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Busy day...busy week...headed to Newark soon to begin WrestleMania activities. Let's roll...  The key elements on Monday Night Raw stood out to me quite vividly. WM29's three, marquis matches all got ample attention and what was presented worked for me. Thought that the final segment of Raw involving Taker and Punk was controversial and dramatic and it made me want to see the match between the two even more. I can certainly see where some viewers were uncomfortable with the presentation but perhaps that was the intent. Mark my words, @CMPunk vs. Undertaker will be tougher than a $2 steak to follow. The hay is in the barn for Rock vs. Cena. It;'s been over a year since this rivalry started and Sunday is the time for the talking to end and the show closer to deliver. Following everything on the card and attempting to engage the audience who has been at the stadium for hours is daunting but that comes with the territory. I have every belief that the two men that I signed to WWE contracts will rise to the occasion.   Thought the addition of HBK in HHH's corner vs. Brock Lesnar was a timely touch and that  Paul Heyman was excellent on the mic representing his client. Slobber Knocker time for the Cerebral Assassin and the former WWE and UFC champion without question. This one won't be a Brisco vs. Funk catch as catch can masterpiece but it will be car crash-like.   I see some sweet chin music in @HeymanHustle future in Jersey. Just saying. Sleeper match of the night just well might be Fandango vs. Chris Jericho. Jericho IS that good and many naysayers don't have a clue how good the newcomer can be bell to bell. It's one thing to not embrace a TV persona but to lambaste someone's wrestling ability before it's happened is a head scratcher to me. Thought @JCLayfield joining @MichaelCole and @Jerry Lawler was a smart move for the three hour show which is challenging to watch with so many commercial breaks. No commercial breaks Sunday obviously on PPV. The three will handle the broadcast Sunday, I read that on the Layfield Report, and I'm sure that they will be great. There really are no other options. It is WrestleMania.   BTW..the @LayfieldReport app is tremendous. I'm on it daily...multiple times. I'm still waiting for the call to provide JBL and Cole some JR's products to use as premiums on their show rather than use me in a dated, Charlie Chaplin reference.   Stay tuned for the Mauro Ranallo podcast debuting this week @mauroranallo as I'm a guest on his first show. Had a blast. Good dude and an excellent broadcaster.  I'm proud to call Mauro a friend. Who knows? We might do a gig together some day.  I'm booked at the WWE Super Store on Friday from 1-3 pm at MetLife Stadium and it is free to come in and shop, etc. The Super Store has all of JR's Products stocked and it's a great time to load up and not have to worry about shipping. I will also be personalizing JR's Cookbooks while there if you're interested. We're hoping to sell lots of delicious products especially our five flavors of Beef Jerky. You can shop for JR's products Thursday thru Sunday at Metlife Stadium at the Super Store but our products will not be available at AXXESS. My only appearance at AXXESS is Saturday morning from 8-10 at the Legends table which is code for the old guys area. Come by and say hello..autographs and photos abound.  Please say a prayer for the Ric Flair family. Reid will be missed by all of us that knew him. I still can't believe that the 25 year old is gone. I will be so happy to see Ric this weekend. Thanks for all the kind words regarding the blog that i wrote about Reid's passing that is elsewhere on this site.  Pleasantly surprised to see how Naomi has maintained her athleticism as some of her bouts in developmental were excellent in my view.  It's hard to believe that this week marks the 20th anniversary of my debut in WWE. First assignment...doing live, Play by Play at WrestleMania 9...not too shabby. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose, because I was either too naive or too arrogant to be overly nervous before WM9. Best business and personal decision that I ever made was coming to WWE. I could have done without the three bouts of Bells palsy but other than that I wouldn't change a thing. I worked 19 years to get to the big league and to call a WrestleMania event. Quite the over night sensation, huh? I still say that I haven't called my best match as of yet but that mindset is what drives me and keeps me 'paying attention.'  It's just how I'm wired. With that said, to commemorate my WrestleMania 9 debut I'm NOT packing a toga for this trip to Jersey....but I am taking a jacket.  Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ as it will be a busy week from New Jersey and NYC.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.            
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Punk/Taker Monday night was the best segment in months ! Mr. Moody would've been proud.  If NXT was available on U.S. Television people would know that Johhny can GO ! I expect Fandango/Jericho to be "wrestling" match of the night............. Naomi has bad timing in my opinion.  Cena winning and keeping his character after Mania would serve no purpose. Even Little Jimmy has grown tired of him. He SEEMS TO HAVE GROWN TIRED OF HIMSELF. My hopes are with big changes leading towards Mania 30.
 I'm very excited for this Wrestlemania, mostly because not only are we seeing the in-ring debut of two new wrestlers that the company is obviously excited about, but we also get to see the Wrestlemania debut of 5 other great talents that have had an incredible year in The Shield and Ryback.  I'm hoping this Wrestlemania will be remembered as an event that established the careers of 7 new superstars.  We have been calling for new talent for years!  Now we're finally getting it, and what's better than starting this revolution at Wrestlemania in New York City.
The end to Punk-Taker on Raw was lame as has the whole build to the match.  Makes me wonder how much better it would have been had Paul Bearer (RIP) not passed away.
Nothing wrong with Charlie Chaplin!  + you did contribute on "Kayfabe" booing @JerryLawler back in the day, who would've thought going along with a popular franchise of a heel that tates so delicious - yup makes no sense to me either! K. Lambert
No changes after Mania.  WOW !  None. That's to all the lamebrained smart fans for keeping wrestling THE SAME and mundane.
 WrestleMania in my views was a disappointment. No surprises, and the main event was poor. Shame could of been excellent.

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