland's to record an interview with DDP for a future Ross Report Podcast. We're burning daylight folks....

Enjoyed RAW from San Antonio. The show was well produced and from what i could tell the live audience made some noise and seemingly enjoyed what they saw for the most part.

Loved the antagonist angst aka 'heat' that the show produced for the primary storyline going into WrestleMania 30 in NOLA. The opening segment was stellar. Now the winner of the HHH vs. Daniel Bryan one on one match is going into the main event, WWE Title bout with Triple Threat rules and that match now has more intrigue. Good booking from where I'm sitting.

The last segment of RAW rocked as I like "heat" (no jokes please) and HHH got an ample amount of steam on Daniel Bryan which added a great deal to the WM30 scenario. The hay is largely in the barn for this storyline but I'm anxious to see if WWE adds any thing new to the scenario that will culminate in a couple of weeks in the Super Dome in a likely show closing presentation.

Good stuff with the Shield on RAW even though I feel that there is something suspicious about their fan favorite turn as many Tweeted me about during the show @JRsBBQ. I am intrigued by this trio and what goes down with them at WM30.

Bray Wyatt had a great promo which is becoming the norm on Monday nights but it's frightening to think how good Wyatt will be over time. Reminiscent of his grandfather Blackjack Mulligan who was a colorful promo talent in his vaunted heyday. Speaking of Bray Wyatt, I think it's pretty cool to have a grandfather who was recruited to play college football for Bear Bryant and Blackjack's personal recruiter was Bum Phillips, two football coaching legends. The kids got great DNA as his dad, IRS/Mike Rotunda, was grossly underrated.

A fresh match with an up and coming new star vs. the face of the company is an announcer's dream. Wyatt vs John Cena is a match that certainly has my interest I think it will kick ass. I know it will be physical because that what two, former, college football offensive linemen do.

 The Tag Team Titles are showing a nice pulse after where they were about a year ago but the same, unfortunately, can't be said yet of the Intercontinental or United States titles but I can see that matter being easily solved and it not taking too much time to do so.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal with 30 men in an over the top rope rules scenario, BROTHER, is actually gaining more of my interest. The talents talking about being in it have piqued my curiosity. Funny how that works. I'm assuming that some talents will be in the Battle Royal and in other bouts at 'Mania but that's an assumption.

Got a kick out of Christian on commentary Monday night. Highly underrated talent who is a tremendous asset to WWE in a variety of ways. He and Sheamus have made their rivalry mean something with still more to come I'd think.

Loved Antonio Cesaro's work on RAW. He's a stud and can easily evolve into a viable main event talent.

I'm leaning toward Cesaro winning the Battle Royal if he's in it or the Big Show which would pay homage to Andre the Giant. 

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I'll be catching up on the Q&A's soon as I've been immersed in writing about the first 29 WrestleMania events for foxsports.com that will be featured in three parts debuting soon. I think you are going to love the look of this three parter.

Boomer Sooner!

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I really enjoyed the new podcast, and love that it is made available on Tuesday nights for download. That makes it easily accessible for me to have downloaded and ready to listen to on my Wednesday morning commute. I wish that more podcasts were on the ball like that. Because it definitely makes life easier. As I said I am really enjoying the show so far, but if there was one thing that I would change about it I would ask that you gave your guests more time to answer questions or say what they have to say. The episode with Mick Foley was awesome except that you interupted Mick on a few different occasions and he wasn't able to finish his thought. That's my only criticism of the show and really hope that you keep up the great job otherwise, and also keep having the interesting guests you've had so far. Keep up the good work...

We were conversing. I'm not going to allow any guest to go solo. I want to engage them. I want to challenge them in a fun way.