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With the Slammy Awards being held this Monday on RAW where the winners will be determined by fan vote on the WWE App, so here are my "votes"...

Superstar of the Year...No brainer...WWE Champion @CMPunk. Need I explain? Let us count the days.

Breakout star of the year...@Ryback22...making an impact and has reached PPV, main event status. Hopefully, for Ryback his best is yet to come.

Trending Now Award...well, I'd like for it to be #Sauceit but that would go over like flatulence in church so I'll go with either #WWE13 or #Boots2Asses. @TheRock is the smart money.

Comeback of the Year...How can one have a bigger comeback than returning to life after being clinically dead for approximately 15 minutes? @JerryLawler wins hands down.

Kiss of the Year....really? Really? Hmmm this is something that I haven;t given that much thought to but let's go with @JohnCena and Eve with @ZackRyder helplessly looking on from a wheel chair. Is there really "kissing in rasslin?"

Tell Me That I Did NOT Just See That...most shocking moment of the year. King's heart attack aside...I can't think of one moment that jumps out at me but the return of @HeymanHustle has to be a consideration. @TheShield impacting @WWE would be another. It's a wide open category. What whacky incident won this Slammy last year?  

LOL Moment of the Year...easy one..Daniel Bryan and Kane's therapy sessions...hands down. Laugh out loud funny in a world where 'wrestling comedy' often falls on its face.

Match of the Year....I'm admittedly biased...WrestleMania 28...Hell in a Cell..Undertaker vs. HHH with @ShawnMichaels as special referee. I was surprised to get the call to assist in calling the bout and it was a career highlight for me. There likely won't be any thing like that specific moment featuring three, iconic legends and HOF level talents in one match on that stage again in my career ever again. It was one of the most dramatically physical bouts I've seen in WWE in years and was the best match on the premier, WWE PPV from where I was sitting. Again, remember, I'm biased but that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. 

Sauce of the Year...JR's Original BBQ Sauce from WWEShop.com. What? That's not a category? Is it another shameless plug? Yes it is!

#121212Concert was enjoyable and for a wonderful cause as it helped the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the tri state area of the Northeast. Have to admit when Kanye got to his second song, I was channel surfing. One doesn't have to wonder why there were few crowd shots during his performance. Talented dude but he seemed out of place on that 'card.' Same for the SNL comedian who I did not know. My bad.  

The "old guys rule" theory prevailed on that concert without question. 

@Americansoda in Manchester has distributed some JR's products in their region of the world including Glasgow, Scotland among others. Check out American Soda's website for more info. 

#OU vs. #TAMU in the Cotton Bowl may have close to 90-100,000 fans in Jerry World in Arlington, Texas. Standing Room Only tickets are briskly being sold.  Sooners are the underdogs as Johnny Football and the Aggies are a 5 point favorite. I'm planning on attending the January 4 game and a win would be a great birthday present for a guy who needs nothing but good health.

@NFL thinking of expanding the playoffs is insanity. That'd be like having a dozen titles defended on one wrestling, TV show. It waters down the product plus more games equate to more injuries which equates to a less than stellar product on the field. The game is still the thing Mr. Goodell. It seems as if the NFL Commissioner is trying too hard to fix something that isn't broken to help establish his own legacy. Lighten Up, Roger.  

Hearing some troubling rumors regarding @UFC star Jon "Bones" Jones as it relates to how he utilizes his free time when in Las Vegas. Hey, Jones is a grown man and can do what he chooses as everyone's life is about making choices, preferably smart ones. Jones isn't the face of UFC yet but he certainly could be one day soon. Hopefully, if any of these rumors are true, those in Bones' entourage, etc will assert themselves and make sure that the marvelously gifted fighter isn't allowed to travel too far down the wrong road simply because he's young, rich, and becoming more famous by the day. 

On a side note, professional athletes & entertainers more often than not have disturbing expiration dates on their careers. Sadly, most are also financially illiterate. It's up to those closest to the said 'jock' to help him or her acquire the much needed, basic financial knowledge to survive and to do all that they can to make sure that the simplest and smartest things are done....IE one cannot spend more than they make nor can they put themselves in a position to allow one, really stupid incident to derail their career. 

@MichaelCole and @JCLayfield seem to be having fun promoting and hosting their show on WWE.com. New episodes are posted on Fridays. I watch every week and always get a chuckle because that's how us 'stocky guys' laugh. BTW...Cole is no one's "sidekick." 

Just for you that frequently inquire, we have had casual talks with Home Shopping Network about doing a guest shot on #HSN with JR's products and hope to perhaps finalize something for the future. 

Will focus more on WWE's TLC PPV later in the week with predictions but I'm anxious to watch from home on Sunday. It certainly seems that this PPV is more unpredictable than usual and that some new talents are in the mix in some fresh matchups. I'm anxious to see how @TheShield performs and feel that they will be excellent. @TheDeanAmbrose, @WWERollins, and @RomanReigns have been preparing for this opportunity for varying lengths of time. Sunday is 'game day' and my suggestion to them is to throw caution to the wind and come out aggressive as hell and apologize later.

The next NXT date in Orlando @FullSail is Thursday January 10 with special guest @ShawnMichaels and no, kids, HBK isn't going to wrestle. But it will be great to see Shawn and the athletes at NXT should be very honored to have one of the all time greats, arguably the best ever, there to help THEM get better.

You have a personal invite to follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. 

I'll be doing national radio this Saturday morning at 10:30 central with Sean Pendergast on Yahoo Sports Radio. you can listen online if you can't hear it over the air at http://www.yahoosportsradio.com. We'll talk WWE TLC and football. 

Happy @RealBillyGunn is officially a member of the training staff at NXT. Billy was one of the best, pure athletes that we ever had on our talent roster. Arguably, the best all around athlete we ever had. Expect huge things from WWE Talent Development in 2013. 

The Q&A's here have been updated. Read them. You might discover some "dirt."  

Boomer Sooner!


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Jeez JR lots of Blogs lately and it's hard to keep up with them all. How WWE can't find a place for the greatest announcer of all time on one of their many shows is kinda mind boggling but so is a lot of WWE's creative decisions over the past decade. 

As for the Slammy's which if it's a fan voting thing than it means nothing since most of the fans IQ is less than their shoe size. Ooops i'm sounding like CM Punk. But it's true. So the awards are as meaningless as they were 25 years ago. But yeah Punk is Wrestler of the year since he's been WWE champion for the entire calander year and beat nearly every top talent in that time. Breakout wrestler has to be Ryback who went from Skip Sheffield of the Nexus to facing Punk for the WWE title on PPV's. And Match of the Year of course has to be Taker vs HHH at Mania as it's one of the best matches i've ever seen period. The rest of the awards i could care less about.  

JR, I see you talk a lot about talents being developed and being ready. Yet it seems like a lot of time talent is ready years before getting a chance for the spotlight. Ziggler may have not had the mic much on TV until of late, but he's "maximized his minutes" of exposure through other media via twitter, Zack Ryder's Z Youtube show and now his own Download. Yet it only seems now he's getting some payoff. It just seem like the guy was "ready" 18 months ago. I've not seen enough of Dean Ambrose, but everything I've seen seems like he's ready now. My point, it just seems like some of the most talented on the roster are held back for too long.

J.R. has gone bloggy as a pet coon ! Love it. Don't care much for most of the categories for the slammys and agree with J.R.s picks. Exceptions being................Brad Maddox low blow(most shocking) . Funniest ? I thought Santinos Cobra and plastic cups seg was hillarious as well as Vicky, Hornswaggle and Khali "stretching" on RAW. D. Bryan and Kane have had many LOL moments. Still, one never eeevvvveeeeerr knows what the Universe will pick. They are usually wrong. Jon Jones looks as if he may have some DB qualities about him. The Miz still come off as a TMZ reporter Monday night. He seems even more sleazy now. I like it !  NOT.

 The Slammy's have always been fun to me. One thing I find kind of perturbing with the Slammy's though is the lack of any kind of award for the Divas. Were the Divas overlooked because of all the departures? I mean AJ, Eve and Layla did great this year. I hope in 2013 the Divas division gets re-launched with longer matches and better story lines.

Comeback of the year has to be The King. To go through what he went through is amazing. To be back on Raw and still look the great is remarkable.