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Rainy here in Oklahoma and I hope that where ever you are you are having a wonderful day. Thanks a million to all of you that support my family's efforts in building our JR's brand of products via easy online ordering at http://www.wweshop.com. http://www.americansoda.co.uk and http://www.beyondtheropes.co.uk. Please keep us in mind for your holiday gift giving needs. Let's talk Monday Night RAW...

Perplexing and unique night in many ways for Monday Night's edition of RAW. The final two segments of the show had me scratching my head especially that surprising, last commercial break.

The obvious, over riding theme of the broadcast was the issue between the South Carolina native Big Show and WWE COO HHH. That's the match that fans seemingly want to see based on the feedback that I have received and my own take as a fan.

I'm curious to see what more will be done to ignite the WWE Title bout at Survivor Series between the "Biggest Gamecock of them All" and Randy Orton considering that HHH has more antagonist momentum than does RKO or so it seems. Nonetheless that 's the beauty of producing TV where things can change in a few broadcasts to spark more interest in a specific rivalry. Let's see if that gets done.

Nonetheless, WWE has some work to do to re-address the Big Show situation  especially after doing such a stellar job of re-building him over the past several weeks in a nicely done, episodic manner.

I still don't know why no one came out to attempt to help Show who was being assaulted by a corporate gang of assailants. Locker room scared? Had they hit the road?

Anxious to watch CM Punk and Daniel Bryan team to face the Wyatt's down the road. This will help the Wyatt's develop more villain nuances and give them the proverbial 'rub' that they need. Right now the Wyatt's are only villains because they are battling two, established fan favorites and not because of the style of work of the bizarre trio. I have great expectations for the Wyatt's in the future but I see them as character, fan favorites at this time.

Plus, if Punk and Bryan team...they could some day break up and have a series of classic matches that no one in WWE could follow. That's my fantasy booking for the day. Follow that, guys.  

The reunion of the Rhodes Brothers has been a breath of fresh air within WWE over the past several weeks. Really enjoyable to see their storyline evolve. The grandsons of a plumber have been involved some the best matches on any WWE TV show the past several weeks. That's not a coincidence.

Dustin Runnels aka Goldust rebirth, not only as a performer but as a man,  has been nothing short of miraculous.

Great work by John Cena speaking on WWE's behalf regarding the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Cena is the face of the WWE brand and rightfully so. No one in WWE, past or present, could have done better with last night's presentation than Cena.

Exciting to see Tyson Kidd back in WWE healthy and married. Kidd is a terrific hand who has been greatly under utilized, in my opinion, in the past but let's hope that he can get a fresh start including some vignettes IE personality developing profiles in the near future. Just for a wrestler to show back up isn't enough now days.

 Big E Langston maximized his minutes well Monday Night. Losing to the WWE Champion in a competitive battle can only help the former Iowa Defensive Tackle.

Loved the 6 man tag on RAW but thought that 5 guys at the announce table was a little overkill. This idea likely looked like a great on paper but didn't pan out when the red light went on. It's all about the execution of the plan. We've all been there.  

BTW...Michael Cole doesn't get the credit that he deserves for the job that he does on the three hour marathon that is LOADED with information that he must disseminate and act as the point guard for and distribute via @JCLayfield and @JerryLawler. The manner in which the broadcasts are produced makes them very info heavy which can't help but take away from the time that the broadcasters have to enhance and build talents and said talents TV personas.

Cole does a magnificent job handling much more info in a totally different style than I did when I was in that seat on Monday Night Raw back in the day. Cole is one of MNR's brightest stars every week for the work that he does in today's presentation.  

Warmed up JR's Chipotle Ketchup makes for a great steak sauce. Don't take my word for it. Try it.

Many JR's packages, again great holiday gift ideas, have signed photos or Topps Trading cards included in them. To answer a frequently asked question, I personally signed all of the items and there are none that have faux autographs. They are all legit.

Heading down to Waco, Texas this week to watch my underdog Sooners take on the highly ranked, high octane Baylor Bears of Coach Art Briles whom by the way, should be the successor to Mack Brown at Texas when that day comes. OU is a 14 point underdog but that doesn't hinder my passion or support for my team. Looking forward to tailgating with the Baylor fans too.   

I'd love to see some classic, Survivor Series moments featured on RAW and Smackdown to remind fans what the PPV used to represent in WWE. The event has a history and that history should be marketed including having at least one traditional, elimination tag team match.

The Q&A's are updated here on the site and I invite you to check them out.

Loved hearing WWE announcers calling the WWE Universe "Fans' again at times Monday night. Being a 'Fan" is not a negative connotation.

Perhaps next, at times, we get 'athletes' or 'wrestlers' in lieu of sports entertainers. Both are distinguished terms.

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Boomer Sooner!

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You weren't the only one scratching your head with that segment, Mr. Ross! I've been watching for 17 years, since I was 5, and have never complained about or been confused about a storyline as I am now. Nothing about the WWE Championship storyline has made any connective sense to me since Summerslam. It seemed like HHH and Mr. McMahon were on opposite sides (on everything, regarding the Shield, the GM position, the WWE title picture), but then HHH magically agrees with him on everything at SS. Then they let Daniel Bryan chase the WWE Championship for 3 straight PPVs only to let him lose each time. Now, he's not even in the picture! So what was the point of having those matches in the first place, now? At the same time, they poised Big Show to square off against HHH the entire time, only for Big Show to come back and get a WWE Championship match. The pacing of the storyline was equally as confusing. They drag out the torment on Big Show for months, but in one night he was banned for life and then came back to get the Survivor Series match. It seems to me like the creative powers are throwing swerves for the sake of throwing swerves, without regard to past storylines. Even the Shield aspect is confusing! HHH was complaining for weeks about them "running roughshod" only to turn out to control them! (Which makes no sense, since it was already explained that Paul Heyman controlled them). Oh well, maybe I'm missing something. Be well, JR!
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