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Unfortunate decision Saturday night in the main event at UFC 167, at least in my uneducated and arguably biased opinion as Johny Hendricks got hosed in his split decision loss to George St. Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Title.

This are major issues the state of Nevada has to address as inconsistent judging and embarrassing finishes can drive away PPV customers which can cost the UFC big money if the paying customers become overly frustrated with PPV events. 

It's akin to having lame conclusions in pro wrestling which is even worse considering that those finishes are thought out contrary to what some fans may argue. The genre of pro wrestling has the ability to make their endings fan friendly, to a large degree, but MMA judging has become an unpredictable adventure.  

UFC judging is still relatively new and it must improve and become more consistent. I don't know how much time the judges spend at seminars, in organizational meetings, etc designed to make the judges better. Nor do I know how much away from fight time they are obligated to spend in improving their skill set but something is obviously wrong with the system.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has a huge influence on massive amounts of money that pours into Vegas for UFC events. This is a matter that the highest level of state officials should take a look at and figure out what needs to be done to improve a system that will never be perfect but that can be much better. Losing just one previously scheduled UFC fight from Las Vegas to another city could cost the city and state millions of dollars.

Nonetheless, I send my congratulations to all the hard working folks at UFC for 20 amazing years and here's to another 20+ of even greater success.

Apparently John Cena made a comment about WWE hosting a WrestleMania in London some day. I'd assume that Cena was speculating while interacting with the fans in attendance at a live, WWE event as I've never heard any serious talk about WWE holding their biggest, annual event in London or any where else that it can't be live in North America on a Sunday night at 7 pm eastern time.

Could it happen? Any thing can happen in WWE if they choose to pull the trigger. Will it happen? I have serious doubts.

Not being LIVE in North America is a deal breaker in my estimation but I'm not in WWE so I don't know and am merely addressing some Twitter @JRsBBQ questions.

Another question that has come our way a great deal this week for some reason and even though I've likely stated this countless times, I feel that NO ONE will EVER beat the Undertaker at any WrestleMania event. End of story.

 When Taker decides to hang up his boots and perform a his last WrestleMania that decision should become the focal, promotional point of that particular WrestleMania event. Nothing could be booked that would be bigger or more memorable. I still think that is should happen in Cowboy's Stadium aka Jerry's World in Arlington, Texas with 100,000 strong in attendance but only when Taker is ready.

It looks more like my first 'Evening with Jim Ross Show' in the USA will be in New York City sometime in the early part of 2014. We are still finalizing details including the exact date and ticket info. Stay tuned.

The good folks over at http://www.beyondtheropes.co.uk have extended their JR's package special offer through next Sunday. Grab one while you can if you are in the UK as they make a splendid holiday gift.

Nice win for my Oklahoma Sooners Saturday in Norman which was the last home game of the season. Expect some new faces to see action at quarterback this Saturday in Manhattan, Kansas where OU will play Kansas State. The Wildcats are a tough out at home under cagey, veteran coach Bill Snyder who has his 'Cats playing well. I'm looking forward to making the trip.

Those @Steelers throwback jerseys today are challenging to look at and I'm a big Pittsburg Steeler fan.

 Long and grueling trip for WWE talents who have been throughout Europe the past couple of weeks and change. Considering WWE handles all the travel, provides plenty of food, as in every meal, and lodges their talents at excellent hotels, it makes the trip easier but it can never be made to be like a relaxing vacation. It's a business trip. A series of one night stands, 17 of them for example, is never going to be easy. The travel arrangements and accommodations  are better than they've ever been but again how do you make 17, one might stands easy? You don't.

However, it does make the trip better if talents discipline themselves to get ample rest and don't over imbibe on alcoholic beverages.  

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Because you asked, the reason that I laid down a fresh commentary track on many of the bouts on the Legends of Mid South Wrestling DVD is because they had never aired in their entirety and had no commentary on them. I voiced over all the content in one session the Tuesday after WM29 in Stamford at WWE HQ. In hindsight, I took on a little too much as the session lasted for several hours but it was a blast to go back in time and enjoy some great wrestling.

At he end of that voiceover session I was beginning to sound like broadcast Legend Larry King.

Hitting the Sooner women vs. Louisville women's game today in the preseason WNIT finals here in Norman. Love women's hoops just as much as the men's game.

 In the process of finalizing plans to be in Vegas in December for UFC168. Looking forward to going to Vegas and not having to work.

We could have some interesting announcements to discuss this week regarding some future projects. Stay tuned here and on Twitter @JRsBBQ. The ball is in other folk's court.  

Speaking of Twitter, we are less than 24K from reaching the magic 1 Million followers mark. I hope that you will follow us, too.

If you are a chili freak as am I, you should try and adding our JR's BBQ Sauce, JR's Chipotle Ketchup and our All Purpose Seasoning in your favorite recipe. These ingredients will add some 'personality' and taste to your hearty fare. I especially like turkey and chicken chili and venison too when I can get my hands on it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for the visit.

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JR, saw an interview with Jimmy Hart where he says Hulk Hogan is in talks for 'Mania and the opponent he specifically wants is John Cena. I can imagine Hogan telling the folks in CT that he's one who can get Cena over as a hardcore heel. If Cena deals with Hogan in a less than honorable way, beats the legend by cheating, it could start a year long run as top heel. Plenty of people hate Cena already, and what does he have left to prove as a face? what do you think?
Cena has gone on record multiple times saying that he will never turn Heel again because it would affect all of the Make-A-Wish and other charity stuff that he is involved in (You can't have a bad guy doing charity stuff)

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