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Greetings all. Happy to be home after what seems to be like a boatload of travel over the past several weeks. Let's get to it.....

I bought the Survivor Series for $54.95 without any preconceived notions of what might or might not occur. I've been in OU Football mode the past several days after finishing my work at NXT in Orlando on Thursday night.

Biggest match of the night as far as the promotion was concerned was the WWE Title Bout featuring @CMPunk, @JohnCena, and @Ryback22. It seemed that this match accomplished several things including getting Punk to becoming a 365 day WWE Champion and on an apparent, collision course to meet the @TheRock at the Royal Rumble, or so it seems. That could always change between now and then considering that WWE could shock us with a TLC PPV ending that would surprise.

The announce table demolition always works for me as a fan but not so much when I was announcing. That's another story for another time. It was as if Ryback got thrown from a car crash before the vehicle imploded.

The inclusion of the NXT talents into the equation intrigues me and I'm anxious to see how these three, talented young men evolve on WWE programming over the next several weeks. @WWERollins, @TheDeanAmbrose, and @RomanReigns all have something viable to contribute but, as usual, it will depend on how they continue to invest in their game and maximize their 'playing time.' Bottom line, WWE has brought three, potentially viable talents into the mix in an impactful manner which I find refreshing. 

I've seen all three of these young, NXT talents enough to know that their in ring skills are, by and large, solid and that they all possess the necessary personalities to contribute to WWE for years to come. This trio's introduction was one of the brightest aspects of the Survivor Series for me.

@WWESheamus vs. @WWETheBigShow was the closest thing to an old school match on the PPV. I love their pacing as I'm not into today's, microwave, move a second mind set on which some fans embrace. Sheamus' chair shot attack on Show was memorable and straight from Idaho. I'm a fan of this rivalry.

Amazing how the audience has connected with Daniel Bryan's TV persona. It shows that fans still recognize talent. Bryan would be a star in any generation that I've experience in my career. 

@HeelZiggler had a helluva night. 

Miz's apparent persona tweak has my interest. I'm certainly optimistic of Miz' potential in his new role and his future. I like guys with outstanding work ethic and Miz fits that bill.  

The opening match was well done. Lots of athleticism overall and was a nice kickoff to the PPV.

Enjoyed the work of @MichaelCole, @JerryLawler and @JCLayfield as three man announce tables are often challenging to navigate. Good job by all. Any time the announcers make the story about the talents and not themselves it is a giant step in the right direction. All three, talented broadcasters did that Sunday night.

Antonio Cesaro reminds me of how many old timers used to describe the late, great Johnny Valentine. He performs at a deliberate pace, is SO fundamentally sound and once he 'clicks' he will stay that way TFN. Big fan of the United States Champion's skills.

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Really enjoyed my trip to West Virginia over the weekend and the Sooners were fortunate to leave Morgantown with a 50-49 Big 12 win. Did you know that some WVU tailgates feature 'moonshine?' That's what I hear...and homemade chili made with venison. 

I ran into former WWE announcer Jack Korpela while at WVU as he now works for the ABC affiliate in Morgantown.  

It's Bedlam time here in Oklahoma as the Sooners play in state rival Oklahoma State this Saturday afternoon here in Norman. That one is going to be a dogfight and the fact that OU is favored by 8.5 points is insane to me. The Brisco Brothers Cowboys are looking to win on hostile ground while OU looks to get retribution for last year's butt whipping in Stillwater. I love the fact that the game is a 2:30 pm local kickoff. 

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Thanks for stopping by and paying us a visit. Life is good and count your blessings.

Boomer Sooner!



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Soooooo Dean Ambrose crossed Ryback right out da gate ? Has Paul created a stable ? Thank goodness there is no Scout meeting tonight. I won't miss the first hour of RAW. 

 Hello JR...Wanted to say that you are one of the reasons wrestling was so much better in the past. Your calling of matches and passion came across and made US care. It is getting better but still a long ways from you. Just my opinion. 

My question is now that we have the 3 NXT guys on the main roster who is next down in NXT? Love to see Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper on RAW. What are your opinons?

Thanks JR for all the great memories.