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Another lovely day in Oklahoma to wake up and to be alive! Every day above the dirt is a great day. Enjoy your's.

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We are getting some work done on the One Man Show concept that we hope to launch in 2014. As we speak, it looks as if the first show or shows might be in the NYC area in the early part of 2014....with more info coming in the next few weeks.   

We also hope to have at least one show in New Orleans during WrestleMania week and that info should be coming together soon, as well. If you're coming to WM30 please keep us in mind.

These shows will intimate conversations with the audience including Q&A's. storytelling, and VIP meet and greets for some ticket holders. I'm looking forward to them immensely.

Watched some of the Bellator MMA fights on Spike TV Saturday night. Their main event saved what was otherwise an underachieving broadcast. I'm certainly not saying the fighters didn't engage but the overall presentation was moderate, to be kind. 

Not sure who the broadcasters were, and I will admit that I often times get more sensitive to broadcaster's work than I should, but they were buried in the audio mix and their work did not stand out to me. I felt that they were uninspired so, therefore, I became an uninspired viewer.

Sanitized "story telling" whether it be in pro wrestling or in MMA doesn't engage the audience but works well in golf, etc but not in boxing, wrestling or MMA....IMO.

Witty repartee amongst the broadcasters to largely entertain themselves or their producer works at times when used judiciously but certainly not for the duration of a broadcast. Admittedly, every call isn't the bottom of the 9th walk off homerun call, but when the moment is right those key moments must be underscored with approiate emotion and passion on commentary.

It's those moments that viewers take with them when the broadcast leaves the air

Can't tell you how many hits I get especially over the past week or so regarding the rumored for sale sign at TNA Wrestling. I have no solid validation that their company is or isn't for sale and it certainly isn't any of my business. I am interested only because I have many friends who work there and I wish them all the very best in the future.

The most outlandish Tweets @JRsBBQ that I receive are those suggesting that I actually buy TNA which is laughable for many reasons. That question isn't remotely in any game plan that I could ever imagine.

(I've said such with the same conviction that  I never wanted to be involved in various in ring skits and activities.)

If the decision makers within the genre of pro wrestling, sports entertainment, etc can't see what's wrong with their product then I truly feel for them. To continuously over think one of the most straight forward, simple entities on television is amazing to me.

Fans want NEW stars involved in FRESH, personal issues.        

Driving down to Waco this week to watch my Sooners battle a red hot, top shelf Baylor Bears team on Thursday night. OU is a 14 point underdog on the road to a team that is average well over 60 points a game.

I have blind loyalty to my team especially in games that we aren't supposed to win. At this stage of my game, I've endured too many personal challenges in my life to start giving up on things about which I care.

Passion is a funny thing...if one can harness it in specific areas of one's life, like my OU Football fandom for example, then that same passion becomes much easier to replicate in other, more important aspects of one's life.

I can't image any walk through life without having passion about a variety of things. I, like many, need to re-evaluate where I put my passion and make sure that it isn't assigned to the wrong aspects of my life.

Speaking of passion, it would be hard to find anyone that I know with more of it for the things that they are committed to than Chris Jericho. His new, web TV series is a prime example. Funny stuff from @IAmJericho. Check it out. A new episode comes out every Tuesday on You Tube, if I'm correct.

Unless, there are unforeseen upsets on the CFB horizon the national championship game will likely be Alabama vs. Oregon. I'd love to see the playoff system start this year as it would also include FSU and Ohio State. I'm not discounting Baylor as they could easily run the table but the Big 12, overall,  and Baylor's schedule isn't stellar.

Bottom line, a college football playoff for division one is a welcome sight.

Getting closer to pulling the trigger on hitting Vegas in December for the UFC's last show of 2014. That trip sort of depends. to some degree. where Oklahoma will go 'bowling' in the post season.

If all pro wrestling promoters would put as much thought and conviction into viable and believable 'competition' as they do attempting to produce 'entertainment' then the 'entertainment' components would come organically and the competition would suspend the disbelief of the viewers just as it does when we get caught up in a great film.

When dealing with humans on live TV, thinking that there won't be entertaining moments that simply happen, is absurd.

Enjoying answering the questions that are being submitted at J.R.'s Q&A on the home page. Keep them coming.

Thanks to all that enjoy JR's products on an ongoing basis. My family appreciates your support.

Still creeping up on that 1M follower mark on Twitter @JRsBBQ and hope that you will join us.

Another question I get daily...would I consider coming back and broadcasting a match, preferably, the Undertaker match, at WM30? If asked, certainly. Do I expect it to occur? "No Way In Hell," comes to mind. Next.

Going through a huge folder of emails from over the years as I do a little research for a potential book and for the one man show concept and I some of the emails from those within the business are classics..as in laugh out loud funny or out of one's head eye rolling.

Enjoy  your day....tomorrow isn't a guarantee.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.    @JRsBBQ