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Another scorcher in Oklahoma today, 108 at our house, as we roll on with random thoughts..

 Let's start with addressing some questions..

Yes...I will definitely be in Waterloo, Iowa on July 22-23 for the annual function at the Wrestling Hall of Fame. Receiving the Lou Thesz Award is a helluva honor for me personally. Lou was truly our Babe Ruth and I never saw him not wearing at least a sport coat and slacks when he wasn't in the ring. A class act. If you haven't read 'Hooker' written by Lou I suggest that you do. Great book on the history of the business from a legit tough guy's point of view. 

Yes...we ship to Nova Scotia via http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss. WWEShop ships worldwide. 

We had a helluva night once upon a time in Halifax at Raw TV when Bret Hart tangled with Mr. McMahon at the announce table. I vividly remember the angst in the arena that night and flying into Halifax on Saturday to same money on travel as WWE was enduring challenging times. I remember walking, no limo or rental car, back to the hotel from the arena after the show with Mr. McMahon who wasn't the most popular guy in Halifax at that moment.  

Yes...I still am under the impression that the legends Roundtable with Kevin Nash talking about the formation and evolution of the nWo will air on WWE On Demand  in July. Kevin and JJ Dillon pulled on punches speaking about the insanity that was, at times, WCW.

I indeed still do speak with JBL and did so recently. He's busy, John will be on Neal Cavuto's show on Fox Business Channel Thursday night at 6 eastern, and is doing his share of golfing and deep sea fishing in Bermuda. I regret never getting the opportunity to never broadcast with the talkative Texan in my career. Never say never. 

Yes....@BretHart will be on the WWE South African tour currently underway and I'm told that Bret is receiving a hero's welcome. Deservedly so. 

Yes.... I, too, miss the stars of the 80's and 90's but I also miss John Wayne and anxiously await for when the next western star rides into town. Same goes for the next, new wrestling sensation.

BTW....I also miss the old NFL when it was a 'run first' league instead of today's more pass oriented, protect and pamper the QB game. But.....I still love to watch the NFL.  

Do I dislike PG wrestling? No. Absolutely not. A TV rating does not a good, TV wrestling show make. Talented individuals involved in compelling stories makes for a good, TV wrestling show.

Can today's rosters be utilized like the rosters of the late 90's and early 2000's? Nope. Without the benefit of a viable, wrestling territory experience, many of today's younger talents are still learning on the job. Their predecessors, by and large, learned their craft in a wrestling territory. I know that excludes the Rock who was a 3rd generation talent as that's a different ball game, more often that not. Many of today's wrestlers are being fed a little at a time in hopes that they will break away and take the ball and run with it. 

No...for many fans who yearn for the 'old days,' wrestling will likely NEVER be the same. Is that an overwhelmingly negative statement? It's not meant to be as time will tell where the stars of tomorrow will take us. I'm optimistic of the future but it seems that some aren't.  

No...many young talents do NOT yet know how to fully manage their in ring persona's. That takes time and an inherent aptitude for the genre. The ones that acquire those skills will be the big earners. 

Does PG essentially mean 'no attitude?' Not in my view. If one only enjoys wrestling for blood and crass behavior then I question how big a fan of wrestling some actually are.

Do I grill with gas or charcoal? Embarrassed to say but gas. My excuse is that it saves time but grilling with charcoal provides the best flavor.

What is boxing's future? Not sure but it doesn't seem to be too bright. Boxing needs a new, hot star to break through. (The same can be said of wrestling, for the record.) The heavyweight division has carried the sweet science for decades and that no longer is the case. I'm a lifelong boxing fan but the game is sickly. 

Yes I heard about the WWE talents who had items from checked baggage stolen upon arrival in South Africa a day or so ago. I never checked valuables and put things like my CPAP machine and meds in my carry on. Always wore that damned hat. Old school rules say wrestlers never check their gear. Never. 

Will Hulk Hogan ever guest on @ShawnMichaels_ hunting show on the Outdoor Network? I have no idea, BROTHER!! I'd watch if it happened. Would the Hulkster wear yellow and red camouflage? 

How tall was Giant Gonzalez? I'm guess around 7'3". He was taller than Andre the Giant and Big Show.  George Gonzalez liked to dance to rock 'n roll which would get the award as the irrelevant factoid of the week. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. He also was the first guy selected in most pick up, half court hoops games the wrestlers would have in WCW.

Will UFC ever change the style in which the produce their PPV's and other TV shows? I'd speculate yes. Predictability and the 'same as' isn't a good thing for the 'look and feel' of any TV show. This has zero to do with what occurs inside the Octagon. Adding selected production elements to future UFC broadcasts seems likely all with the goal of making the fights feel bigger and more important. Presentation is important but nothing in UFC is more important than the fights themselves.   

Would I endorse the return of 'enhancement matches?' Absolutely. Perhaps one or maybe two within a two hour wrestling program. Why? A new star might be discovered, the focus of the commentary would be to better acquaint the viewer with the primary subject in the ring, and it would extend the shelf life of many talents. Plus, getting skilled 'journeymen' wrestlers on TV seems like the right thing to do. Who knows who clicks with an audience?

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Boomer Sooner!

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We are so excited to have you in Waterloo Iowa. It will truly be an honor to someone like myself in the business to have you there for the Hall of Fame Show. I hope your visit is a memorable one and thank you for everything you have done to pave the way for young men like myself in the business. No, I am not a wrestler, but a Ring Announcer and Broadcast Journalist for our local weekly cable show for our Independent Promotion. I grew up watching you each and every Monday Night always dreaming of doing what you do. I never thought I would ever be doing it when I grew up. After being in this business now for a couple of years I truly have a respect for you and what you have done to help grow your Company. If there is anything I can ever do for you please let me know. And thanks again for being SIMPLY THE BEST in the business period!

Troy Hobza