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Too much has been made of me being edited off the WWE signature open. I was on it for a long time and it was time to update the piece. In a year or so it's likely that the open will be tweaked again and who knows who will be added or omitted? 

For me to be replaced by Gorgeous George and Freddie Blassie is absolutely a non issue to me as it relates to those who have contributed to the business in the days of yesteryear. I don't even belong in the same covnersation with Gorgeous George or Classy Freddie Blassie.   

I do not feel the 'conspiracy theory' concept that others have shared here on the site and look at my relationship with WWE as I have for years. I have no issues with cashing their checks and likewise have no issues in doing my assigned duties. I am pleased that I am not on the road 51 weeks a year but I do look forward to traveling to Kansas City this weekend for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match PPV. I'll also be heading to Tampa next week to visit FCW for a few days beginning on Wednesday. That should be a productive trip as well.

I'm an old school guy with a strong, Oklahoma oriented work ethic and am loyal to my employer no matter who that may be. Plus, I stopped fixating on things that I have no control over long ago.

When told by their doctors that one was 30 days away from dying it puts things like TV time, or a lack thereof, who's doing pay by play on a given show, etc and the minutia/politics that can be found in any vocation in its proper place. I thank God every day that I have regained my health and that I am now living a healthier lifestyle that I hope will add years to my life.

I have not felt better mentally or physically in years which is BIG considering where I once was and I have too much to be thankful for to bitch and moan about a sound byte on TV. 

While I do sincerely appreciate all the support that I receive and the appreciation for my work over the years, I will say that I'm excited about my future and the various opportunities that I am able to explore under my current professional arrangement. My sound bytes and commentary will live for years to come on DVDs and on such entities as WWEClassics.com and WWE 24/7 On Demand. 

For some fans to consider me the "voice of the WWE" is extremedly flattering but I've never thought that I deserved that monicker.  

Just a quick note on the late George Steinbrenner. The owner of the New York Yankees died Tuesday morning of a heart attack. He was 80, on July 4th, and died on the morning of the MLB All Star Baseball game. There's a little irony there as the controversial Mr. Steinbrenner has taken over the front page on a day where baseball's best play their annual all star game. I met "The Boss" in Tampa one year at the Sun Dome before a Royal Rumble, as I recall, as he was there with his grandkids. We talked Mickey Mantle for a few moments and he invited me to attend a game at Yankee Stadium as Mr. Steinbrenner's guest. Unfortunately, I never took the time to take him up on his generous offer. 

Steinbrenner was a huge fan of the work of WWE HOF'er Bobby Heenan and "the Brain" enjoyed some first class treatment from Mr. Steinbrenner over the years at the Stadium. 

I've worked for many tough bosses in my long career and Mr. Steinbrenner seemed cut out of the same cloth. One might not have always agreed with his decisions but no one could second guess the Yankee owner's passion and burning desire to win. Mr. Steinbrenner was a former coach and loved to win but he was a shrew businessman as well. He bought the Yankees for less than $9M and built the brand back into a winner and a franchise worth over $1B. 

RIP Mr. Steinbrenner and thanks for the invite. Please say hello to "the Mick" for me.

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man o man what can i say.... very disrespectful by wwe to remove you from the wwe opener i beg you please quit and go to tna where you will be respected for what you offer and bring to the table and wont be used like a dog

read this if this is ture its just wrong

Ross was reportedly removed from the opening video montage as punishment for appearing on camera at UFC's 116 pay-per-view event in Las Vegas two weeks ago.


You can check out J.R.'s reply to that rumor in the Q&A section as I sent it in for him to comment this morning :) It was posted: Tue, 07/13/2010 - 2:58pm

J.R. My name is Stephen & I live in Scotland and have been a wrestling fan, mainly WWE for about 13 years now. I have been wanting to leave a comment for a while now. First of all I hope you health issues have all gone now and you are now in good health. Also I was a bit upset when I watched the new WWE opening. To me you are the mouth of WWE and always will be in my eyes. I hope that one day you will be able to return to the booth, even it's just for one last time. However it seems to me that you are happy these days, not much travelling these days, dealing with the politics and the stress of one of the greatest jobs in the world. JR I thank you because if it wasn't for you and your fantastic catchphrases. WWE wouldn't have been that entertaining. But I understand time changes and people move on. Best Wishes. Stephen

Doesn't George and Blassie being on there kinda break up the it was time to update argument? heh

You lost me on that one.

I partly agree with you not being the voice of the WWE, although to me and many more of my generation you are and always will be the voice of Wrestling.

I grew up watching wrestling in the 80's for a run that lasted into a little over a month ago, nobody I ever heard was able to enfuse a match with so much passion and emotion, to provide a commentary that complimented the workers so well it would draw you into the spectacle and have you on the edge of your seat, a voice that could elevate a four star match into a five star classic, when I think back on all the great enertainment I was provided over the years I can't think of any match that wasn't improved by your contribution.

There were greats before and I'm hopeful that there will be greats to follow, but for my lifetime and my 25 years a fan, whenever anybody mentions the best ever, it's still your name that jumps to mind.

Thanks VERY much. I do appreciate what you have written.

heh Sorry about that JR. Guess I was saying it wasn't too up to date if it had them on it but your point was that it was an updated video. OKOK I just had too many Steveweisers. Let's leave it at that.heh

Does this new pay-per-view mean there won't be a Money-In-The-Bank match at Wrestle Mania? I hope so because I am not a fan. I have never liked pointless high spot matches just for the sake of high spots. One on one ladder matches atleast their is a purpose to what they are doing,they are trying to tell a story but that is a Jackass episode without commercials. I always thought The World War Three match would be a perfect Money-In-The-Bank match,buy since Vince doesn't use old WCW matches whatever.

 JR I wonder if any of the "conspiracy theorists" took out time from their rage against Vince to notice that your voice was all over the Money in the Bank video package...

Wasn't your "The world is watching" replaced by Cena saying something. I'll have to check it again.

Being replaced by Blassie would be one thing, but Cena would really be insulting!  :)