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Busy days and crazy times so here's a quick blog I'm writing Wednesday morning before flying to Orlando for the NXT taping Thursday night. Let's grill!!  

The King coming home Monday via the WWE corporate jet from Montreal marks another step in the recovery of the Montreal Miracle of Monday September 10.

Jerry Lawler's recovery process is on going and I have heard no one estimate when he might be back at the announce desk on RAW much less those that are asking if and when he will return to the ring.

I do know that if King can wrestle that he will. Jerry is a wrestler first and an announcer second as being a wrestler is what he's done for 40+ years and I seriously doubt that he's ready to hang up his boots. Every indy promoter will be frothing at the mouth to book King even more now than before. I'd suggest to all that slow, deliberate steps be taken.  

I know is that it took two of us to replace @Jerry Lawler on RAW Monday. Working with @JCLayfield, who's a funny SOB, and @MichaelCole who has become the voice of WWE and had his most defining moment in Montreal with the face of death looking him right in the eyes, was a blast for me.

I knew Sunday that I was working Monday night and I was up and ready to roll Monday morning even though it was a short night after driving from Boston to Trumbull, Ct after Night of Champions.

Thought for the first outing that our three man team closed the final two hours or so of Raw in a good way after feeling our way through the first part of the three hour broadcast. Three man teams are tough enough to execute well and are especially challenging when it's the first time for the trio.

I'm not sure who will sit in for King next week with Michael Cole. It's a great opportunity for WWE to utilize some names from the past and/or to place some prospective new talent at the announce table. 

Whoever assists Cole will be in good hands as no one preps as thoroughly as does Michael and hopefully whoever is tabbed will follow Cole's lead and be thoroughly prepared to work a long, live three hour entertainment program. I'd suggest that who is selected greatly reduce their liquid in take by mid afternoon as sitting in a confined spot for three hours can be, well, anxious. :) 

I thank WWE for the chance to get back at ringside for a RAW broadcast and especially appreciate Michael Cole for all his help and for directing the traffic for us. 

Working with JBL was on my bucket list and John is so bright and passionate and is a natural antagonist at the announce table of which I feel is needed. 

Tough hand dealt to John Cena who had surgery Tuesday in Birmingham by Dr. James Andrews. Cena's been wrestling hurt but is SO much tougher than many of his critics give him credit as they seem to be too busy knocking his in ring style. As a former offensive lineman, and a damn good one, @JohnCena will likely be back closer to two weeks than three if my guess is accurate. 

I fully expect to see John Cena in OKC on Monday October 1 for the "Jim Ross Appreciation Night" which is being promoted by WWE. I sure hope that we have a big crowd that night on what should prove to be a most memorable experience. 

John was one of my "recruits" back in the day and he's never disappointed me once and is arguably the most over analyzed, major star that I can ever recall in my tenure in the business. 

Back to the King, how lucky is he? Where else other than actually sitting a medical facility would Jerry have survived his heart attack? No where that I can think of expect where he was. King is a VERY lucky man and received a second chance on life thanks to the grace of God and the amazing work of Dr. Sampson and the Montreal EMT's and medical personnel. 

Gotta go to Orlando ASAP for the NXT taping on Thursday night in Orlando and Full Sail University. I'm expecting a stellar night and our best taping yet. Improving from day to day much less taping to taping isn't an option or merely suggested. It is required. 

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First off I want to say Thank God King is going to be okay. It amazes me how resilient Jerry Lalwer is. Second after the events of Raw it got me thinking, why hasn't WWE produced a Jerry Lawler dvd compilation? do they not own the Memphis Wrestling library? because there have been some suspect dvd releases to say the least and to me Jerry "The King" Lawler has been invovled in professional wrestling on every level both backstage and on screen and think it's worth a release. I was just wondering if there was any real reason a dvd hadn't been released.

PS. Sorry for the lengthy comment/question.


Its true Jerry is and has been a wrestler all his life. But at his age why is he wrestling at all anymore? Why does he do it or work for any Indy promotion?? Does he not make a HUGE paycheck from WWE which should be more than enough if he lived in a average size house in memphis and maintained a comfotable but reasonable lifestyle. Or he has done like Ric Flair did made a ton of cash and partyed and lived beyond his means and is broke