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Good day every one and I hope one and all have a great weekend. Enough with the pleasantries so let's start the fire and get to grilling. This weekend save 17% on all orders at WWEShop.com including all of our JR's products and packages. Great time to stock up and the 17% savings helps offset much if not all shipping costs. Today is a grilling day here in Norman but our products are just as effective for kitchen use as they are for your grill. This sales ends Sunday evening so don't delay.  The Q&A's are updated here on the site. They are quick reads and you get an honest answer if your question is not repetitive or just plan pet coon goofy.  Big night in Montreal tonight with #UFC158 on PPV. This event certainly isn't one dimensional but all the Nick Diaz fueled talk has overshadowed essentially all else on this card. Diaz is a polarizing albeit talented mixed martial artist. He's also, apparently, to those in positions of authority a pain in the backside with which to interact and manage. That goes with the territory at times. I've been around many talented performers who I'd never want to invite to a family meal in my home but I generally found a way to manage them. Talents that draw money get more leeway than those that don't. Is that 'air?' Likely not but neither is life at times.   Diaz has been a lightning rod of controversy and off the wall, unscripted sound bytes in the build of this fight against the hometown hero and somewhat reserved George St. Pierre, who's known for his wrestling and not his promos. GSP has a pristine image to uphold which is a positive in the land of tattooed trash talkers that often times permeate MMA. However, even the normally reserved GSP has seemingly allowed Diaz to get under his skin. That could be a mistake for the beloved French Canadian. If Diaz can motivate GSP to brawl, Diaz gains the advantage against the heavy favorite. If I were in Vegas, I'd have to lay some disposable income on the long shot Diaz just for the fun of it. Like most, I predict GSP to win tonight's fight. While some within the UFC may roll their eyes and feel compelled to tolerate Diaz' behavior, at times, don't think for one moment that Nick Diaz hasn't done a stellar job of selling tonight's main event whether it was premeditatedly  intentional or merely because that's just how Diaz is. Hopefully the announcers, Mike Goldberg @MFG16 and @JoeRogan, who both do good  work even though they shouldn't be broadcasting what seems to be "all day," will lay out on both GSP and Diaz' entrances so the fans at home can feel the organic, natural sounds that are coming from the Bell Center.   I've been in the Bell Center for some unique moments over the years w/ WWE and no announcer can ever do better than simply laying out and allowing the packed house of emotionally invested fans have their say.  Pulling for Okie Johnny Hendricks tonight but he's in for a tough fight too. Said this recently, for the announce team of Goldberg and Rogan to have to broadcast approximately 6 hours and then do the main event everyone paid to see and be at the top of their game is not good management. No matter how good an announce team is, having to listen to the same two voices through the afternoon's prelims and then on into the night for a high dollar PPV just isn't logical or good positioning for any company.     @steveaustinBSR about to head to Mexico to tape season three of CMT's Redneck Island and then onto his ranch in south Texas to start a new, reality show for CMT taped on the Broken Skull Ranch. Plus, the Texas Rattlesnake and devout JR's BBQ Sauce and Chipotle Ketchup user is about to step into the world of weekly podcasts. Stay tuned and follow Steve on Twitter for more info.  Helluva match on Friday Night Smackdown between @RealJackSwagger and @IAmJericho. Jericho brings out the best in everyone he faces, which is a legit artform on the grappling canvas, and the former Division One, two sport athlete Swagger is getting better each week. Swagger's addition of veteran Zeb Colter to his presentation has been positive from the young Oklahoman's development. Also enjoyed Kane Vs. Ziggler along with the Ziggler entourage of AJ and Big E. Ziggler is at an interesting place in his career evolution right now....Ziggler's obviously going to be a big star but it seems as if he almost has as many fans cheering him as he does fans booing the former Kent State wrestling star. Same goes for the feedback that I get on Twitter.   Loved the Eagles documentary on Showtime so much I've watched the show twice and have it on DVR. Love the history of the group and their issues along the way have many sports entertainment elements sprinkled throughout as it relates to interacting with peers, teammates and management. I can't tell you how many hours I've listened to the Eagles on my iPod while preparing for a WWE PPV broadcast. Their music is multi-dimensional and provides one with many influences and mindsets which is imperative especially when broadcasting PPV's. At this time I am appearing at the WWE Super Store at Met Life Stadium on Friday April 5 from 1-3 pm promoting and signing JR's products. I am also going to be at AXXESS Saturday morning from 8-10 a.m. I may get other assignments and will keep you informed here and on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Many have asked but I do not know when the full WWE AXXESS schedule will be released to the public but I'd assume that WWE.com would be the place to get that info.  Still getting some lingering feedback regarding @CMPunk interrupting The Undertaker's tribute to the late, Paul Bearer Monday night. Again, I did not and do not have a problem with it especially considering that WWE honored the memory of my late friend throughout the night. For PB to be involved in another major, storyline leading into WrestleMania, would have thrilled him to no end. Villains do bad things and usually get their comeuppance in the end. Time will tell on the latter as it relates to Punk ending 'The Streak' which would be as big a defining moment as when the Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan at WM6, in the eyes of some.  Was asked about if there was something that I could do over in my career what would it be. There aren't too many things because I'm a believer that things happen for a reason and we generally get what we have earned in life. However, I would love to have a 'do over'  on my part of the call of @ShawnMichaels vs. @NatrBoyRicFlair bout. They deserved better from me at WM24. Perhaps I was TOO invested in the retirement match. However, no excuses just wish I had nailed it better. Read about half of Jimmy Korderas' book yesterday. Enjoying the stories and it's bringing back many memories. Good, Canadian, life long fan who got to live his dream through hard work and diligence. More to come.    UK fans and fans throughout Europe can order JR's products from the @americansoda website or visit an American Candy store near you.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.   @JRsBBQ            

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