Kevin Nash..Scott Hall..Roundtables..JJ Dillon..Dos Santos vs Carwin..Waiting on Ketchup.

Good to be back in scorching Oklahoma after taking forever to get home thanks to Mother Nature which caused me to spend Thursday night in the DFW Airport. Let's grill....  

Great week of TV production this week in Stamford at WWE HQ. The nWo 15th Anniversary Legends Roundtable airs on WWE On Demand in July. Kevin Nash, Gene  Okerlund and JJ Dillon were able to provide some great insight to the WCW/nWo days.

@RealKevinNash is still in great shape and still has some fuel in the tank the the desire to use it. Kevin added a great deal to the panel on the nWo discussion. It's a program that could have multiple parts if WWE wants to revisit it at some point. 

I did 'wrap arounds' for three Monday Night Raw shows and three Monday Nitro Shows for WWE On Demand's Monday Night Wars series. These specific shows will air in the fall. 

Gotta tell you that revisiting the Nitro shows reminded me of what a talent roster that they had at one time and how confusing some of their creative became especially when the nWo was ridiculously diluted into silly incarnations such as nWo Wolfpac and nWo Hollywood which seemed to be confusing to me.

Kevin said Scott Hall was doing "much, much better" as of recent days and that Scott was likely going to be the subject of a feature on ESPN. I was really happy to hear that Scott was getting healthier. I can attest to the fact that Scott Hall has one of the most creative minds in the business or at least he did when I was around him back in the day. Scott always possessed great wrestling instincts and had the ability to process in ring content and promo material as well as anyone.

JJ Dillon will soon turn 69 and works for the Delaware Department of Corrections. I've always had great respect for JJ who started his career in the biz as a referee while still a college student. Yes, JJ understood the value of an education and got his college degree. 

Not sure which way to go Saturday night on the main event of the UFC heavyweight showdown between 254 pound Shane Carwin and 239 pound Junior Dos Santos. Carwin's dropped some pounds it seems but Dos Santos seems very confident. It could well be the first guy to land a bomb wins. I don't think this fight lasts past the first round and if it does no way it goes two. Someone wins by KO or stoppage. 

The fact that all UFC 'main events' will now be five rounds no matter if they are title bouts are not works for me. Nice move. 

Lots of rumor regarding the new, UFC TV deal. I don't have any knowledge of this matter but would speculate that it's likely, pretty much a done deal and that Spike is on the outside looking in. Time will tell. UFC needs a viable, weekly presence on TV that doesn't necessarily have to be a weekly fight card or The Ultimate Fighter reality type TV. 

Emailer....Is Ricky Steamboat going to ever wrestle again? My guess is no. 'The Dragon' is an excellent trainer however which there isn't a n overabundance of these days. 

Emailer...How can Canadians order JR's products. All folks outside the USA can order from WWEShop at Many are and business has picked up with these aspect of our business. 

Emailer.....Do I like Cruiserweights? Absolutely. I think that Cruiserweights can be and often are just as entertaining and exciting as anyone who laces up their boots. Cruiserweights were back burnered in WCW during an era when they had show stealing abilities but were not in political favor. 

Tweet...How long does it take to get an order delivered from this website? Once it leaves our hands, Federal Express Ground usually has it delivered in 2-4 days....once it leaves Oklahoma. BTW we are still out of Chipotle Ketchup and don't expect to be restocked for another week...maybe more. 

Emailers....What do I think of the recent Hulk-Warrior war of words? Nothing. It's none of my business and I'm not interested in following what appears to be a 'pissing contest.'

Emailer...If I lived in Canada or had access to getting to Calgary I would damn sure want to be trained to wrestle by Lance Storm. There are only a handful of viable trainers in this genre still around and Lance Storm is one of the best because he teaches kids more than just how to apply a headlock but about life on the road and the integrity it takes to be a long term success in the business.

Lots going on in our world that we will share sooner than later. Thanks for stopping by and for supporting our efforts on the site at with WWEShop.  

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I'm sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong section JR.  I'm curious what you think about the lack of an "equal" wrestling fed hurting wrestling as a whole.  I was primarily a WCW fan back in "the day" and a TNA fan now, but i do recognize the fact that WWE is the big dog and TNA is an also ran.  Anyways, what i miss is back in the WCW days, people could switch promotions and it was a huge deal, it would really bring excitement into wrestling as a whole.  Now, it just doesn't happen like that.  Their will never be a Randy Orton going to TNA or TNA's biggest superstar jumping ship to WWe and headlining (sorry i think alot of guys would be midcarders at best and that's why they stay put).

Is it just me, or does that kinda Kill the excitement in pro wrestling as a whole to a degree?

The other thing that I really really think hurts the industry of pro wrestling, is their are very few "jobbers".  NOw with a roster full of "superstars" their are very few matches that don't put someone over at the expense of someone else, it's all so predictable.  I know if a heel is getting a push, and loses, he's going to jump the person post match and get his beatdown in.  I'm babbling, but i sometimes wonder why the wwe doesn't bring in local talent to "job" to the superstars to pump up talent without put another one down.  Wrestling use to have a "main event quality match" once a show, instead of every show.  I don't know, i'm rambling, maybe i'm just grown up and wrestling has lost it's excitement to me. 

Then again, what do i know, i still dream of Raven capturing the WWE title, lol.

Wrestling use to have a "main event quality match" once a show, instead of every show.. Sorry JR that should read once a show instead of every match.