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Happy Tuesday Morning here in Norman, Oklahoma USA! We're burning daylight...

The big and lively crowd in Tampa really helped create a fun atmosphere for Monday Night Raw. I've said it many times but the live audience can enhance or detract from any live show. WWE mic's the live audience expertly which allows the viewers to get the most out of the audio the fans produce. That's been a problem for me with UFC for years because, as a fan, they've had huge crowds that "sounded" as if they were average sized.  Good job Tampa. 

@CMPunk had a stellar night on Raw as the WWE Champion stood out in multiple segments of the broadcast. Punk's TLC match with @Ryback22 was excellent and so well timed to occur during half time of the #Bama vs. #NotreDame National Championship Game. I was impressed by both men's performance and willingness to be physical. Ryback is really coming along in the development of his persona and presentation.

Paul Heyman @HeymanHustle fits Punk like a glove and provides the "Voice of the Voiceless" with an alternative mouthpiece and harkens back to the days when 'wrestling managers' were so important to the progression of many great, wrestling villains. Heyman is an artisan at ringside and on the mic.   

 The closing segment involving @TheRock and Punk was the unofficial kickoff to the road to WrestleMania in my estimation which will be preceded by a stop in Phoenix for the Royal Rumble and in New Orleans for the Elimination Chamber. I felt the chemistry between the two stars and their verbal interaction had an Attitude Era feel. 

I find it somewhat humorous that some fans and pundits are actually keeping score as to who got the better of the other during their extended 'conversation' as I felt that the true winners of the 'debate' were the fans. How one can accurately judge such a subjective piece of business such as we heard is a head scratcher to me but I'm certainly not saying that folks don't have a right to their opinion. Bottom line, and the good news,  is that people cared enough to have an opinion.

Most resonating statement in the final segment, in my view, was Punk saying that he was "Going to kick your ass" to Rock. That's what it's still all about...kicking one's ass.   

The first 30 minutes of the show, prior to the BCS National Championship game kicking off, was important to set the stage for the night.  @JohnCena vs. @HeelZiggler had the time to tell a compelling story. It seems to me that Ziggler really brings out the best in Cena. Really solid bout.  

The team of Rhodes and Sandow are beginning to click. Kane is a future WWE HOfer while an argument can be made that Daniel Bryan is in a small handful of wrestling talents in the world. 

The seemingly, the newly minted Big Show is continuing to bring enhanced relevance to the World Title which subsequently will make all of Show's future opponents have more meaning. Meaningful titles are imperative to any promotion because if championships don't mean much then what does?

@AntonioCesaro delivering his finisher, the Neutralizer, to a behemoth the size of Khali was a jaw dropper. By the time that WrestleMania rolls around, I'm thinking that Cesaro will be a significant player on April 7. Cesaro is the type of in ring talent that would have been coveted in virtually any era and would never have had to look for work in the territory days.

When I got to the third hour of Raw while watching at home, I felt a great anticipation for what was still to come. With that said, the three hour broadcast went by much quicker than  usual. To me, that's a sign of a well produced TV show.

With Rock appearing on this week's Smackdown @JCLayfield and @WWEJoshMathews should have a field day on the show taped tonight down in Miami.

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After what I perceive as an overall strong RAW from Tampa, the WWE catches a break next Monday in Houston for the 20th Anniversary of Raw event as that milestone provides numerous opportunities to provide some highly entertaining content. On Twitter @JRsBBQ I'm being deluged with questions about who or who isn't going to be at the Houston RAW and I can truthfully say that I have no idea but I'm certainly looking forward to watching that show that celebrates the highlight of my broadcasting career. 

Some housekeeping...

No, I have no plans to do a podcast. Firstly, I have little to no technical expertise and I'm not a fan of most podcasts. The podcasts that I see promoted that are more than 15 or 20 minutes long would challenge me to listen. Things could change but that's my plan at this time. 

Same goes for writing an autobiography. I do want to do a book someday but I haven't been able to get into the proper mindset to do all the research necessary to write something other than fluff loaded with inaccuracies. Plus, the book market right now is soft or so I'm told. I want to have the tools and support system in place to write a great book and not just something to generate a pay day. 

Yes, I'm going to be making more appearances this year and will be doing some motivational speaking along with some Q&A's because my schedule will finally allow me to consider some bookings but not be at Indy wrestling events. If you have legit inquires you can email me here at Contact Us.

Yes, we are looking to put JR's products in retail stores but as I've said it is a huge undertaking. If you are in the grocery business, etc and have a lead for us or an interest in carrying our products please email Ed Clements at    eclements@clementsfoods.com

Yes...we are working on developing some new products that may include HOT Sauce, Wing Sauce, Salad Dressing, and another flavor or two of BBQ Sauce. These won't be done tomorrow but hopefully during the calendar year. We won't settle for average just to throw a new product out there.      

 WWEShop.com at http://www.wweshop.com has a special on JR's BBQ package with a signed card that saves you almost $21.

@Americansoda in Manchester, England is scheduled to receive their next shipment of our products any day now as they quickly ran out of many items soon after receiving them. 

Looking forward to heading to Orlando this week to participate in the NXT tapings Thursday night @FullSail University. @ShawnMichaels will be on hand which is a HUGE deal for all of us. I still love calling a wrestling match when the opportunity presents itself. 

Surprised to see #Bama blow out #NotreDame Monday night as I was watching picture in picture until the game got out of hand and I went full screen with RAW. OU, which did not have a great team this year finishing 10-3, had the Irish tied at 13 going into the 4th quarter before falling 30-13. The Sooners had a miserable second half offensively in that game but I was sold that ND would play Alabama to within 10 which was the opening line. It's all about players and Bama has a truck load of good ones. Saban can obviously coach, organize and motivate (fear?) but his plethora of talent is what ultimately wins National Championships for the Crimson Tide.   

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Punk was the main part of the show as usual and it's time that fans and the WWE itself get used to it. Cena's gimmick is old and boring and so is Orton in his current role. Punk carries the show every week and to have him drop the title to The Rock at the Rumble would be a total slap in the face imo for everything he's done the past 2 years and even before that. Punk stood toe to toe with one of the greatest talkers ever in the business and proved just how great he is not just in this era but in any other as well. Hope the powers that be who control the creative side of WWE are reading this as i'm sure i speak for the millions of hardcore smart fans like myself who are behind Punk 100% whether he's a face or a heel simply because he's earned to be where he's at now and had nothing handed to him unlike a lot of others who were given their spot and push based on their family history in the business.

Bring on the Rumble and it's one of my favorite ppv's of the year since it seems anyone can win the Rumble match itself especially in recent years where i don't think anyone predicted Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio or Edge to win it in the years they did. My money is on Ryback who will go on to face and beat The Big Show at Mania for the WHC.

Cm Punk is great on the mic, and one of the best heels of all time. However, I question having him not win a title match clean in the last 3-4 months. I understand fully the need for heels to cheat,etc., but if you cant ever beat anybody clean its going to make people turn the channel eventually IMO

Looks almost like "The writing crew" have hit the wall with the Shield. It's time to have them give us an explanation in regards to Ryback. We know why .......but it's time they told us. Gotta have some rhyme with the reasoning. In my opinion Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was surprised by Punks skills Monday night. He seemed flat and was reaching. He was re-hashing old material with new insults. CM PUNK ...1 The Rock ... 0  !  Antonio ! Antonio ! Antonio !  This guy is special and The Miz is way outta his league. Congrats to Del Rio on beating Big Show. It's Ziggler time.

 Miz tries hard, but he has some baby fat in his face and so it is hard to take him seriously as a fighter.  And the fans were not really organically cheering him before his recent change of persona.  As for Cesaro, he is fantastic and is my dark-horse Royal Rumble pick.  Ryback has to be the favorite, of course.

The Punk-Rocky verbal exchange was special stuff.  I'd like to see Punk get a clean win over a mid-level heel to burnish his credentials before the PPV.

I wish WWE would stop talking about Twitter and "trending".  I have yet to see how that will translate into any actual business.  People order PPVs, tickets, DVDs, and merchandise because they like the underlying product, not because they saw a funny "tweet" or "Tout".

 The last time i can recall Punk winning a match clean was on Raw a few months back when he beat Kane although he was distracted by The Shield when they came through the crowd. I think they need to have Punk beat mid carders like Kofi Kingston or The Miz clean on tv once in awile but remember Ric Flair in the 80's during his time as a heel with the Four Horsemen would often get DQ'd or counted out to retain his title or have help from his fellow Horsemen and we all know what Flair's legacy is now.

It's sad that wrestling fans see Rock's involvement in the WWE as a detractor and that Rock is simply taking away from the current talent in WWE. The Rock has earned his place as a main event talent, he has wrestling in his blood, stemming from his grandfather High Chief Peter Maivia.

The Rock has earned every accolade he has been given and has become the first WWE Superstar to transition to Hollywood successfully for a full time career. His involvement in WWE in 2013 would be a great thing for the company and its talent to work with a person of such calibre as the Rock.

Notwithstanding Punk's contribution to the current WWE product, he has deserved his push and has worked extremely hard to get to the place where he is now. But what Punk has done in the last 2 years, the Rock had done over a decade ago..