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Beautiful day here in Norman and I hope that where ever you are that your day is going well. Special thoughts to my many friends in the NE part of the USA after the massive blizzard hit there over the past few days. If we had still been living in Norwalk, Ct we would be dealing with a few feet of snow. Happy to be in Oklahoma and will be attending Bedlam Women Hoops today at #OU. So..let's tip this off...

Can't help but think about Curt Henning aka Mr. Perfect today on the anniversary of his untimely passing. "Perfecto' was as good a natural athlete as I've ever been around in the wrestling biz. Curt starting so young and wrestling so much likely contributed to his lingering back injuries as back ailments are horrific for any performer in the sports entertainment biz. Curt was also one of the funniest guys that I  ever worked with on commentary and had legit, natural timing much like a guy he watched while growing up, Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan.

Curt truly loved life and some could argue that he loved it a little too much at times. Nonetheless I value the relationship that we had and the fun doing WWE voice overs at the Stamford, Ct studios back in the day. Chief Jay Strongbow nicknamed Curt "Dennis the Menace" because of his mischievous demeanor at times.   

Curt was one of my favorite wrestlers and when he was healthy he could hang with anyone. I am optimistic that his son Joe also know as Michael McGillicutty will be a main event level talent before all is said and done. I've seen Joe wrestle a great deal especially down in NXT and he has every thing he needs to be special. It's all about timing and right place at the right time but I'm confident that Joe will persevere and get to the next level and it could happen in 2013. I'd be surprised if it doesn't. 

It's sad that so many internet writers have such a negative, cynical view of why Bruno Sammartino is going to be inducted into the WWE HOF this year at Madison Square Garden. I defend everyone's right to express their opinions especially on their own websites but at times it appears that some people merely write 'sizzle' to enhance  their ad supported websites. 

Asked all the time if I would ever become an  indie wrestling promoter and the answer is always a respectful "No." Too many headaches for me to deal with at this stage of my game plus I've been there as a promoter w/ Lee Roy McGuirk back in the day. I admire those who are promoting on the indy scene in today's world with economic and talent issues with which to deal. 

Hard to believe that David Von Erich died on February 10, 1984 in Tokyo. If David's untimely passing at the age of 35 had not occurred there is no doubt that he would have had multiple runs as the NWA champion and likely would have migrated to WWE at some point in his career. David had a great mind for the business and understood crowd psychology instinctively. 

"I'll take two, chicken pot pies." KFC commercial has me tapping. 

Even worse, "My debut album." Most memorable ad on TV for 5 Hour Energy.

As a DirecTV customer I'm intrigued that they have legit interest in the much discussed WWE Network but why wouldn't they? I know what you know about the proposed WWE Network but I'm hopeful that it becomes a reality in the future. I applaud WWE's diligence in taking it slow and deliberate in the planning of such a major project. 

Barry Bloom, who is an agent who has and is representing various, major wrestling stars IE Chris Jericho, produces a TV program that airs on Sunday nights on Spike TV called 'Bar Rescue.' Interesting concept and I find it especially intriguing as I'm a foodie at heart and love to learn about the interworking of restaurants and bars.

@IAmJericho has a new TV show coming this month to SyFy. Multi talented dude.   

Curious to see if WWE adds another name to the 2013 WWE HOF class this Monday night on Raw.  This class is already star studded but it seems inevitable that another name, maybe two, will be announced. I'd assume a 'Celebrity" inductee will be named and I can think of several on a short list including Regis Philbin, Andy Kaufman, Lawrence Taylor and Cyndy Lauper among others. Stay tuned.

Asked a question on Twitter @JRsBBQ if anyone could name the play by play guys who have called at least one match at a WrestleMania. Funny how some fans don't know the difference in play by play and color commentary. Some fans categorize all broadcasters as 'Ring Announcers.' Nonetheless there's a small, exclusive list of men who have done play by play at WWE's premier event. Do you know the list?

Good to see Mark Henry back on @WWE TV and continuing to bring intensity and legit intimidation with him. We signed Mark in 1995, as best as I recall, and the past couple of year as he seems to have found a role that really fits him in an organic manner. The best in ring personas are natural extensions of one's true personality and Mark is a natural, gregarious, outgoing beast. 

The Q&A section of this site has been updated as of Sunday morning. I invite you to check them out adn to submit your questions if you would like.

I get more feedback on WM17 from the Houston Astrodome than seemingly any other PPV. I wonder why? I enjoyed it and that was a 'Mania that I broadcast with @HeymanHustle, who did color commentary. It was Austin-Rock 2 with heavy involvement by Mr. McMahon plus an amazing under card with the TLC match being a classic. 

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I choose to NOT read the Paterno Report. Thanks anyway.

Love getting mandates, or scoldings, from fans who can't understand why their favorite, indy wrestler isn't signed to a WWE contract. Some that I've seen in tryout camps aren't fundamentally sound and more importantly are resistant to change. Obviously, there are many exceptions to the rule but one reinventing one's self is really an on going process within the genre. Apprehension or refusal to grow is toxic to one's career. I had to do the same, tweak, with my style of play by play over the years just as broadcasters in today's main steam sports world have done compared to their predecessors.

The game's we call have changed and so must our commentary to some degree.

I don't follow European football but that doesn't mean that I "hate it" contrary to what some think. I will watch occasionally.

Read somewhere that @UFC has approximately 500 fighters under contract. I find that amazing if accurate. 500 diverse, competitive personalities to manage notwithstanding their various entourages, coaches, managers, etc. I can only imagine. 

@SwampPeople returns to TV Thursday night this week. One of my favorite shows. 

@steveaustinBSR signing a new, two film deal with a major player in that world. Very cool as Steve attacks his film career aggressively and with a plan. Just like he did in @WWE.

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by our site. Please tell others about us.

Boomer Sooner!

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I'm normally not much of a nay sayer, and I can't deny that Henry's most recent television appearances (including those he was involved in before his most recent injury) have been some of the best work he's done to date. But one can't help but wonder why the injury prone, two-dimensional Mark Henry has been given so many chances, year in and year out, when I sincerely doubt that anyone has ever bought a ticket to see him compete (maybe I'm wrong about this?). I fear that he's a failed investment, and that it won't be too long until he is shelved once more with another shoulder injury, It saddens me that he has been granted so much focus and airtime at the expense of other, much more talented, healthy, and diverse workers. No doubt he is currently planned to have a slot on the WrestleMania card for another forgettable encounter.

 Curt Hennig was one of my all-time favorites. I do not recall him having a terrible match even when he was working with Wahoo McDaniel who was well past his prime. Bret Hart, Lanny Poffo and Tom Zenk have all sung his praises. Hart, who was as good as anyone, said that Curt Hennig was his favorite performer to wrestle. I grew up watching him in the AWA when he tagged with a very green Scott Hall. His matches were always entertaining and he was as close to a perfect wrestle that I have ever seen. RIP. You left us too soon.

speaking of Bar Rescue, how's Louie's Sports Bar doing these days?

I suggested a few months ago to anyone who would listen it was time to bring in Joe Hennig and have destroy the Miz in the process. A perfect way to instantly get him over. And to put Miz in his rightful place on the card. Considering what happened over the weekend with the Miz almost ending Punk with a suplex ! A suplex ?! Really ? Really ?  I think it's time to get this hack off TV until he remembers the basics.

1. Protect the other guy

2. We don't need to see you talking about your next move. He learned that from Cena I guess.

 The 5-Hour Energy ad is straight-up funny, much like the Dos Equis ads.  Too bad 5-Hour Energy has been linked to multiple deaths (just look on Google for credible reports).

I would pay, say, $10 per month for WWE Network on a satellite or cable TV system, especially if they broadcast all the PPVs.  Just one data point.

Now you're gonna see... a Perfectplex!

I hate to correct you J. R., but David Von Erich was 25 years old when he died. Not 35 like you stated in your article.

"Dirty" Dutch  !!  Couldn't be happier for myself and Swagger. Whoever is behind this idea should be proud.  The Rock mentioning Double J was pretty dang cool.

I sort of thought Kaufman (for HOF) was hinted at, when Lawler and CM Punk had their cage match. That build up and the match contained elements of the Lawler / Kaufman feud.