J.R.'s Restaurant Closes...On Line Business is Strong and Will Continue...More Focus to be made on Grocery Stores

Sunday was a challenging day as we closed J.R.'s Family BBQ in Norman....for good. 

Sunday night we closed J.R.'s Family BBQ Restaurant in Norman. We had a fun, almost three year run in a volatile business that saw us make many new friends, serve up some awesome food, launch our on line business, which is growing exponentially, and see our products on the shelves of grocery stores. 

However, more importantly, we were able to develop lasting relationships with the folks that worked at our BBQ joint and with the guests, many who traveled from around the United States and from outside our borders, who dined with us since July of 2007.

At the end of the day, our business plan could not handle the shift in the economy or the rising overhead that we encountered.  

We make no excuses.

We worked diligently on making this aspect of our BBQ dream come true but this time around it simply wasn't meant to be. We played the game hard and played to win but we came up short.

Again, we make no excuses.

The good news is that we will continue to cultivate our on line business, perhaps even adding a few, new items down the road.

This site is not going anywhere and we will continue to aggressively market the best BBQ Sauces, Chipotle Ketchup and Beef Jerky that money can buy right here on line. We hope that you will continue to support these efforts.

Plus, we will continue to grow our business in grocery stores which has unlimited potential. 

In the upcoming weeks, my professional schedule is likely to change significantly. I've realized that there is only so much that I can pile on my plate so perhaps this unfortunate turn of events is a blessing in disguise. 

My wife and I sincerely thank everyone who worked so hard at J.R.'s and to all of you who visited us and enjoyed our food. 

Life is good...amazing days lie ahead...great health is a blessing...we have much to be thankful for and most of all...

No excuses. 



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Sorry to hear you had to shut it down.  Wish I could have eaten there once.  But, as long as I can get my hands on the best damned sauce ... ever, I will be a happy man.  Thanks JR!

 Greetings as usual from Canada JR, sad news to here, as I to wanted to go there.. eventually? Continue with the onine business and stores! It sounds like you have a good thing going with the store business!

I am sorry to hear about the restaurant.  In a way I can relate to how hard it is to open, run and keep a successful resaurant going.  For the last two years I have worked my butt off to start my own business and finally had my plan done and ready to go.  I went to the bank to get my loan and it all came to a halt.  A year earlier the bank so no problem and the loan was as good as mine and they just wanted a good business plan.  Now it all changed.  They say the plan is flawless but no banks want to give loans for new businesses and are being the same when it comes to helping already existing buisinesses stay opened.  The only option left to me at this time is find someone to invest half the money I need as collateral to the bank.  If I knew somebody like that or had the money I would not be needing the loan.  It is scary times.


It's a big decision to close a successfully running buisness. But, on the other side online businesses are gaining popularity now a day and if you are thinking to open an online store by adding new items it will be helpful in many way; you will be able to grow your profits, which is off course a good deal. Best of luck to you and your team.


I'm sorry to hear about your restaurant closing before I got out there to enjoy your food.  But, living in Northern CA, I haven't had a lot of occasions to get out that way.

Best of luck with taking your grocery business to another level.  I know that's not exactly an easy road to hoe either.

Going back to your previous blog post, the upcoming Lesnar match is very exciting.  I absolutely loved Paul Heiman's recent blog touting the match - can that man write with passion or what? 

Here's hoping that UFC puts together an overall card as strong as the last PPV that Lesnar participated in - I'll be glad to part with some PPV dollars once again if they do so.


Sorry to hear that the restaurant is closed.  It is indeed a tough time for any business, especially one that relies in large part upon peoples' diminished disposable income.  But it's great that the online business will continue.  I love the sauces, and especially the chipotle ketchup, and will be ordering again soon.

Take care, hang in there, and it'll be interesting to see where your professional life takes you next.

Daryl Royal

Wayne, MI

Sorry to hear about you business JR. I was planning on stopping by there later this year. Glad to hear that you are looking to expand more into stores. If we can't see your face on TV or hear your voice on WWE at least we'll be able to buy you sauce & jerky still.



I was worried when you said that you were considering closing the store. I've had the opportunity to visit on two occasions when visiting my family in Oklahoma. Both trips were very memorable and pleasurable experiences for me and my family. J.R.'s Family BBQ will be missed.


I'm very sorry to hear that you had to close down your dream.  Remember though, eventually the economy will turn (once we get a GOOD President again) and I'm sure you have learned from your mistakes, which you won't likely make again, so keep your head held high and keep plugging away at the website and grocery stores.  I'm a big fan of your BBQ sauces and the Chipotle Ketchup is next on my list!  Take care.


did you close down just the one restaurant or both of them?

Randy Orton is looking forward to the day when he can finally deliver a punt to the head of Glen Beck as well as executing an RKO to any tea partiers

I wish to express my condolences to you on the closure of your BBQ joint. I know in reading the site and you talking about it, it was your baby and it must've been heartbreaking to throw in the towel.

But, there are a couple of things you COULD try.

I know you made a cookbook, but is it possible to make a cookbook with JUST recipes from the restaurant?

Also, since you couldn't run it, have you ever tried licensing out the J.R.'s Family BBQ name to prospective restauratiers so they could own one of their own, like McDonald's does or like Jennifer LeRoy wanted to do with Tavern before she lost the battle? It would rock to see a J.R. BBQ in NYC or maybe here in Elizabeth/Newark. I know it would OWN here.

Things to think about but I would NEVER let the end be the end. Instead, I'd let the end be the beginning. Although, it's kick ass that you will still sell the sauce and the jerky.

NOOOO!  Why!?? I loved the bar b que, are you closing down both or just the one in Norman? Will the one in Moore be closed as well?? I was planning on coming out to eat some bbq on my birthday in June :(  Good luck in all your future endeavors.

Sorry to hear the restaurant in Norman is closed, my family was driving through oklahaoma 2 years ago and we made a stop at the restauranr and loved it. Was looking forward to going back one day...damnit




JR, we hate to see that you closed the restaurant.  Did you have to close the place because you lost your WWE contract?  That WWE talent contract was obviously your major source of income and they had to know that when those checks stopped coming in, you might well lose your restaurant.  Clearly you closed the restaurant within weeks after your contract ended. Its too bad the WWE couldn't see fit to become a silent partner in your venture.  I hope you gave your hardworking restaurant employees a little something when you laid them off.  Its hard to get work these days! 

My WWE contract had ZERO to do with closing the restaurant. We handled the closing the right way with our people.

Hey JR,

I'm truly sorry to hear about your restaurant.  I understand the sting since I had to recently downsize my company  due to the economic hit that I took in 2009.  If there's one thing that I've learned, however, it's that having a "brick and mortar" base of operations is a lot less important than it used to be, especially if you're selling a lot of your sauces via the web.

I'm sure that your online business will continue to do well - in fact, I'm trying to convince a few of my American friends to let me ship your sauces to their addresses since I can't order it up here in Canada.

All the best to you JR, try to stay positive and just know that your fans are all thinking of you!

Hey there, I just wanted to say that i'm truly sadden by the closure. Visiting your restaurant was a weekend tradition for me and my family. I live in Lawton but every weekend we would drive to O.K.C. shop and visit family and ALWAYS on the way back stop in and I'm a tried and true OSU cowboy deep inside. Do you know how hard it is for me to stop in Norman? But your food is more than worth it even though we would get crazy looks from other patrons because we come in draped in orange and black! This will really dampen our visits to O.K.C. because we all looked forward to coming in. We all make sure not to eat anything so we would be ready once we got there! I remember one time you were actually there and my 13 year old son went nuts and got a autograph from you even though you were entertaining some friends and I thought that was really amazing of you to do that under those circumstances. I wish nothing but the best for you and yours and hope to see ya July 19th in Tulsa. Take care.

Well this sucks. Last year while going home to Minnesota from San Antonio my wife and I stopped to eat at your restaurant. Both of us LOVED the food. The best BBQ and sweet tea I've had. In fact, we made great effort to hit it again on our way back to San Antonio. It was going to be my mission to visit again this year when I headed back up. Kudos to a great restaurant and a big hiss to the horrible economy that takes treasures like this away from us. You're still the man JR!

Glad to hear things are looking up for you health wise and career wise.  But, I do have a big concern.  Does this mean I shouldn't expect those great BBQ Ribs in catering this year?

Hey JR,

I live in Norman and I wanted to know if I could get one of the glasses from JR's Family BBQ (if you haven't given them all away or thrown them away)

If so, that would be awesome, and something to remember your restaraunt by.

(PS. I'm going miss those beans n' bits with that delcious cornbread. I'm assuming it's a family recipe and you don't want to give that away.)

JR. we hope that you might give those of us who loyally read your website a shot at the leftover inventory you might have from the restaurant.  Tshirts, glasses, .etc  We are big fans of yours and would love the shot at some souvenirs.  In fact I still have a bottle of original JRs bbq sauce from the WWF NY restaurant in NYC complete with the little felt cowboy hat!

So sorry to hear you closed down. And just weeks before I was going to make my (Second) annual drive from Atlanta, GA to Brownsville, TX with a "SLIGHT" detour to Norman, OK for some GREAT "Q".  :-(  (Yeah I had a couple other stops on the way, but really used them as excuses to justify visiting your restaurant...  Seriously).

I am SO GLAD that you are continuing the on-line sales, perhaps you could bring back the Jalapino Honey Mustard?  :-)

Any chance you might re-visit the restaurant buisness somewhere down the road? Perhaps in a bigger market (such as Atlanta...  Hint, Hint)?

Will you perhaps keep the gigantic smoker/trailer and continue some catering/sporting events?

What about the items from the restaurant? will you be selling any of the glasses etc on-line?

BEST WISHES in ALL you do J.R.



Am so sorry to hear that you had to close your awesome restaraunt. My mom brother and I ate there quite a few times when we visited from Cleveland Ohio last year. We have plans to visit again this year and all we talked about was getting back to JR's for some awesome food. Even though that won't happen now we will still be buying your great Hot Sauce. But we are so going to miss them awesome beans, corn bread, and coleslaw. They were the best we ever had!  Miss you on WWE its sure not the same without you! God Bless You and we are so glad you are feeling better!

I'm so sorry to hear about that.  I always plan my trips to Norman and JR's was always on that list of MUST get to.  I will also support Daryl Ray's place as he and his family are great folks, but JR's was special for so many things.  I will miss it greatly.  Like you said it's going to be a blessing for you and that's what counts.  I just emailed Tommy Good about it.  I'm sure he'll be bummed big time as he loved going there with Stephen after games.  Glad to see you do busy though.  I'm sure that you'll put yourself in some great professional positions.  

Boomer Sooner!!!

That's a drag. I made a detour 2 years ago when moving to Texas specifically so I could eat at JR's (I still have the signed t-shirt, although the signature is barely visible now!).

Great Q, and my wife loved the jerky.



    Sorry to hear you are closing your BBQ restaurant. I too would love to have your red bean recipe. Those are/were the best beans I have ever had. I guess I will miss seeing all the great memorabilia you had on display as much as I will miss the great food. Will we still be able to get your BBQ at the OU football games this upcoming season? Have you worked out something to get you sauces in outstate Homeland stores , such as the Ardmore Homeland? Best of luck in all your future endeavors and will be looking for you on the side lines at the OU football and basketball games.

Hey J.R.

Sorry to hear about the BBQ place closing for good I never been their but I seen the picture and BBQ is my fav food one day i will get some sauce from you one day I'll will.

P.S. I hope Hogan will be ok we don't need him too pass away. take care J.R. hope to see you back on WWE classic on demand.

Sorry to hear about the closing of what I'm sure was a kick butt eatery. Hope all is well with everyone involved. Good luck with your future endeavors.

Boomer Sooner!!


Sorry to hear about the restaurant.

Any truth to the rumors that you're leaving WWE to call WNBA games?

I sent you this in an email as well, but I wanted to make sure you got it.  I also wanted to make sure the wrestling world knows how great your food is.

I wanted to offer my sincere condolences for the closing of your restaurant. I’m a long time passionate wrestling fan and I moved to Norman just two years ago from New Jersey. I was excited when I spotted your store off of 35 and I’ve eaten there at least three times a month since I’ve been here. You offered an authentic southern BBQ experience which I will not forget. I’m just glad I was able to bring one fellow wrestling fan to your store before it closed. I also brought several friends from New Jersey there and everyone still raves about your “Good Ole Boy Nachos”!

Our town is plagued with chain food and fast food restaurants. Coming from NJ where there is a mom and pop shop on every block, I greatly admired your venture. Your restaurant was among the best and I will sorely miss eating there.

I hope to see you on a wrestling promotion again soon. I think I’m experiencing JR withdrawal; no BBQ and no announcing.

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That location has always been a death sentence even back to mile o'cars... shame.  I was always a Rib Depot man myself. - JT

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