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Howdy! Great day here in Oklahoma with frigid temps and Jerry Brisco coming to Oklahoma for Bedlam this weekend which features Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State on the gridiron. Let's warm things up with some random thoughts....

Monday Night RAW observations/thoughts:

The end of show brawl featuring John Cena and Randy Orton helped the broadcast and added much needed sizzle on the TLC PPV where WWE will unify the WWE and World Titles.

By the time one gets to the end of the 3rd hour of RAW, an argument can be made that most fans have heard enough talking. So if RAW closes with verbiage it must be strong talk but adding the brawl was timely.

Happy the announcers sold the tables, ladders and chairs in the last segment properly unlike the week before when Ziggler faced Sandow when other inanimate objects were being utilized but was made to be a comedy presentation.

Rhodes Brothers continue to shine. Much credit should be given to Goldust who has really reinvented himself personally and professionally. What a great story.

The six man tag was a RAW highlight and I enjoyed the work in the ring a great deal. Nicely strategized and executed. As always, it's all about the execution and the six guys all handled their business in a good way.

Very pleased with the quality of the match between Daniel Bryan who never disappoints and Erick Rowan. Rowan stepped up.

Mark Henry demonstrated great charisma in his cold match with Fandango. Henry's personality salvaged what many might consider just another bout.

Sandow vs. Ziggler fought for something tangible, #1 contender to Big E's IC Title, and that helped the storytelling inside the ring. The stip added a needed sense of urgency.

 Looks like Brodus Clay is becoming a villain. I'm all for that. Always talked to him at NXT about my experiences with a young, One Man Gang who was a tremendous villain for Cowboy Bill Watts Mid South Wrestling. Watch Gang on the Legends of Mid South DVD. Different dude that many remember seeing in WWE.

Not sure what's up with Wade Barrett but I'm willing to give his new persona a chance. I like Barrett and think that he can be a player. Would love to see him aligned with William Regal which would help Barrett on many fronts.

Thought CM Punk had a helluva night. His mic work was superb. Entertaining, see I do like entertainment, and when he cut to the chase I listened and became interested in Punk's TLC match. Punk "gets it" and has a great, wrestling mind. In the old days, Punk would have made a great, "territory booker."  

Puking storylines...Hmmmm.

What's next, wet flatulence?

Lots of questions to me on Twitter @JRsBBQ about Sin Cara. Have to be honest...I was checking out MNF and missed that bout.

Yes, I got the inside joke on me regarding famous, Oklahoma wrestling announcers when JBL and Cole mentioned the late Reasor Bowden and the late Boyd Pierce. Reasor was the Mid South ring announcer and was from Shreveport and worked at KTBS channel 3 while Boyd was a ring announcer and broadcaster who lived in Burleson, Texas.

Oh, that witty, announcer repartee.

Speaking of Cena vs. Orton at TLC to unify the two primary titles, I think that they will have a helluva match because they have legit chemistry and will likely have 30+ minutes to tell a compelling story. I also get the sense they both realize that their main event at TLC in the great city of Houston can't be just another PPV closing main event.

My expectations for this match are extraordinarily high.   

I wonder if the announcers will address the Chris Jericho element to this story before all is said and done? I hope they do so folks will stop asking me about why it's being ignored as I don't know. 

Jericho beating both Rock and Austin in the same night was somewhat memorable as I recall.

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Hooking up with Jerry Brisco this weekend to attend OU-OSU Bedlam football Saturday and then to attend the OSU vs. Minnesota wrestling duel Sunday in Stillwater. Jerry has his eye on some top amateurs and I'm just tagging along for the fun of it.

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Have a great night and be good to others....and yourself.  

Boomer Sooner!

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