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I hope that everyone is having a great weekend and I appreciate you stopping by our site. Let's grill!! Random Thoughts: Great trip to Orlando for the NXT tapings Thursday night. Sell out, turn away crowd was thoroughly entertained. Four, one hour broadcasts were taped. The first one airs next weekend for the record. No, I don't know when NXT is going to air in the USA but efforts are being made to make that happen. Stay tuned and be patient in the USA. NXT has developed a great international following and there are multiple suitors for the brand in the USA. NXT Divas are evolving nicely under the coaching of Sara Del Rey. Emma and Paige are on the road this weekend on the main tour to see how they do. Sara is a great coach.   Several kids stood out this past week in Orlando including Aiden Neville, Bo Dallas, The Bray Wyatt Family, Sami Zayn, Kassius Ohno, Summer Rae (Yep, the same long legged young lady who is now with Fandango), Curt Hawkins, Big E Langston, and Damien Sandow  among others. This is not a compete list but I'm simply going off my aged memory. Some newcomers and a couple of new tag teams stuck their toe in the water plus I saw some talents who have viable verbal skills in an organic delivery which is always best.    Every talent is seemingly giving it their all. If they are not, they will be discovered and be wished well in their future endeavors. I do love their overall attitudes and work ethic. Some new individuals are being rapidly prepared to start doing significant things on NXT TV when it returns to Full Sail on Thursday May 23 highlighted by a visit by @Ryback22. The coaching staff at NXT led by Bill DeMott are also doing great work serving as not only coaches/teachers but also as role models for the impressionable kids who are in the pressure cooker. Mentoring NXT athletes today, in my estimation, is damn near as important as teaching one the proper way to apply a headlock. The announce teams of William Regal/Tony Dawson and Tom Phillips/Brad Maddox had their best night to date at NXT. @MichaelCole and I both enjoy working with them in pre show prep and during the broadcasts.     NXT personnel expect to be in the new, Performance Center by July if all continues to go well with the contractors. This facility will be for NXT talents AND regular WWE talents who are presently touring on RAW and Smackdown. The new strength and conditioning coach is already on the job and making a positive impact. Once the new facility opens my plan is to be there on a semi regular basis.   Don't be surprised if Nattie Neidhart and the Bella's don't steal the new WWE Divas show when it comes to E. Natalya is a valuable asset to WWE on so many fronts as are Nikki and Brea. Amazing TV bout Wednesday night on ION featuring US Champ Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro is an amazing performer and along with guys like Daniel Bryan is one of the best in ring performers in the world. Bar none.  Mason Ryan has made some significant improvement since being back in NXT and I look for him to be able to contribute on the next level if he continues to push himself and receive his coaching as he has been. There's no substitute for hard work in the ring and through study out of it. To be great can't be accomplished simply while a prospect is "on the clock" but takes extra effort including studying the game.   Long car trips with one's peers has been replaced, somewhat, by individual DVD study of the business. That's not a fair trade but that's the way of the world and one either adapts and changes or one becomes irrelevant and missing in action.   Check out this podcast from earlier today...yahoosportsradio.com/?p=47294. Or if this doesn't work just hit the http://www.yahoosportsradio.com website and listen to Saturday morning's show with @SeanPendergast. @OKCThunder caught a break against an overachieving Houston team in the first round of the NBA playoffs but my favorite NBA team has their work cut out for them against a physical, Memphis Grizzly outfit. No...I have no wagers with the King, @JerryLawler, on this series that OKC will be fortunate to escape victorious. Why? Jerry's too thrifty.  I'd venture to say that I follow the NBA closer than my former broadcast partner. Losing Russell Westbrook hurt the OKC squad on the floor in multiple ways but Russ was the 'DAWG' of the team which now Kevin Durant has to assume and it's not a role that naturally fits KD. The lack of strong, inside offense and defensive presence in the paint against a big, physical Memphis team is an area of concern for OKC fans.    Our new @WeberGrills is amazing. Grilled steaks last night using JR's All Purpose seasoning, some hickory flavored liquid smoke and a hint of Worcester sauce. Home run! @TripleH and his lovely wife Stephanie are attending the @FloydMayweather fight on PPV tonight (Saturday).  Enjoyed doing some recent work on the new, 2K WWE video game but I'm keeping the creative under wraps. Had a blast, however, I must say. I updated the Q&A section of the site so please take a look and submit your questions if you choose. Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ as I actually attempt to interact with my followers as best that I can.  Remember that you can easily order JR's products online with quick delivery from http://www.wweshop.com and from Manchester, England online at http://www.americansoda.co.uk Thanks for stopping by and come back again soon for another visit.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.