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Thanks for stopping by our site and please tell a friend about us. I've updated all the Q&A's as of Tuesday morning and encourage you to send me your questions or comments. Check out the $4.99, three item JR's Chipotle Ketchup package now available at http://www.wweshop.com. If you live in the UK, Ireland or Europe you can quickly and easily purchase JR's products from http://www.americansoda.co.uk in Manchester, England.  I hope we can be a part of your WrestleMania parties and get togethers. Let's get to RAW and more... Always enjoy WWE events that emanate from Philly.  WWE fans that attend Philly events always express themselves freely. That, again, was the case Monday night on RAW. Over 18,000 were in the house which speaks volumes on many fronts. The physicality, albeit brief, that ensued between The Undertaker and @CMPunk was unexpected by me but was certainly was explosive and well timed.  One can assume that the Streak match at WM29 will be one of Punk attempting to eliminate Taker's vertical base, use well placed kicks to the quads of the Deadman and attempt to win via submission which would make for a massive victory. Because I see strikes being utilized in the Streak match more than perhaps actual wrestling, I'm guessing that this main event contest might end suddenly and more quickly than some perceive.  Punk is a great strategist and deep thinker so his game plan will be well planned and he likely will push the pace against his future Hall of Fame opponent who hasn't wrestled a complete, single's match in approximately one year.  We're getting some interesting feedback on Twitter @JRsBBQ regarding Fandango. some fans love the persona while others are vehemently opposed to it even though it hasn't developed fully including Fandango having his first, full match. Perhaps that's the issue..fans simply have significantly less patience to allow a new, TV persona to develop and want results yesterday.  Chris Jericho wrestling Fandango at WM29 is a win in my view if for nothing else Jericho is on the card, and he makes any card that he is on better, and Chris certainly deserves to be at the biggest event of the year. Secondly, @IAmJericho will push Fandango to wrestle and perform at Jericho's pace and we will all see what Fandango has to offer under pressure at MetLife Stadium. I will assure you that Jericho won't modify his big event, game to accommodate the young Fandango. Quite the strong man display by Mark Henry and Ryback Monday as their one on one match at WrestleMania continues to evolve. I've seen strongman themed matches that were atrocious but don't feel as if this one will be whatsoever. Will it be Flair vs. Steamboat? No but what will on any card in today's world? I do think that both Ryback and Henry will both have great outings and use not only their strength but their strong TV personas to make their collision at WM29 memorable. With Zeb Colter's help, Jack Swagger has more antagonist angst now than he's ever had in his WWE career. I hope to see a physical, strong styled, wrestling contest for the World Title at WM29 when the native Oklahoman faces the champion, Alberto Del Rio. Likely not a night to travel the finesse route. @WWEZeb has been an excellent addition to the Swagger TV presentation whether one believes with their political philosophy or not.   While so much hoopla is being directed to @TheRock vs. @JohnCena and Punk vs. Taker contests, don't' sleep on the @TripleH vs. Brock Lesnar brawl where essentially any thing goes and if the Cerebral Assassin loses then his in ring career is over. In a sports entertainment world where some think that the longer a wrestler talks the better, I am of the persuasion of telling me what time that it is and not how to make the watch works best. HHH cut to the chase, made his sellable points abundantly clear and left the arena with an impact...specifically on @WadeBarrett testicles.  I like the 'Crazy Train'' AJ Lee persona as she pulls off the crazy chick role to perfection. I saw AJ wrestle last week at NXT and she has skills and looks natural in the ring.  Here's what I remember from the Shield's six man tag team victory last night,  the triple power bomb to the Great Khali. The NXT alums are still gathering momentum and have earned their opportunity at WrestleMania of which I am looking forward to very much.  The concept of the last segment of #Raw was intriguing as hell. I loved seeing the Legends Panel and wish, in hindsight, that I had known who all were going to be participating earlier as it would have increased my anticipation for the final scene of the night. Rock and Cena felt natural and organic verbalizing in the lengthy segment that ended with some surprising physicality...at least I did not see it coming.  I applaud Cena's desire to dominate the Rock in the main event at WM29 which tells me that their bout will be more physical than we have seen in the past between the two which always works for me. Physicality and aggression cures many ills in my view. If their aggression was at a 8, for argument's sake last year in Miami, then it should be at a 10 for the return on a crisp Sunday night in MetLife Stadium. I expect a fast paced contest and many near falls in this show closer as following over three hours of content isn't an easy task but these two will not wilt under the pressure.  Heard Ric Flair was in Philly Monday but was send back to Charlotte for medical reasons. I don't know any details but hopefully Ric has followed up with his doctor's in Charlotte to determine what the issue is with apparent swelling in his knee. Naitch will always be Naitch but he's in his mid 60's now and Mother Nature and Father Time rarely compromise.  Great win for my @OUWomensHoops team to make their way into the Sweet 16 as they will be playing Tennessee this Sunday in OKC. I'm hoping to attend. Baylor Women are in this regional as well which doesn't bode well for anyone.  Today marks the 12th anniversary of the last Monday Nitro broadcast that aired on TV. I remember that it was a hectic night, that it began an ambitious interview/hiring process with WCW talents but also that, Ironically,  my voice was the last voice heard on the last Nitro broadcast. That's some funky irony to say the least. Plus, I didn't;t even tell some of the Turner, blue suit wearing  brass to kiss my Oklahoma butt.  Unusual injury, first of it's kind that I've heard heard of, suffered by my friend @TheRealXPac Sean Waltman who literally tore his anus while attempting a bronco buster. Sean has much to offer the wrestling business and has a very bright mind for the genre.  My WrestleMania 29 schedule is: Friday April 5- Appearance from 1-3 at the WWE Super Store at MetLife Stadium. Saturday April 6- My only AXXESS appearance which is from 8-10 a.m. I may do a drive by the Super Store on Thursday but will Tweet if that's finalized. I hope that fans will take advantage of no shipping costs and shop JR's products while at WrestleMania. Our Beef Jerky will be available Thursday-Saturday but NOT on Sunday due to issues with the stadium and agreements that they have with vendors. It's going to be interesting to see how the stellar announce trio of @JCLayfield, @Jerry Lawler and @MichaelCole adapt to working not only outdoors but on what could be a non, South Florida evening. Working outdoors is a unique experience as the crowd noise and natural ambiance that broadcasters depend upon having goes up into the stars so having a great audio mix in one's headsets is imperative. Thankfully, WWE has the best audio team in the biz of PPV without fail. With WrestleMania going approximately four hours on pay per view, the announce team may have to go NASCAR driver apparel as it relates to issues with normal, body functions. I don't expect to see a porta potty at ringside for the record.  BTW...WM29 will start at 7 eastern//6 central/4 pacific time on Sunday April 7. I'm getting all kinds of requests from friends for either WrestleMania tickets or WWE HOF tickets and, sorry, no can do. Toughest ticket to get one's hands on since I've been with WWE and this will be my 20th WrestleMania. The demand has far exceeded the supply. Nice problem to have.  Man, I'll tell ya, the frustrated bookers of the world come out in force and full of P&V on Twitter on Monday nights. I almost felt like that I was in the scene from the old film "Airplane" where"Ted" was telling his depressing, life story to several, different seat mates who subsequently offed themselves. O.K.. it wasn't that bad especially when one looks at the keyboard warriors for what they likely are...kids still living at home with mom and dad and who have to defend themselves for simply being a fan of the genre.  I really enjoy the JBL and Cole show that is fresh every week. I encourage everyone to download the Layfield Report app. It's free and gets better every week. Not sure why they're not giving away JR's products but that's another story....  I'd rather listen tot those two talk news and politics that some of the partisan goofs on television.  Anyone planning on tailgating at MetLife Stadium on Sunday of WrestleMania? If so, let me know via Twitter @JRsBBQ. I might just drop by and sample your tailgate food. Ol JR is a tailgating veteran.  Beginning to start doing research right after WM29 on a potential book. This is going to take months so don't expect a JR's book until likely 2014 at the earliest. I'm not going to half ass this project or throw something together for a pay day.  I rarely get political here but I do not feel that I have the right, as a human being, to tell other people who love each other that they cannot marry even though they might be of the same gender. All of God's children deserve to be happy. Some one hit me with a question at our Q&A's that said that on some DVD interview that Jesse Ventura said that I was hard to work with while we were partners in WCW. I've not seen the DVD but The Body has the right to his opinion and he's, honestly, accurate in his assessment. I'm no day at the beach at the announce table because I demand so much of myself and from whoever is sitting beside me. I'm guilty. I expect those who broadcast the genre to prepare, in their own way, just as I do in my way. Bottom line is that broadcasters are there to tell compelling stories of an organic nature that suspend disbelief and enhance what the audience is seeing. The wrestlers write the music and the announcers are obligated to put  the proper lyrics to said music.  The stars of the show are the in ring talents and not the broadcasters. Ventura was an excellent color commentator especially with Vince McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon but I'm not sure that he was the same guy by the time he got to WCW. But, then again, I could be wrong.  Thanks for stopping by and get those orders in today for JR's to be a part of your WrestleMania parties and gatherings. Boomer Sooner! J.R.   @JRsBBQ             
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Hey, JR. Glad to see you added to one of the two sessions I'll be attending WrestleMania weekend. Saturday is defiantly shaping up to be a solid line up in the morning. Looking forward to meeting you, King, JBL and of course the mad genius of extreme Paul Heyman. The Sunday line up for the same time doesn't look near as impressive but I'm sure there's bound to be a few surprises. Hopefully, Ric Flair will turn up at one or the other since that's the holy grail as far as autographs go for me. Looks to be a very exciting weekend and my plate is full with 2 days of Axxess, Hall of Fame and WrestleMania. Might have to come home and sleep for a week but it's worth it.

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