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Good to be back in Norman as it will be a busy week preparing for the upcoming OKC RAW that hits Chesapeake Arena this Monday night. Here's a few random thoughts.  

Although Monday was a 22 hour day from the time I arose until I laid my head on the pillow, I had a great time working with @MichaelCole Monday night on RAW in Albany, New York. 

On the current path that @CMPunk is traveling, the WWE Champion and "Best in the World" aligning with @HeymanHustle Paul Heyman seems to be working well and will only get better...or worse depending on one's interpretation. 

Obviously, Punk doesn't need a 'mouthpiece' as @RealMickFoley so accurately and passionately pointed out Monday night but the Punk/Heyman duo comprises one of the most compelling presentations that WWE has had in recent memory. 

Mick's presentation Monday night was one of the year's best in ring, verbal performances and was one of the highlights of the three hour program from where I was sitting.

The WWE Referees had a better night than did the #NFL officials in Seattle. I don't expect the WWE zebras to strike any time soon for the record.

AJ Lee is evolving into an intriguing RAW GM but she has huge shoes to fill considering that men like Mr. McMahon and @RealKingRegal once filled that role so precisely. 

Speaking of WWE referees,  Monday night was the first time in a long time that the men in the striped shirts names were mentioned on WWE TV. 

I spoke with @JohnCena Monday and took a look at his surgically repaired elbow while he was doing rehab at the arena with Dr. Amman and the elbow and John's arm in general looked gnarly. For those that don't know, doing rehab on a repaired joint like an elbow is massively painful. 

In my opinion, it was highly admirable that Cena was even at RAW Monday considering the pain he was in but it speaks to the dedication and passion of the polarizing former WWE Champion who looks to be out of action somewhere between 6-8 weeks. 

When Dr. Jim Andrews was able to get inside Cena's el;bow he found it to be in much worse condition than previously thought especially since John had been competing with the injury for several weeks. It was described to me that Dr. Andrews found a "junkyard" of loose debris and was amazing that Cena was able to compete in the condition the elbow was in. 

Knowing Cena's mindset and his mental toughness, it's impossible to say exactly when he will be medically released to step back in a WWE ring however I'd wager a case of JR's Original BBQ Sauce that it will be sooner than anyone else that I can think of at the moment. 

I loved helping Cole call the Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston bout Monday night. I thought the two, young superstars had a superb outing and that they truly maximized their in ring minutes to perfection. It was one of the better TV bouts that I have seen in quite some time. Bravo to both men. 

Team Hell No, Kane and Daniel Bryan, are elevating the tag team scene and making that area more relevant by the week. The WWE Tag Team champions are becoming a valuable asset to WWE events with their unpredictable brand of entertainment and in ring skills. 

Thursday morning I will be on OKC's Fox 25 morning show at around 8:45 am to talk WWE RAW in OKC and the Celebrity Poker Tournament that I'm playing in Sunday afternoon at eh Lucky Star Casino in Concho, Oklahoma which is just west of OKC. this Texas Hold 'Em tournament is being hosted by OKC Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins. 

I've enjoyed sitting in for the King with @MichaelCole, who I really enjoy working with, but don't know how much longer that arrangement will last but I'm going to have fun with every outing that's afforded me. 

For those speculating on when Jerry will be back, that's all it is or can be at this time is speculation. Obviously, Jerry will be welcomed back with open arms when he is medically cleared but that is a work in progress. He's feeling better by the day but it takes time to rebound after such a serious health scare so @Jerry Lawler returning to RAW is undetermined at this time and he will be given all the time that he needs.

I'm excited about "Jim Ross Appreciation Day" in OKC this Monday and hope that we have a good turnout for Monday Night RAW. 

Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ for more info on several media appearances that I will be making between now and Monday night. 

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Can't wait for Raw on the 1st or Smackdown on the 2nd. Can't wait for King's return things just aren't the same without him.

Welcome back to the Raw announcers table. Maybe they'll go with the 3 man announce team when King returns. And yes Kofi vs Ziggler was a PPV type match and the Punk-Heyman alliance has made things really interesting again. Surprised you didn't mention the Punk-Ryback backstage confrontation that ended Raw as i'm hearing that may be the backup plan for HIAC if Cena can't return in time to face Punk. Personally i don't think Ryback is ready for that kinda push yet since he's had no matches that have gone past 5 minutes. But they did put the WWE title on Sheamus a few years ago when he was in a similiar position as Ryback is in now so who knows.

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