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Good focus on the two, primary 'money matches' for Summer Slam Monday night on RAW. Fans can only retain and process X amount of info and the two matches that most fans perceive will drive the PPV got ample attention.

Adding HHH as the special referee to the John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan WWE Title bout is an intriguing 'wrinkle.'  This development adds a provocative element to the already anticipated bout that is now even more unpredictable. There are several moving parts at play in this bout that I can't begin to intelligently analyze. (Make your own joke on that one.)

I've thought for a while that Daniel Bryan will win the WWE title at Summer Slam but now I'm not as convinced. However, I'll dance with who 'brung' me. In non Okie talk, that means that I'm sticking with my original thought...Bryan wins. 

Where MITB winner Randy Orton, Referee HHH, the McMahon Family, injuries, etc fit on this ride is anyone's guess. I'm curious as to all these potential scenarios that I'll get to watch live inside the Staples Center from the 2K Sports suite. 

Thought the ending to RAW with CM Punk getting the upper hand on BROCK LESNAR (in Happy Heyman's voice) and the Meyer Lansky of the WWE himself was compelling. I Tweeted a few days ago @JRsBBQ that I felt like this bout would be the most physical, one on one match in the WWE thus far this year. I am anxious to see how this match is competed stylistically. I'm still of the belief that it could end in a submission or a stoppage. I'm a Lesnar lean on this main event bout.  

Helluva deal for all fans being able to see the US Title bout for FREE during the pre game show featuring Dean Ambrose vs. RVD. This bout will get first crack at a fresh,  packed house and should set the stage nicely for the rest of the show. 

Enjoyed the timely, video career retrospective of Christian. He's a very unassuming asset within WWE and arguably one of the more talented in ring performers on the entire roster. No company can have too many skilled, professionals like Christian in their locker rooms. When we signed him out of the Toronto area I had no idea that his career would last as long as it has. He's an overachiever, a life long fan, and has never caused one minute of consternation within the company. A pro's pro who I see as a future WWE HOFer likely inducted by Adam Copeland aka Edge.

I think that ADR retains at Summer Slam vs. Christian in what is actually positioned to be able to impact Summer Slam very positively as many aren't  talking too much about the World Title Bout. Watch these two pros turn heads in the Staples Center.  

Big opportunity for Bray Wyatt to really turn it on Sunday vs. Kane. It's truly 'game day' for the third generation athlete.

My Twitter timeline lit up after my friend @JCLayfield of the @LayfieldReport made a remark about yours truly on the air Monday night. I missed it apparently as I was multi tasking (grilling) and stepped outside for a couple of minutes. Make no mistake that I've been a major fan of John's work since we hired him years ago and admire how he's reinvented himself from being a Dick Murdoch/Stan Hansen like talent to becoming his own man. BTW...there is not a damn thing wrong with wanting to emulate either Captain Redneck or The Lariat but at some point one has to borrow from those talents and incorporate their best traits into one's own game. JBL did that and then some. As John Tweeted he was just having some fun even though my grandkids likely think that their grandpa has a "drinking problem." That would be not true for the record. 

JBL has been a breath of fresh air at the announce table and I feel that he and @MichaelCole have invigorated Smackdown.   

How great did Big Show look Monday night? I was impressed and know how diligently that he has been training and adjusting his diet. Bravo to the big guy who, when on a recruiting visit, enjoyed a home cooked meal in our then Connecticut home, broke a dining room tile (Dang, Italian tile, anyway :)) and we closed the deal over my wife's homemade biscuits and a heaping helping of apple butter.  

Recent read on Deadspin regarding the Manziel family is riveting. Sounds like a potential movie script. Johnny Football's family has a vividly, colorful past by all accounts. 

I'm the last one to throw stones as my great grandfather Ross was a noted bootlegger in Adair County Oklahoma in the 1920's & 1930's and was never arrested or served one day in jail. I think that the country sheriff liked the product. Grandpa Ross would trade his homemade, quality booze for cattle, chickens and even the occasional hunting dog. I always looked at him as an entrepreneur. 

There are tickets for the Manchester Comedy Store stop of my first ever one man show for Monday August 26 still available at http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/. All the other shows are sold out. I'm jacked about this new adventure and being able to share my stories and interact so intimately with the fans.  

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Not even an honorable mention on The Shields promo JR ?  Dean Ambrose basically showed young and old talent how to cut a short effective promo that will resonate for months. He musta killed 5 birds with one stone on that one.
Dean Ambrose is very talented and if you've read many of my blogs or other Q&A's you already knew that . I spoke of Dean while he was still in NXT on a regular basis. Excellent, sucinct promo Monday.  
I guess Triple H increases the possible number of outcomes for the match and makes it less predictable but did he really need to interject himself into what seemed to be working without him? IMO, that promo would have been far better if it ended on Bryan walking out of the ring versus Triple H interrupting it. But of course there can't be a scenario where Cena potentially looks inferior. And I'm assuming this translates to the match as well where there'll be no chance Bryan both cleanly wins the match and leaves the arena as the champion. But I guess you take the bad with the good. Overall, the product is much better than it's been in a while. Adding "Mr. McMahon" and Triple H into the equation is a good thing, a lot of the younger talents are making strides, and even the Divas are getting a bump and a self-esteem boost.
Seems Bootleggers are a thing of the past on a major scale, you can't get anything knock off anymore without it being seriously dodgy, i'd love to have lived back then, where the common bootleg was on the flea market, not some scam site or back alley. No disrespect to your grandkids, but banter is banter, i  grew up on it, the amountt of times my dad would wind up my mom, & me & my brother joined in as we entered our teens, mom toook it on good form. Since Be A Star & the online bullying,  humour is going out of fashion. Today's world is getting too serious. I admit, occasionally i skip some of your tweets as it's just like your having to please some fans that are serious about life & don't get your humour. Personally your a great guy, anyone who could put up with "the World's Oldest Teen" has got to have some sort of funny bone. In my opinion that's a good thing :-) Respect  K.C. Lambert
Reading and watching past interviews from men who grew up in the territories versus those who came in through developmental programs(OVW)- there seems to be a general "protect the business" mantra from the older school wrestlers... You have always mentioned that you were more old school and I guess you had no choice but to be a protector of maintaining secrecy back in the day, did that change over the years or do you still shy away from revealing too much to the masses? For me, the aura of watching a show and not knowing whats going on behind the scenes is part of the attraction!
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