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RAW was from Pittsburgh, my wife's hometown. Great to see Bruno Sammartino getting some exposure but a part of me wishes it had been more. Bruno is a good man of character and integrity. Hopefully, the younger talents got a chance to interact with the Living Legend before the show.

Thought the opening segment was a hit. Stephanie McMahon had control of her promo and it did not sound un-organic. Talents who memorize their 'lines' and then present them as such ruins it for me. Yep, I might be too old school for today's product but I tune out and disconnect when I feel someone is talking to me from any place other than their heart.

The Big Show has been nicely rebuilt. Curious to see how far his resurrection takes him.  Something big at WM30 perhaps?

Loved how Dolph Ziggler SOLD which is such a crucial aspect of any match and is becoming a lost art.

The two young Divas, Eva Marie and JoJo, got on RAW thanks to E's Total Divas show. Those that are having a hissy fit because some NXT Divas haven't debuted yet need to relax. I'd be more upset that those aforementioned NXT Divas showed up on RAW with zero build.

The special referee component for the Bryan vs. Orton HIAC match worked for me especially when it is going to be HBK wearing stripes. It seems to be "calling all stars" for WWE as it relates to their next PPV only three weeks away. If I was Orton,  I'd be raising holy Hell about Shawn officiating HBK's former pupil's WWE Title bout.

Will El Torito stuffed animals be produced in time for the holidays? Sorry, I can't name the El Matadores which arguably isn't a good thing. The new, masked men need to get into a viable rivalry sooner than later.

Significant albeit surprising opportunity for R Truth tagging with CM Punk vs. Heyman's duo. Yes, it sets up a match for Smackdown but what else down the road? I don't feel Punk's angst toward Heyman was much as I did a few weeks ago. Is that just me?

Expected more from Kofi vs. Orton as I'm a big fan of both talent's work. I didn't 'hate' the match but felt that it would be more compelling. I guess I wanted the same thing the two had in MSG a few years back. The attack on RKO from Daniel Bryan was excellent and intense. Found it a bit funny that it was many of the "producers" were attempting to restore order. What's next, a gaggle of directors?

John Cena returning so soon from his latest surgery surprised me. It's a no brainer why WWE needs their top star back as quickly as possible but is Cena returning too soon? Perhaps Del Rio travels to Florida and takes Cena out prior to the HIAC but not likely. Sounds like an old, Watts angle.  

Second night in a row that a Giant Swing was one of the most memorable aspects of almost 5 hours of programming over 24 hours.

The grouchy old man in me says that some talents are not doing enough to get noticed, changing their game to a noticeable degree and doing all that they can control to be noticed in a positive manner. Seemingly, there is too much comfort zone stuff from many guys who seemingly are happy to be in the mid card and to remain booked but who are the same people who complain in private about their lack of a 'push.' 

Not sure what was accomplished w/ the MizTV segment other than perhaps setting up a Bray Wyatt vs. Miz match. Who will get the most cheers in that one? Just asking.

Enjoyed the last two segments of RAW and was happy to see the Dream turn things over to his sons. Dusty's role in this story was imperative but now it's time for the sons to take the ball and run with it especially Cody. Really nice 6 man tag with a strong ending that helped the villains, kept focus on Bryan, did not discount the Rhodes brothers and focused on HHH being the evil, authority figure.

I'm a big fan of all involved in the RAW main event. Smart positioning to bring the Big Show situation back around...transact some business and then segue back to Daniel Bryan. It's a tough balancing act to tell two stories at one time but WWE did a nice job of handling that as RAW went off the air.

Check out the Goldberg DVD WWE just released today in the states. I think you will like the match compilation and hearing from some of my favorite announcers like Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay.

One day closer to leaving for Dallas and the annual Red River Rivalry that pits Oklahoma vs. Texas for the 108th time. Sooner fans are giddy about the prospect of OU waxing UT but I find that mentality to be insane. If I were gambling (I'm not) I'd take the points even though no one on Earth wants my Sooners to win this particular game more than me.

Looking forward to going to dinner Friday night at Pappacito's Cantina in Dallas with several, Oklahoma State Troopers.

There's few things I've been involved with in my career as heart pounding as being on the sideline of the Red River Rivalry game and walking down the infamous ramp onto the Cotton Bowl field. It still gives he chills.

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JR, I was reading an article about comments regarding Adrian Adonis on the anniversary of his tragic death. Adonis was always one of my favorites and I find myself watching his matches on YouTube. I am shocked he has not yet been inducted into the WWE. Do you think Adrian will get this long-overdue recognition of his talents?

Gosh, I have no idea. Great in ring worker. 

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