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Thanks for stopping by for a quick visit...always appreciated. The Q&A's are updated as of midday Tuesday. Check them out too. Grilling with JR's season is upon us so...let's grill! Really enjoyed the guest commentator's interaction on RAW Monday night featuring Zeb and Mark Henry joining the RAW team of Cole, Layfield, and Lawler. The contrast entertained me and it sparked some fun debate and opinion. Occasional, verbal fireworks at the announce table, when well timed, can really add to a show especially one that is three hours in length. Paul Heyman seemed to enjoy himself a little too much while watching Brock Lesnar ransack, intimidate and destroy WWE property all captured by @HeymanHustle himself. At one time I used to office in that same space after leaving Talent Relations and working in Business Strategies.  Did you catch the photo of the JR's Cookbook laying on the floor in the wake of the "Psycho Viking" figurative F5 tore through the office? Mark Henry is one of the most intimidating and legit beasts in all of WWE and he "feels" it without question. The stout Texan isn't playing a role. The World's Strongest Man is who he says he is. Mark Henry is who we thought he was...thanks Denny Green.  The aftermath of a strap..Country Whipping..type match can be long lasting. I stumbled through two of them ala a cow on ice once upon a time and enjoyed not a single minute of either. One has to swing for the fences with a leather strap for the integrity of the bout. The most sadistic guys that wielded a strap in my memory were the Freebirds who might have just liked the pain...just a little too much.  Any one who can conclusively say who out of the Shield is going to spin out the trio and become THE top, singles star is zooming themselves. There are too many uncontrollable variables to factor into that equation to put all one's cash on one talent.   Why can't all three become top, singles hands in time? I think that might be the goal. :) But let's not rush the process. Regarding the Shield, some wrestling fans have the patience of a 5 year old or maybe it's just that there are 5 year old's on Twitter bitching about every phase of creative. Loved the tale of the tape WWE used to tease the Ryback vs. Kane match. Nice nuance. Thought Jack Swagger had a beastly appearance on RAW in Roanoke. Perry, Oklahoma's second toughest man is nasty with a ladder in his hands.  I'm working on 2-3 pretty exciting new projects and will inform you when the time is right. Scheduled to go hog hunting with @ShawnMichaels next week on his Texas ranch. This will be taped for a future episode of HBK's Outdoor Network TV show. I might end up being a cross between Si on @DuckDynastyAE and the patriarch of the family on American Hoggers. I'm going to use a cross bow to 'harvest' some feral hogs. Yep, a BBQ is being planned as well.    We're counting on your support throughout the summer especially when allowing JR's products to be a part of your grilling experiences. Shop efficiently and safely online at either http://www.wweshop.com which carries EVERY product that we make including our amazing, JR's Beef Jerky which comes in 5 flavors. OR, check out http://www.americansoda.co.uk which is based in Manchester, England and they ship quickly throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.  Read online that @JerryLawler is returning to the ring for Dory Funk, Jr promotion in Ocala, Florida on May 25. I haven't talked to Jerry in a good while but wish him well if this is what he wants to do. Obviously, King's cardiologist has been consulted one would assume on this matter. Jerry had much rather wrestle than announce any day and he's getting back in the ring north of 60 years of age because he loves it and not because he needs the cash. I wish him the best as always. Enjoyed talking to Cowboy Bill Watts recently who just turned 74. He's excited that WWE is going to be marketing some of the Mid South content that WWE owns after the acquisition of the Watts Family video library. The multi disc set comes out in September which is exciting. Certainly some of the bouts on the DVD will have to come with a warning because they are intensely graphic in nature.  Some ECW enthusiasts might not agree with this statement but Mid South was 'Extreme' long before it became a marketing slogan and mantra for ECW of which I was a fan. Thanks for the visit. Come back soon.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.   @JRsBBQ      
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 i am surprised youre finding people with issues with the shield. i think wwe is playing them perfectly.
I think that the Shield are a breath of fresh air...love watching Raw and not knowing where and when they are going to show up...brilliant and Roman Reigns is a monster!!
As Jimmy Hart would say........THE KING IS BACK BABY, WOO!! I don't understand anyone wanting to split up The Shield. Baker, Clapton & Bruce lasted a good few years as part of Cream - some fans ain't dedicated anymore  K. Lambert
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 My primary interest in The Shield at first was focused on Dean Ambrose since I've been following him since he started in Cincinnati, and he is as great as I knew he'd be when I first saw him. But Roman Reigns is the real deal. Good believeable promo. Legit powerhouse inside the ring. Good looking young man who I believe will draw serious money down the road as both a heel and a babyface. He may well become the biggest star of the three when The Shield goes their separate ways. But there's no rush on that happening.  They will be a compelling trio for some time to come.