JR's Thoughts on NOLA Show, WWE HOF, WRESTLEMANIA30, Toronto Here We Come!

Greetings from New Orleans! It's WrestleMania Sunday and I hope that you plan on watching. Should be a special night. Let's stop burning daylight and do this....

It's been a fun week in NOLA. Arrived Tuesday...did media for our JR's shows all day Wednesday...had two outstanding audiences and shows Thursday night..AXXESS on Friday night & Saturday morning and finally the WWE HOF Saturday night. 

Certainly want to thank all the fans who joined us at the House of Blues Thursday night. Having enthusiastic audiences who care about wrestling is a blessing to the folks up on the stage.  MC John Pollock of the Fight Network Canada was stellar. Old friends Jim Cornette and Steve Austin joining me was a helluva surprise for the fans. I sincerely appreciate them both. They always make me look better than I am. 

Spent a lot of time with Steve Austin & 'brainstorming' some potential projects. 

Our next RINGSIDE: Evening w/ Jim Ross show will be in Toronto on Friday May 9 at the Danforth Music  Hall. Tickets for the one show only event are on sale now at ticketmaster.ca or hit jimrosslive.com. There are only 100 VIP Meet and Greet tickets and the meet and greets will be before the show in TO. This is our biggest venue to date but I'm confident that Toronto will respond and join me on Friday May 9 which is the evening before the ROH- New Japan event in TO that I plan on attending. 

Getting some super feedback from wrestling people and fans alike on the Ross Report podcast. DDP is up right now and next week I visit w/ Jake Roberts who had a superb WWE HOF speech Saturday night. Jake and I talk about wrestling philosophy and what it takes to make it in today's wrestling biz. Download the Ross Report podcast free at PodcastOne.com or via iTunes. 

Want to thank WWE for the invite and for the great seats to the HOF. Long event for the over hydrated. Lots of memorable soundbytes paired w/ raw emotions throughout the show. Anxious to see how it played on TV.  

The speeches were certainly unique as they should be and my only critique, and Lord knows most fans love critiques, is that  some could have gone shorter.  I wish some fans who seemingly have an obsession to verbally interject themselves would re-think that mindset. 

I'm optimistic that WM30 will exceed what some perceive to have been a unique or less that aggressive top to bottom build for the event. Amazing behind the scene preparation has been ongoing and if ever one was going to maximize their minutes, no matter one's role, is paramount at WrestleMania. 

I expect some unique creative, a few surprises, some twists & turns, and the return of some of WWE's all time greats in the Super Dome. 

Being as old school as I am, what will happen bell to bell has my utmost interest. Always. 

Hoping for a big night for Daniel Bryan, among others. 

Remember you can obtain JR's products at WWEShop.com, americansoda.co.uk, and beyondtheropes.co.uk.

I'm watching WM30 from NOLA on my iPad via the WWE Network and looking forward to it plus I will be live tweeting at @JRsBBQ

E​njoy your day!

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.    @JRsBBQ


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