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It's Friday and here's a quick selection of random thoughts on a variety of topics that are on my mind.

Very sad to hear of the untimely death of Mike Graham the son of Florida wrestling icon and WWE HOFer Eddie Graham. Apparently a tragic end to the unique life of a talented in ring competitor who seemingly always walked in his famous father's shadow. Mike was apparently found dead Friday morning by his wife while in Dayton Beach for Bike Week.

Being the son of a legend within any business is daunting and especially the pro wrestling business during the period of time that Eddie was one of the industry's primary power brokers and carried tremendous influence throughout the business had to be challenging. 

Mike was small in stature but was a noted power lifter and accomplished amateur wrestler growing up in the Tampa area where his father was a local celebrity and well known, successful businessman. 

I spent one evening in Oklahoma at Cowboy Bill Watts home at a party that Eddie attended. Before Eddie had too much to drink, I learned more in that one sitting about the biz than at any other single sitting with a wrestling person in my career. 

It was easy to see that Eddie Graham was likely challenging to be around because of his amazing intellect and lack of patience for those that did not process info as rapidly as did he. Eddie Graham was a genius when it came to the psychology of pro wrestling and his ability to "feel' who had 'it.'   

We did a couple of Legends Roundtables with Mike and he was a spirited debater and definitely had an opinion on a variety of topics which made him a good panelist. He was fun to be around and enjoyed a beverage with the boys.  

I'm happy that WWE now owns the Florida Championship Wrestling TV library and that Mike helped make that business deal happen. 

Mike Graham was a colorful, fearless product of his environment and will be missed by his many friends and family. RIP Mike. 

People wanting me to comment on the latest issues involving Hulk Hogan and company can't be serious. Not my hill to die upon nor is it any of my business. 

Love some of the MMA purists who scold me for saying that Anderson Silva will NEVER fight Jon Jones. I'm not the naive one here because if there is enough money on the table the fight will proceed. More viable question is does a Title need to be at stake for the fight to sell tickets and PPV's? My answer is no. This fight would be a memorable attraction that might spawn multiple fights, one never knows, and would be the ultimate super fight, as the landscape currents shapes out, for what I've been saying for two years...Cowboys Stadium. 

OU returns home after three weeks Saturday night against Kansas who is a 35 point underdog. I don't think that OU covers the point spread while coming off an emotional, almost perfect outing defeating arch rival Texas last Saturday in the Cotton Bowl. I saw Mark Henry there along with saying hello and visiting with Toby Keith, Roger Clemens, among others and exchanged text messages during the game with Shawn Michaels, Jerry Brisco, Dusty Rhodes and The Undertaker. 

Everyone and their mother want me to find them OU-Notre Dame tickets which is here in Norman Next Saturday night but, as WKRP's Herb Tarlick once said, "I went right to the top and no can do." My six on the fifty are spoken for and have been for a long time. Tickets in my section are selling for over $1,000 each.

After Raw Monday night in New Jersey's Meadowlands, I'm heading to WWE HQ to do an extensive sit down interview for Mick Foley's DVD which is due to be released in 2013. Also going to do some work on a Greatest Rivalry DVD of which I know little about other than it will address rivalries featured on many of the libraries WWE owns. Looking forward to both projects. 

I'm liking the WWE Main event TV format. Enjoy the build up to the main event and the fact that it goes on early in the hour which allows plenty of time to tell a great story. It's on ION TV Wednesday nights in the USA at 8/7 central. 

Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen will do well on PPV if both fighters have an adequate opportunity to stir the pot on main stream TV. Sonnen is a gifted talker who will either motivate fans to pay to see him get his ass whipped or to beat Bones, the seemingly unbeatable and controversial champion. Every MMA fighter could take some of what Sonnen does verbally and organically adapt it to their own spiel and earn themselves more cash.

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Good work being done by @wwejoshmathews and @JCLayfield on Friday night Smackdown. Unique dynamic that is a fresh sound. 

Like JBL I felt that this week's presidential debate left me unimpressed and feeling like I just invested valuable time that I can never regain while listening to professional politicians announce a bad broadcast with bad 'wrestling.' 

Keep an eye on Big E Langston in NXT. He has intensity that can't be taught notwithstanding scary strength and great feet for a 280 pounder. There are no guarantees but if 'E' turns up the front burner and keeps chopping his share of the wood, there is no reason Big E shouldn't make it in WWE and in a significant way. Time will tell. 

NXT Champion Seth Rollins is in Cairo with the WWE Smackdown Superstars which is a nice perk for the first ever NXT Champion. 

It's tailgating time in Oklahoma and I've gotta roll but listen to me Saturday morning at 10 central on http://www.yahoosportsradio.com with Sean Pendergast as we talk WWE and football for approximately 30 minutes. 

You're also invited to follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. 

Boomer Sooner!




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I gave up watching UFC years ago when it became too watered down. The only fight that would get me interested again is George St.Pierre vs Anderson Silva. Best vs Best. Never mind weight classes.

And i remember first seeing Mike Graham in a match with Abdullah The Butcher on tv from Florida Championship Wrestling in the mid 80's. RIP.

I don't think Ryback will win the WWE title at HIAC. It's too soon for him and if they put the title on him now than what's to look forward to from him then? The chase is better than the catch as they say and i see Ryback's first world title coming the same way as for other babyfaces in the past such as Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and Batista. Win the Royal Rumble and go on to win it at WrestleMania.

I sure hope the rivalry DVD features the Freebirds/Von Erich feud. In the 80's that was as good a war as there was in wrestling.

Jon Southerland, Clovis, Ca.

 Very sad to hear the tragic passing of Mike Graham. I always thought he was an underrated talent and was a solid in ring performer. I considered him to be a "gatekeeper" of Florida Wrestling as he always made his oppenents look good in the ring and he was very entertaining to watch on the legends round table discussions when he would share his stories of talent that worked in Florida over the years.

 I'm making my first trip to Norman for the ND game. Do you have any recommendations for a first timer? Bars/restaurants/pre-game traditions... Looking forward to seeing a game in a new college town. 


As you can probably guess-I am not much of an OK fan, however this coming weekend, I hope the Sooners beat the HELL out of Notre Dame and expose them for the wannbe team they are......I mean stompin' a mud-hole and walking it dry.