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While dodging another attack from Mother Nature, I welcome you back to our site. Great weekend to order JR's products from WWEShop.com or Americansoda.co.uk. Let's grill..   WWE finishing an amazing, long, successful tour of Europe in the next few hours. The company's footprint continues to grow as some new markets debuted on this tour and more new areas will be featured in the near future. If WWE has strong TV exposure in your area and you aren't in a war zone where travel is unsafe while having ample facilities then you're likely to be able to see WWE live at some point in the future. I admire the folks who have been on this most recent odyssey as they have to work, take long flights back to the USA adn then be at their best with Monday Night Raw going live as usual and then taping Friday night Smackdown on Tuesday.  One of the first orders of the day upon returning is to sleep and do laundry. My first international event for WWE was right after WM9 (toga time) in Sheffield, England. Anyone remember that broadcast in the UK?   Nobody promotes their projects, except perhaps me, harder than @MichaelCole and @JCLayfield, for the @LayfieldReport. Excellent app that I high suggest you download. It's FREE and it provides you will tons of info in succinct form on a variety of topics. Occasionally you can even read some JR"s content there.  @TheRock says that he 'might' have wrestled his last match. I say its not the season for 'mights' and that a performer/athlete like Dwayne Johnson goes out on his terms and not because of a fixable injury.  Taking the Mrs to see 'Pain and Gain' this weekend....BTW.  Want to watch #UFC159 tonight on PPV but also am anxious to see how a Russell Westbrook-less OKC Thunder adjust in the NBA Playoffs vs. the Houston Rockets. Gut says the Thunder will be ok even though the bookies have them as the underdogs tonight.  Chael Sonnen vs. Jon Bones Jones won't go five rounds. I see a stoppage on 'Bones' behalf in the 2nd or 3rd round. I hope that I'm wrong as I'm a Sonnen fan. @CMPunk will be on the front row on the PPV tonight along with, I assume, Lita/Amy Dumas.  If I were the NXT talents I'd add a little sauce to my meal this Thursday night at Full Sail University for the TV tapings. The next call ups should be all that those kids should be thinking about and more specifically, am I on that list?  I'm not planning on doing a podcast at this time but will be a guest on @steveaustinBSR podcast in the future.  I'm getting lots of inquiries about appearances at a variety of events and will keep you posted if any materialize that works for me. I've never done that many appearances and feel, as it relates to this matter, that less is more. Some fans still believe that a  TV rating, specifically TV14,  is what makes a wrestling show either good or not. Some fans continue to clamor for WWE to return to a TV14 rating but I don't see it happening. What made the Attitude Era successful was the talent roster that was dotted with main event level, hungry, competitive athletes who had no issue pushing a peer out of the way to get to the main event level and then fight like hell to stay there. I contend that great talents can make PG rated TV be ultra successful over the long haul if the presentation is smart and strategic.  I'm looking for some simple, healthy recipes using JR's products either in the kitchen or on the grill. Please send them to the Q&A section with your address and I will periodically pick a winner for some JR's products and autographed swag. It's that simple. Plus, the healthier and more simple the better.   Happy @Steelers drafted Landry Jones to back up QB Big Ben. Class kid is Landry who will be playing for our favorite NFL team thanks to the Pittsburgh woman that I married.  My mama didn't raise no fool.    Landry is a classy kid who is a football junkie, happily married and leaves OU with a college degree and most of the passing records. He won a ton of games for the Sooners surrounded the past year or two with, arguably, average talent in many areas. I see @RealJackSwagger stepping up his game, especially lately,  and @WWEZeb deserves much of the credit. Even a pet coon goofy blind man can see that Swagger is a great athlete but there is more to becoming a star in ring performer than just athleticism of which many of us covet. It's the intangibles such as in ring psychology that must also be in place. The veteran Zeb looks to be an excellent tutor for the former Sooner wrestling all American. Thanks for stopping by and for supporting our family's efforts to build our JR's brand of BBQ Sauces, Chipotle Ketchup, Main Event Mustard, All Purpose Seasoning/Dry Rub, 5 flavors of Beef Jerky. Visit http://www.wweshop.com and http://www.americansoda.co.uk to order. Q&A's here are updated. Read 'em and leave your questions. You're invited to follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. It's a fun ride. Boomer Sooner! J.R.    
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Dirty Dutch is great on the 'stick', even if some of the stuff his says may lean more to the babyface side.