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Greetings from a rainy/snowy Norman, Oklahoma where the @OU Sooners football coaching staff is getting a serious overhaul. Now, this... Thoroughly enjoyed the Nashville @WWE Raw Monday night. I thought that the first hour was as good a first hour since the three hour marathon broadcasts began. @HeymanHustle is on a roll and is the best, by far, antagonist manager/spokesman the biz has seen in years. Many years.  @CMPunk again proved that he is one of the toughest men in sports entertainment by maintaining a long, uncomfortable 'hug' with his friend....as we move on. @TheMarkHenry delivering a convincing, World's Strongest Slam to the long and heavy Great Khali cannot be overlooked or undersold. Henry's a monster who has been noticeably impactful since his return from the injured list. The massive Texan is certainly not the jovial, easy going Mark Henry that we signed back in 1995. That's a good thing. I enjoy the interaction with @BookerT5X and Teddy Long and expect the proverbial shoe to drop in this relationship at any time. I'm interested. @IAmJericho vs. @WWEDanielBryan lived up to what I was hoping when I heard the match was made. I could watch these two talents go , seemingly, every week, well, at least for several weeks. Another 'Best of Seven' candidate. Chris Jericho hasn't missed a step and is arguably as good right now as he's ever been. Great move by @WWE in getting Chris back in the ring. @JohnCena, @Ryback22, and @WWESheamus did what was expected of them and that was to dominate an annoying trio of adversaries. Nothing wrong with being predictable from time to time for the record. Trying to constantly keep everyone, especially the internet wrestling community, off balance  isn't always the right thing to do in my view.  As Peter Frampton once sang, "Do You Feel Like I Do?" Well, I hope that I never feel like poor @Matt_Striker_, if that is his real name, after getting punched by @WWETheBigShow who continues to keep me off balance with his in ring persona. As @WWEDustyRhodes once said in a promo, "Are you an assassin or an errand boy?" Is Big Show a monster or simply a bully? Does it matter?  @RealJackSwagger getting a ringside representative in Zeb Colter, not to be confused with author Ann Coulter or David Letterman's version of @HowardFinkel, Allan Coulter, and I like the potential of this paring. I have great confidence that my fellow Oklahoman Swagger will get on a roll and that Zeb may be the missing ingredient that makes Swagger saucey. The Elimination Chamber will be a telling night for the man who is and always will be the 2nd toughest man to hail from Perry, Oklahoma. (Dan Hodge being the first.) The highlight of the @MiketheMiz vs. @CodyRhodesWWE match was @AntonioCesaro rag dolling Miz with a unique yet brutal attack at ringside. Shade of the great Don Leo Jonathan's Giant Swing...modified of course.  I expect to see more of @BrodusClay and Tensai together especially if Cameron and Naomi are made a bigger part of the presentation.  @TheShield being position well by WWE and I have high hopes for @DeanAmbrose, @RomanReigns and @WWERollins and am anxious to see them wrestle with the big boys this Sunday on PPV. It will be 'game day' for the three men who honed their respective games in varying ways in @WWENXT. @DamienSandow is progressing amazingly well and his verbal skills rival any villain in WWE. @VivaDelRio is an intriguing World Champion who seems to be more comfortable in his fan friendly role than he was when his in ring persona was more antagonistic. @WadeBarrett feels as if he needs to get on a roll or so I surmise as I enjoy his in ring work. Barrett is a big, rugged athlete who is also very intelligent. I think that the Brit has a bright future and has the ability to invigorate the IC Title in time.  Mildly surprised that @HeelZiggler lost to Kane. Ziggler still has the MITB contract that he can use at any time so....  Seeing @BigELangston fair catch the damsel in distress @WWEAJLee was interesting.  Absolutely loved the Elimination Chamber video highlight package and not just because one of my old sound bytes was used. It was slick and the animation was off the charts good.  When one stops and thinks about it, the Elimination Chamber has been around long enough to have somewhat of a legacy and memorable history.  @TheRock was entertaining and looked amazing but I never foresaw the physicality coming with @CMPunk. I'll predict that the two will have a much more crisp, more exciting one on one bout this Sunday in New Orleans than they had in Phoenix at the Royal Rumble and I enjoyed that outing. I'm very anxious to watch it on PPV emanating from one of my all time favorite cities and Mid South Wrestling hub, #NOLA.  Wrestling being dropped from the Olympic Games by the apparent, out of touch International Olympic Committee, the IOC, is, bottom line, pet coon goofy. It makes absolutely no sense to eliminate the oldest sport in the Olympic Games and to compromise the integrity of the Games for TV ratings and more cash. Many mat dreams were dashed today regarding the IOC's announcement and hopefully smarter heads will prevail before this mandate is actually ratified.  The @RondaRousey vs.Liz Carmouche fight is an example of  how a match in sports entertainment or MMA is most effectively built....by allowing the consumers/fans to emotionally invest in the participants.  @UFC did a helluva job on the broadcast I saw focusing on the two women. A great story was told, provocatively simple, by both athletes. Sure seems like a winning premise to me. What's old is new again because basic, human emotions haven't decernabley changed and likely never will.   Fans who have an issue with the fact that it's two women headlining a UFC event likely have bigger issues in their lives to address. I'm know that I'm watching Saturday night.   I will be joining fellow WWE HOFers @JerryLawler & Mean Gene Okerlund on Friday night February 22 in Milwaukee for a 90 minute Q&A session at the Northern Lights Theater located inside the Potawatomi Casino. Tickets are going fast but are still available via Ticketmaster. A VIP meet and greet is also a ticket option. This should be a great night of totally unscripted, off the cuff entertainment. Must be 21 to attend.  Hope that you are stocking up on JR's products for your WM29 parties and tailgate affairs by going to WWEShop.com, http://www.wweshop.com, or to the @americansoda website. Plus, it's always grilling season, right?  I'm maneuvering through many, many questions at the Q&A section of our site. I hope that you will participate and check them out.  Getting close to 700,000 followers on Twitter @JRsBBQ and invite you to follow me there.  Thanks for the visit...tell a friend...better yet..phone a friend. Boomer Sooner! J.R.                   
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 Punk....Bryan....Jericho..Cesaro...Zigs...Swagger...Rhodes and soon Ambrose & Rollins putting on these wrestling clinics is sure to make some of the boys in the back re-think their future. I have to read spoilers for Smackdown because I am unable to watch lately, I  read that The Miz submitted Cody Rhodes with a leglock.  ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME !? The product is good enough right now WWE ! No need to keep this facepush for the Miz going. It is not working and NO ONE thinks this guy is anywhere close to Cesaro. IT'S A FARCE and it's stupid because The Miz has built himself as a DB since his MTV days. Quit being hardheaded !  "Dirty" Dutch is and will be Jack Swaggers saving grace, looking forward to his future................Brodus and A-Train should call themselves "The Funk Express". A little promo in the back with Brodus reminding Albert of the past and talking him into going back to A-Train. Simple !  The Rock fell flat Monday night with another blah blah promo.  Punk 4...    ...Rock  0 !
 JR - Not hard for the Rock vs. Punk match at the Chamber to be better than their match from the Rumble. Punk did his part but Rock stunk. Outside of his signature moves, all he did was punch, kick, and spinebuster. Yawn. Punk carried him through that match. My 5 year old son knows more moves than Rock showed off, and since all the drama came from the fear that they'd put the belt on a guy who can't show up more than once every few weeks... and they did. Rock had better learn to wrestle soon, because I don't want to pay good money to see him get ragdolled for 15 minutes and then hit three moves out of nowhere for the win. If I want to see that "hot garbage" I can watch a John Cena match, thank you very much. J.Ja