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It's a beautiful Saturday in Norman for the @TobyKeithMusic Benefit Concert at OU's Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium to benefit the tornado victims of our area. Over 70,000 fans are expected to attend and 100% of the proceeds go to helping rebuild the local communities affected. With that said, .....LET'S GRILL!

The WWE Performance Center is a game changer in many ways. It will put added pressure on the recruiting efforts by all involved to bring big time, world class athletes into the program plus it will demand even a higher level of coaching and mentoring by the staff. The facility is a show place and the expectations for enhanced results are, as they should be, going up. 

Saw a video online where a fan assaulted a wrestler at ringside which did not work out so well for the 'civilian.' Back in the Mid South Wrestling days, whenever a civilian would attack a wrestler inside the barricades or in the ring, the perpetrator would be escorted to the back of the arena usually to a dark, secure location. There the assailant would be provided the opportunity to continue their 'assault.' Often times, it left the brave soul in the hands of promoter Cowboy Bill Watts while police turned their heads and looked elsewhere. The end result was the assailant was usually jailed for trespassing, criminal mischief and assault and spent the evening in jail usually in need of stitches and dental work. 

If you haven't checked out 'Ray Donovan' on @Showtime then I highly recommend it. It has a 'Sopranos" feel to it inasmuch as it's violent, gritty, feels real, has great characters, spot on writing and allows one to escape reality and to enjoy the ride. Of course, I read no 'spoilers' before watching it either or any reviews. I judged the show on what I thought and without being preconditioned. I have watched last Sunday's premier episode three times and it is now must see TV for me. (I'm not a fan of 'spoilers,' obviously.) 

I've added Showtime's Dexter and Ray Donovan to my DVR list of programs that I record weekly.

I swear that you can grill virtually anything, within reason,  on your grill and use only JR's All Purpose Seasoning/Rub and love what you produce. It's the best, single ingredient seasoning that I've ever used. It's available at http://www.wweshop.com and one bottle will usually last for months. Yes, I'm biased but try it and I feel confident that you will agree. 

Aaron Hernandez seemingly has made so many life changing/destroying problems largely because he could not detach from his bottom feeding friends. I've seen young wrestlers with great promise attach themselves to bottom feeders who were just happy to have a job and knew that their days were numbered within the system and that they had little or no chance of reaching the main event level of WWE. The impressionable, young talents had to make the decision to detach or derail. It happens in all walks of life. This is why every athletic entity including an organization such as WWE has to have great mentoring by their coaches for these impressionable young talents. 

UFC 162 is tonight on PPV and I'm planning on watching unless the Mrs. unbooks me. I need to make 'fight week' some year in Vegas. What are the ramifications if Anderson Silva loses to Chris Weidman in the main event? It won't hurt Spider a bit and it makes Weidman a bigger star with a built in PPV main event rematch. If I watch,  I will be live Tweeting my observations  @JRsBBQ which usually pisses off the hardcore MMA fans.

The never ending tale of NBA star Dwight Howard makes my case even better that high school hoopsters would be better served to attend at least two years of college and actually go to class and pass their courses before venturing into the deep end of the money pool in the NBA. Howard is a uber talented albeit immature athlete who seemingly feels entitled and has apparently never had the chance to be a kid. His vacillation in finally deciding on which team is going to make him richer has been a turnoff except, I'm assuming, for NBA hardcores. Long term, guaranteed money is often times another form of financial insanity within the world of professional athletics. 

Maturity issues are something that any organization has to deal with which is why I do not covet the signing 18-19 year old kids to WWE Developmental deals. Just my personal take. 

Only Cardiff has VIP tickets remaining for my first ever, Spoken Word Tour coming to the UK August 24-27 in Cardiff, London, Manchester, and Glasgow. For show info or secure tickets simply go to http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/. VIP tickets earn you a private meet and greet and all that entails.

Our partner in the UK, http://www.americansoda.co.uk will be on site at these shows selling JR's products that they stock in their stores and distribute online.  

Notice that I will be home in time to not miss my Oklahoma Sooners home opener on Saturday night August 31. Amazing coincidence, right? 

Twitter is a wonderful social media vehicle especially when one gets verbally face slapped for not wishing someone a happy birthday. I have 830,000+ followers @JRsBBQ of which we hope to push to 1M by year's end. 

Bray Wyatt isn't another Jake Roberts or another Waylon Mercy as some suggest. He's going to have some of those men's tendencies or personality traits but Bray Wyatt is uniquely himself. I've seen the young man become this persona over time notwithstanding dropping a few pounds while increasing his strength and quickness. Being from an athletic family, Bray Wyatt is blessed with the '2nd Gear' that is coveted on the gridiron, etc or inside a 20X20 ring. Big men that can move have an opportunity to find a long term home within the biz and always have. That's not a new concept. The Wyatt Family debuts this Monday night on RAW. 

Fun contest ongoing now at www.awfulannouncing.com where they have a tournament where fans can vote for their favorite 'calls' in a variety of sports from a variety of broadcasters. I'm honored to be even in the contest along with some of great broadcasters that I've admired from afar. Not sure when voting ends but check it out if you have the chance. 

Really enjoyed the latest Legends Roundtable show on WWE On Demand. The topic is Wrestling and Patriotism. No other Roundtables are scheduled, that I am aware of, at this time but are fun shows in which to be a part. 

Love the experts that call me an idiot for even suggesting that Sting could some day be a member of the WWE Hall of Fame because he's never wrestled in WWE. I'm not sure who the idiot is within this discussion but this development wouldn't set a precedent. Check out the list, Einstein. 

I've updated the Q&A's elsewhere here on the site. Throw me your questions there if you choose and i will try and address them. 

Thanks to those who support our efforts and use our JR's products on their grill and in their kitchens. You are greatly appreciated.

Boomer Sooner!

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i disagree, i wish ppl would compare Bray Whyatt to Waylon Mercy, etc as they once said 'imitation is a form of flatery' & it's an association that gets kids liking the old wrestling (via youtube) & being a fan of their faves comparisons & mentors - the territiries may be long gone but for example,  a young fan asking his/her dad about Bill Watts b/c JR mentioned him on twitter isn't really a bad thing imo & w/o Cowboy Bob Orton there'll not be a Randy Orton today K.C. Lambert
 Interesting how you are an idiot for suggesting that Sting should go into the WWE Hall of Fame. I guess that Verne Gagne and Nick Bockwinkel get kicked out now. I did not know that being a WWE wrestler was the criteria. I guess a group called the Horsemen get removed too.
"The end result was the assailant was usually jailed for trespassing, criminal mischief and assault and spent the evening in jail usually in need of stitches and dental work." I still find it amazing that despite the wrestling as being "fake" (for contextual purposes here), the emotions of fans can still boil over enough to assault wrestlers over barricades or charge the ring.  Maybe I'm just too level-headed enough, whether or not I've had a couple. Beyond that, every wrestler is uniquely themself but the real smart ones draw some tendencies from the past.  Waylon Mercy was a character before his time, though he had a hell of a look when he applied that sleeper.  The Wyatts should I hope take all this one step further and I am really looking forward to seeing this take shape now that they get on TV (watched a few developmental matches). Finally, I'll put the seasoning on back-order.  Got a ton of it now I'm dealing with and no matter what you buy it always seems to last a long time, even if you grill/use it a lot.
 The incident with a fan reminded me of a match years ago at the Myriad in OKC. Kimala had just finished off his opponent when a fan jumped into the ring to attack Kimala. One chop from Kimala dropped the guy to the mat. 
I always enjoyed the stories of when fans try to get into the action, from the legendary Hatpin Mary to that moron who tried interfering in the RVD/Eddie Guerrero ladder match.  I remember seeing a video on YouTube of Jim Cornette relating a story of one encounter between an over-exuberant fan and Hercules Hernandez that just had me rolling.  Too many drunken idiots trying to show their friends and girlfriends how all these "fake wrestlers" aren't so tough.