JR's RAW Thoughts..Painful, Baltimore Memories, UK Tour Update, UFC's Anderson Silva, Florida & Iowa bound,

Greetings all as we start the grill and thanks to everyone for visiting my page at http://www.wweshop.com where you can find all JR's products and some great packages. Easy online shopping with delivery right to your front door. JR's great for the grill or in one's kitchen. Grills hot so let's get to cooking....   Enjoyed Monday Night Raw from Baltimore and here are a few of the moments that especially stood out to me: Two, outstanding wrestling matches to start and end the broadcast. Loved seeing a clear cut winner in both and appreciate the efforts and physicality of all four men involved in these two matches that helped promote Sunday's PPV in Philly. Neither man who lost was damaged in the process.   The John Cena-Mark Henry segment was text book stuff and I felt helped add some steam to the WWE Title bout at MITB this Sunday. Cena not being able to control Henry's size and girth adds to the intrigue come Sunday.  The overall build for the Wyatt Family from the beginning of the show including  their entrance was well done. I'm curious to see what their next move will be. Smackdown? MITB? Next week on RAW? All of the above? The overall promotion for the MITB PPV this Sunday was good especially for the MITB bout for the WWE title opportunity.  I'm a Daniel Bryan fan and him closing the show and dealing with Punk and Orton before ascending the ladder was great foreshadowing. Bryan's apparent 'unstableness' is intriguing and DB has organically connected with the fans notwithstanding his in ring expertise.  The RVD promos certainly made Rob feel special and I'd venture to say more special than his TV persona has felt since he was last in WWE. Great video clips with, ahem, some nice sound bytes from some voice over guy. :) Brad Maddox being named the new, RAW GM provides for some interesting creative opportunities in the future. I'm curious to see where this matter goes and the political agenda that Maddox' TV persona establishes. Brad certainly doesn't have the support of the announce trio based on their comments Monday night which could provide some entertaining interaction in future weeks. Maddox reminds me somewhat of the late, Eddie Gilbert. Maddox' upside is viable.   Vickie Guerrero was fantastic Monday night. I'm very proud of her work and how she has committed herself to develop as a TV performer. She's been through a great deal of challenges in her life and I, for one, am elated for her success.  When I think of the great city of Baltimore I often times think of the after parties at Sabatino's with Ric Flair and friends, my pal and former Crockett Promoter Gary Juster, and me passing kidney stone fragments during the PPV broadcast of the 1991 Great American Bash. Not sure what was worse, the pain of the kidney store particles or the PPV itself. Thank goodness there were ample video packages during the show and the announcers were on the stage in the Baltimore Arena and not at ringside.      Check out my fantasy OU football draft that I did for ESPN.com at /www.es.pn/12hZlfQ and vote to help my team be named the best.   More info on Twitter @ESPNSoonerNation. Will @UFC Anderson Silva's shocking TKO loss Saturday night to Chris Weidman cause harm to "Spider's" legacy? Likely not too much if any at all. However, Silva's unprofessional approach to the #ufc162 main event was embarrassing even though it will be defended by some as simply being a part of the former champion's 'strategy.'  I'm not buying it.  A Silva vs. Weidman rematch a given. It's always been a given since the moment Silva lost the title. It's a great PPV main event, that has a sound reason (a story) for happening plus there's too much money to be earned especially for Weidman who hasn't had the massive paydays in his career thus far that Silva has. For those that say Silva "doesn't need the money,"  they're being naive. No athlete or performer ever has TOO much cash as most talent's egos won't allow them to refuse that lucrative trip to the pay window.  My 1st ever Spoken Word tour that will land in the UK August 24-27 still has a handful of tickets available and they can be had at http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/. This will be my first trip to Wales as we start the tour in Cardiff, my first trip to Scotland as we end the four day tour in Glasgow. London, last I heard, had a total of 4 tickets remaining for the Sunday August 25 show. I'm also very excited about playing the famous, Manchester Comedy Story on Monday August 26 and great seats are still available for that event. Our promoter feels that all the tickets will be sold before I ever leave the USA to fly over to London to begin our adventure.  I'm going to share some great stories, fully invest in the Q&A portion of each show, and I always enjoy the private, meet and greets that come with a VIP ticket.  Plus, http://www.americansoda.co.uk or @americansoda on Twitter will be with us each night selling JR[s BBQ Sauces, Chipotle Ketchup and Main Event Mustard with no shipping costs included which is a savings.  Heading to Waterloo, Iowa this weekend for the annual festivities at the Dan Gable Museum including a tryout camp where I will help out Gerald Brisco on Friday and then attend the indy event on Friday night, a meet adn greet Saturday afternoon at the Gable Museum and then the banquet on Saturday evening where several stars will be recognized. I'm bringing JR's Beef Jerky and some new photos to make a nice, package deal for those that are interested.  For info on the Waterloo event contact dgmstaff@hof.org or call 319-233-0745. Great time for all fans and is family friendly along with being affordable. The official grand opening of the new, WWE Performance Center is this Thursday In Winter Park, Florida via invitation only. Lots of VIP's slated to attend and I can assure one and all that this facility is a 'difference maker' as will see in the years to come. Everyone involved in the process will have to now up their respective games as expectations have increased substantially.  The Q&A's here at the site have updated. Check them out.  Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Hoping to hit 1M followers by year's end. WWEShop.com has some great packages available on JR;s products at http://www.wweshop.com. These are not only super for your grill but are kitchen friendly as well and they make great gifts for any occasion.  Thanks for stopping by and come back and see us. Boomer Sooner! J.R.    @JRsBBQ           
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Seeing Daniel Bryan win the WWE Championship ...no matter who it is will be the coolest thing .  The clean victory over Shemus last night put him over the top if he wasn't already there.   Cody Rhodes, Johhny Curtis & Dean Ambrose all seem to have "it" all the way around.  Ambrose and a mic are gold !
Brad Maddox a new "Hot Stuff"? You don't say? I hope the Wyatt Family gets over. That gimmick is intense to say the least.
I've seen Eddie on youtube & from what i gather, he was after Jerry Lawler's crown as soon as he set foot on the memphis territory. Nobody in WWE has anything glorifying other than the championship title, WWE don't have King Of The Ring anymore, i'd love to see King Danny & from the Vickie segment, i assumed part of it was a shoot? that McMahons made their minds up with Vince in the middle but no one told Vickie. Triple H lost the ball when he was in charge inciting a walk out "led"? by Jerry Lawler (& u were one of the last!? - wow, dedication!), it'd be fun to see the same with Brad Maddox whe he messes up :-)  K.C. Lambert
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