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Here are my WWE TLC PPV predictions (No wagering please..no inside info) :

For the Undisputed Championship, or whatever it will be called, I'm going with Randy Orton, likely with a little help from his friends, whoever they may be, to beat John Cena Sunday night in Houston. This then sets up Cena on a quest/march to WM30 to get in the main event to compete for the title. I see Cena vs. Orton going past 30 minutes of bell to bell time Sunday and having a helluva match. They have the chemistry to get it done and the motivation of the unification match to motivate them as well.

I do fully expect that one man leaves with the Undisputed Title and if that doesn't occur I feel that will be a mistake. A definitive winner creates so many more positive scenarios with which to work with creatively.

Daniel Bryan, by hook or crook, and by using all his skills will escape TLC with a win over the Wyatts but the Wyatt Family will look good in the process while the smaller Bryan refuses to quit and eventually prevails.

Don't see CM Punk being as lucky against the Shield even though there is a small, dark cloud hanging over the Shield's unity, or so it seems, the past few weeks with Roman Reigns slowly stepping out of the trio's circle. This matter could allow Punk to win but I see Reigns  as the difference maker and Punk falls to three men all of who have extremely bright futures in WWE.

I could see the Punk vs. Shield match as one of the best matches of the night. I also could see one of the 3 vs 1 bouts starting off the PPV so that they have some separation and 'sameness' can be better avoided. If forced to choose, I'd put Punk on first and Bryan on just before the TLC main event.

AJ Lee has been the star of the WWE Diva division this year while Natalya has been a star of Total Divas on the E Network. Does AJ need the title to remain controversial and relevant? I don't think so but with that said I see AJ winning at TLC.

Big E is just starting his journey and WWE officials seem to have confidence in the powerhouse IC Champion. I do too. 'E' is a work in progress but he's an intelligent, natural athlete who should evolve into a marketable hand in a reasonable amount of time if he is mentored and coached up. Langston losing at TLC makes no sense to me as Sandow is an excellent talker who can maintain his relevance if provided mic time going forward. Big E wins.

The Rhodes Brothers are the best thing that has happened to WWE's re-tooled tag team scene in a good while.Their partnership is organic and believable. Dustin Rhodes reinventing himself has been a fascinating story. More should be made of it. This will inevitably be a fast paced match but has the potential to have compelling near falls and I see Dustin aka Goldust and Cody prevailing. I'd prefer elimination rules over the first team to earn a pin or submission winning but that's not a hill that I'd die upon and I look forward to seeing how these 8 talents make this PPV opportunity memorable.

The pre show match features Ziggler vs. Fandango which has upset many Ziggler fans from the comments that have been tweeted to me @JRsBBQ. I look at this match as being an opportunity for both Dolph and Fandango to shine and set the stage for the rest of the evening.  I'm not as concerned about who wins as much as the match quality but I do see Ziggler making the fans happy at the start of the night and getting the 'duke.'

It seems that the pre-show panel of WWE talents including Mick Foley, Booker T and the Miz could be more effective and entice more PPV customers if they were a little 'outside the box' and controversial with their comments. I do like that the pre-show has a pulse and feel it can make a difference in 'last minute shoppers' if done in a compelling fashion.

Hopefully, we will have new info on our planned one man show, 'RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross' for New Orleans to be held during WM30 week within the next few days. Venues are being whittled down but, unless something unforeseen occurs, at least one night, perhaps more, will be booked on likely the Thursday or Friday night and/or Saturday afternoon. Please stay tuned.

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Surprised that GSP is taking a leave of absence from the UFC and vacating his Welterweight Title. Burnout and the need for a break happens often in various walks of life. St. Pierre will be back and when he makes his "comeback" it will be a huge story for UFC to build upon and monetize at a PPV.

With UFC Heavyweight Champ Cain Velasquez out as well after shoulder surgery I'd suggest that UFC keep their TV viewers updated on both Cain and GSP or any other star who's on the shelf temporarily. Fans love to take the journey with fighters with which they have made an emotional investment and  then vicariously take the journey back to the Octagon with said fighters. This could make for good TV and a fat, PPV number when the time comes. "The Road Back"

Anxious to watch @UFC tonight on Fox. 

Tickets, hotel and airfare done for @AllStateSugarBowl in New Orleans to see OU face the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide. Nick Saban's powerhouse team, arguably sill the best college football team in the nation, is a heavy favorite but I never count out @Oklahoma_Football. Never. Two, classy and historic programs will make for a better Sugar Bowl experience than when OU played LSU there a few years ago. Too many drunk, obnoxious LSU fans who stood outside the Super Dome drinking the entire game and awaited OU fans to exit and used  embarrassingly coarse language in front of women and children was totally uncalled for. I realize that this doesn't represent the majority of Tiger fans but it was a bad night for those of us walking back to our hotel with wives and children.

Alabama fans have always been classy and hospitable. Loved them coming to Norman a few years back and they were great to me when I went to Tuscaloosa for OU's game at Alabama the next year.

 Why did some 'insiders' at Texas decide to take a figurative dump on their head football coach Mack Brown? Did Brown deserve the embarrassing dysfunction created by some UT power brokers and selected media members in Austin and beyond? Of course not. Brown deserves to be able to leave UT under his own terms but why he would want to stay another season after the actions of many the past few weeks is beyond me. Mack certainly doesn't need the cash plus UT would likely pay Mack to do PR for the university to keep him active and in 'grocery money.'

Check out the podcast from this morning's radio show with Sean Pendergast on http://www.yahoosportsradio.com. Fun time talking football and TLC PPV.

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