JR's RAW Thoughts...Lesnar Leaving UFC??..WWE HOF'er Bobby Heenan's DVD on Sale Now! Got Main Event Mustard?

Greetings and Happy Holidays to all! My chestnuts are roasting so let's get this show on the road.

Enjoyed several elements of MNR from snowy Albany, New York.

For the record, I'm happy WWE did not cancel MSG or Albany due to the weather. Folks that did not want to endure the travel issues certainly should have stayed home, I likely would have, but those that could make the trek were likely looking forward to the holiday events and were willing to risk any travel inconvenience.

BTW from what I know the Garden had 14,500 tickets distributed for Sunday night in the Big Apple Blizzard. I don't know how many of the tickets were used but that's the actual number distributed so it was a heck of a crowd in extremely inclement weather.  

Canceling events for any reason usually works out to be a damned if you do, damned if you don't proposition. Some will bring out the soap boxes to proclaim bad judgment while others, if the event is canceled, will raise hell because they had planned to attend an event for weeks.  

Jerry Lawler defeating Miz somewhat surprised me but John Morrison igetting nvolved certainly enhanced my interest in the Falls Count Anywhere, WWE Title bout next week between the two former tag team partners. The Miz-Morrison match will be in Phoenix where I will be attending the Fiesta Bowl on Saturday night. I'll just miss the WWE in the desert as we head home on Sunday for a little B-Day observance back in Norman on Monday.

King had all kinds of travel woes on Monday including getting separated from his luggage. He told me that he did not take a jacket or coat with him on this trip, he hates 'em, but that he did "bring a hoody.....and gloves." Classic.  

It's always smart to episodically produce TV where one can anticipate 'next week's main event' for 7 days. 

John Morrison is beginning to garner more attention and the physicality that he is currently bringing to his bouts is money. Morrison is on a journey to become a long term headliner and I, for one, hopes that he gets to his destination. 

The Orton vs. Sheamus match was the kind of bout that I used to love to call. Physical, intense, close, hard fought and where winning is earned and losing isn't a killer. I really like both of these athletes. 

The CM Punk/Nexus affiliation is intriguing. More questions than answers which is good. There is strength in numbers and it certainly puts the 'hero,' John Cena, in an uphill struggle. Punk is excellent both in the ring and on the mic and I look forward to seeing how the Cena-Punk scenario plays out over time. If they don't get it on until the Royal Rumble match, I wouldn't be offended. Sounds like Cena-Punk could theoretically be a solid WM27 attraction. Time will tell.

Plus, I'm anxious to see how Punk rehabilitates/re-positions Nexus' TV persona.

Josh Mathews works well with Michael Cole. Josh has worked diligently to improve his game and he's succeeding. Mastering the art of commentary in today's marketplace of pro wrestling isn't easy.

An emailer asked me what I thought about former WWE star Jeff Hardy's 'plea agreement' to a variety of charges filed against him in North Carolina. I know only what I occasionally read on line about this unfortunate matter but if a plea agreement can bring this issue to an end and Jeff can move on with his life then it might be a good idea. Those types of decisions are better made by lawyers and the individuals involved and not by folks, like me, who are on the outside looking in. 

Lots of crazy rumors floating around the MMA message boards about Brock Lesnar these days. Some fans feel that Lesnar is looking to leave UFC and return to WWE. That decision would floor me. It doesn't seem to make sense at this time for Lesnar to leave UFC as there is too much Octagon money on the table for Brock to walk away at this time. I just can't see the athletic freak going back on the WWE road for any significant length of time especially with young children at home and Brock being most comfortable when he is in the Minnesota woods enjoying family life and hunting. 

Don't get me wrong, as a fan I would embrace a Lesnar return to WWE and it 'might' happen on a sporadic basis some day but not any time soon. 

I still think that UFC's best bout for Lesnar's 1st fight in 2011 with the best story behind it that could be easily enhanced/marketed with smart TV production is Brock vs. Frank Mir. I know that some MMA aficionados aren't of the same opinion. However, MMA fans would engage this well promoted 'rubber match' once the hype started  that I can assure you. 

WWE Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan was the best, three tool wrestling talent that I ever saw. No one before or since 'The Wease' could wrestle, manage, and broadcast as good as the Indianapolis native. Tuesday the Bobby Heenan DVD is being released by WWE and I wholeheartedly encourage one and all to buy this DVD because A. it's really good and B. it would lift Bobby's spirits to know that he's not been forgotten and that fans still love him. 

Heenan's natural timing on the mic was priceless as many fans can vividly remember when he managed and then when he partnered with Gorilla Monsoon as those two HOF'ers were arguably the best broadcast tandem ever.

Old time fans will also remember that Heenan's in ring efforts as a wrestler were grossly underrated. Bobby coudldabsorb a classic, ass whipping that delighted fans for years.

I loved working with Bobby on WWE Challenge and several other WWE productions including WM9 in 1993. As a partner, Bobby was so unselfish and I looked forward to each day that we were able to collaborate. Our TV chemistry was immediate and unexplained, unplanned and unrehearsed. Bobby was a genius who made everyone he worked with better. 

Let's hope that the Bobby Heenan DVD gets the attention that it deserves as it goes on sale Tuesday. 'The Brain' deserves a break not to mention a thanks from wrestling fans.

Buying this DVD is one way to accomplish both. 

Foodie alert...great idea....our Chipotle Ketchup on scrambled eggs. Or egg whites or egg beaters. 

HBK checked in over the holidays and was raving about our Main Event Mustard. If you haven't tried it I hope that you will soon.

We're having a fantastic month of on line sales thanks to wife Jan and her sis Jeanine who worked many, amazingly long hours to fulfill your orders and get them to you promptly. They do all the hard work here I can assure you.  

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Be well and be safe.

Boomer Sooner!




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Puts Cena in an uphill battle? EVERY angle with him is him fighting an uphill battle.

Disagree on Morrison. His "duh" jab was not funny and even made no sense.

Fully agree on Orton-Sheamus. Very physical and hard hitting.

Josh Matthews comes off as 14 years old.

If Lesnar DOES leave UFC, interest in them will PLUMMET.

Hennan=da man

Friend of mine said he tried the chipotle ketchup with his meatloaf. His exact words were "very good."

If he quits MMA after his first real loss, then he definetely's not the type of competitor everybody made him out to be.

Hi Mr. Ross,

I just wanted to say your sales pitch sold a Bobby Heenan DVD today. I was also wondering if you know the general rule regarding triple crown winners. On wikipedia, it says John Cena isn't a triple crown winner even though he's a former heavyweight champion, former tag champion, and a former US champion because the US chamionship isn't inclusive as a factor in being a triple crown champion. Happy New Year!


I love the idea of CM Punk joining/leading The Nexus - story-wise, it makes sense, and it gives The Nexus a depth they were lacking. 

CMP is a smart guy, who has made the most out of all his experience in the wrestling biz - I'm a huge fan.

I received my Heenan DVD yesterday (Amazon pre-order) and it truly is a great tribute to the man. The genuine love for the man from his peers and co-horts in the business really shines through. Watching it reminded me of just how much Bobby Heenan brought to the wrestling industry and more importanly, how much he is missed today. There will never be another "Weasel" and those of you who got to know him behind the scenes should consider yourselves blessed.

J.R.,  I ran out to get the Bobby Heenan DVD today. I had been waiting for it since I read of its release. I would just like to say I think the world of '"the Brain", and I hope better days are ahead for the greatest talent the wrestling world has ever seen(or ever will see). The video's documentary was nicely done. However, it would have been better if the DVD would have been 3 discs. Anyway, anything with Bobby Heenan is fantastic.

JR I understand what you said about the canceling of the event. My brothers and I drove an hour in messy roads to see MNR on the 27th. And it was worth it. Love to get your comments about some pictures I took if you get a moment. Miss you and God Bless.


put on resvere Brains new DVD. Brains new DVD is the best of the best of DVD WWE ever put out.  I agree they should have put a 3 DVD with more matches and TNT/Primetime clips with Gorrila. Gorrila and the Brain were the front runner to JR and the King

Wow, lots of good points J.R. where to start...

I agree, Morrison's matches have been very physical and all-in-all very entertaining. The falls count anywhere match next week on MNR is much anticipated in my house. The Monday Night Delight is a huge part of the future WWE in my opinion.

The Miz is another Superstar who figures to play a big role for a long time. If you read the comments to your blog I have started a few times that he is my favorite. The complete package. I think its about time for him to drop Alex Riley though. At some point the Miz needs to win some matches outright and prove he truly is the "most must see champion in WWE history."

Orton vs Sheamus was a classic battle. Very good match. 'nuff said.

I have to be honest, I did not see the CM Punk/Nexus alliance coming. I figured it would be Punk and Cena and thats it. I can't even really comment on how I feel about it because I really don't know. Just have to let it play out and see how it goes. I do know that I am glad Punk is back. He's one of the all around best. I can't wait for Cena and CM Punk to square off.

Bobby Heenan is great. I grew up on Heenan and Monsoon commentating matches. What a tandem! Hopefully I will check out the DVD soon.

Last thing...I use ketchup with hot sauce mixed in on my scrambled eggs...can't wait to try you chipolte ketchup on them!